By lance weiler, May 9th, 2007


Today we focus on the Writers Guild of America scandal that has been heating up over the last few weeks. In question is the multiple millions of dollars that are owed to guild and non-guild members for foreign-levies royalty payments. We are joined by Stefan Avalos (The Game, The Last Broadcast, Ghosts of Edendale) who has written an investigative piece exposing the scandal, and JF Lawton (Pretty Woman, Under Siege) writer, director and former WGA board member who has been working to educate the public about the situation. Together they explain the far reaching impact of the scandal and what it could mean to the future of copyright.


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In the interest of fairness, here is a link to a WGA press release in response to the scandal.

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lance weiler is the founder of the WorkBook Project and also a story architect of film, tv and games. He's written and directed two feature films THE LAST BROADCAST and HEAD TRAUMA. He's currently developing a number of transmedia projects


  • Nice interview, Lance. There is a theater here in Salt Lake City that has a projector and is friendly toward indies (though not as aggressive as the Loft). I've been meaning to talk to them and add them to your list, but haven't been able to get around to it yet. Your interview has motivated me to get around to it now!

    Good Job!

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