By lance weiler, September 6th, 2007


We Are the Strange, M dot Strange’s 2006 soon to be cult classic is a stop motion odyssey. A collision of gaming, anime, and stop motion animation, WATS is a breath taking cinematic head trip. At times the film looks like it was made for 70 million dollars but in reality it was crafted by Mike Belmont over a 3 year period in his studio loft.

WHY: WATS is a testament to what one person with a ton of talent and a couple desktop computers can do on a $20,000 budget. Plus Mike is taking WATS out this fall on his own after turning down a number of distribution offers.



InfoSwap is the newest addition to the workbook project. The goal is to create a FREE open database of information that helps filmmakers to share info with each other. For this alpha release the process is simple, just fill out a simple information form. There are two main things that are swaped. Info that you need and info that you can share. The form asks for information about your project to things that you’re looking for such as; screening venues, audience trades, info on reps, agents, festivals and contracts.

WHY: A free open database that over time could have tons of valuable info that helps filmmakers in the promotion and distribution of their work. The project intends to build out not only a searchable database but also a map mashup and some embeddable site tools.


Every wonder who visits your blog or site? FEEDJIT is an addictive FREE service that allows you to track site traffic in real time. There is NO registration and all it requires is for you to add some code to your blog or site.

WHY: An excellent way to see who is coming to your blog or site and where they came from. It also shows you exit links so that you can see what is of interest to your visitors.


* WEB 2.0

We’ve been hooked on TWITTER since using it to roll out FESTMOB at Sundance last year. For those who haven’t tried it, at first it will seem very simple and perhaps like a waste of time. BUT twitter has a number of excellent uses for filmmakers. For instance, It allows for instant communication via SMS, IM or via a web interface. So it’s possible to communicate with people in real time in short bursts. In fact twitter is at the fore front of what is known as micro blogging or nanoblogging services.

WHY: Use it to stay in touch with cast or crew. Also makes for a great audience building tool and great way to organize street teams.


Some call it lifecasting, the ability to create your own show and broadcast it live across the internet. Sure there have been people streaming over the net for years but brings it to the new level. The FREE service enables users to create their own interactive shows and embed them into their own sites, blogs or social networking profiles.

WHY: Lifecasting is a good way to build awareness around a project. Use it to go behind the scenes of the process, create back stories around your characters and give them channels, or just use it as a way to do a live Q&A around a national DVD or VOD release of your film.

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lance weiler is the founder of the WorkBook Project and also a story architect of film, tv and games. He's written and directed two feature films THE LAST BROADCAST and HEAD TRAUMA. He's currently developing a number of transmedia projects


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