By lance weiler, September 13th, 2007 is a collaborative documentary project to create a feature film about copyright in the digital age. The film entitled, Basement Tapes is a crowdsourced doc that welcomes submissions from the community mixed with footage shot around the world by a traditional crew.

WHY: Projects like OSC and A Swarm of Angels are new models in production and distribution. They harness the power of internet to build community around a project which helps fund, produce and distribute the work.

The IFP Filmmaker Conference kicks off next week in NYC. An extension of the IFPs market, the filmmaker conference is a series of panels and discussions surrounding all aspects of the art and craft of filmmaking. Panel tracks include Making Your First Feature, Filmmaking 2.0, The Global Marketplace, The Real Deal on Deals, Truth about Non-Fiction and Fair Use in Doc Films.

WHY: Between the Market and the Conference the IFP has created a strong event with a focus on networking and education.

Renew Media’s Resources blog is an excellent source of information for media artists. It seeks to not only provide information about the creation and dissemination of media but also works to build public awareness. The Resources blog covers issues related to media policy, in addition to interviews and articles on key issues effecting artists in the digital age.

WHY: The group blog is a good source of information that provides insight from a number of knowledgeable bloggers. Plus in the current environment of media consolidation it is nice to have an organization like Renew Media protecting independent vision.

BlipBack is a video comment widget that can be added to your own sites, blogs and social networking pages. It allows anyone with a webcam or video-enabled phone can leave a video message. The widget works with myspace, hi5, blogger, typepad and any where you can embed html into a page.

WHY: An interesting way to communicate directly with your audience or a select group. BlipBack has a number of uses such as; holding a virtual Q&A surrounding your project or communicating with a core group of people to exchange feedback around casting, scouting, or script notes…

Meebo is a browser based IM client which means there is no software to download. You can also easily embed Meebo into a site or blog. One of Meebo’s newest features is the ability to share files. Currently you can send 10MB files and there is a monthly send limit of 30MB.

WHY: An easy way to send files and chat. Meebo also has the honor of being the first IM client on the iphone.


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lance weiler is the founder of the WorkBook Project and also a story architect of film, tv and games. He's written and directed two feature films THE LAST BROADCAST and HEAD TRAUMA. He's currently developing a number of transmedia projects


  • To retrofilms' comment - Overall it has been an amazing experience both times (TLB and HT). I don't mean to sound down on the theatrical element - in the end the box office has been about 20k to date for HT and TLB did about 40k. The theatrical was positioned for press and promotion to help with DVD sales, world and TV sales which it has. I'm hoping to make the workbook the quintessential guide to what I and others have done to get their movies out - showing the pros and the cons. The one that is for sure is that there is no ONE way to get the work out.

    To phauer's commnet - It's interesting that you reference Cameron. He is currently developing a number of MMOGs (massive multiplayer online game) that will be used to promote and develop an audience around some of his new films. Interesting times...

  • So Lance, after everything you've experienced (both good and bad) with your own DIY Theatrical run, would you do it again? If so, what would you do different?

  • Dang Lance, you are one creative promoter. I love your ideas. And I think that the cinema is going through the same pains it felt at the advent of television. In the end, however, I think, all things being equal, people prefer watching films to be a communal, shared experience. There's an energy that the audience can provide that can never be replicated, even if you in your own home, in your own home theater with the best projection and sound.

    For example, films that were greatly augmented by the audience experience for me were Rear Window, Fatal Attraction, Napoleon Dynamite, Raiders of the Lost Ark and Poltergeist, to name a few. I think the next few years will be a lean transitory period for cinema and multi-events such as yours that bring various areas of interest to a viewing will be required while the technology, distribution streams and eventual merging of television and downloadable on-demand programming off of the internet finally reach stability.

    Either Cameron's fancy-dancy 3-D cinema vision will reinvent the cinema demand or maybe they'll still be theaters, but smaller, niche theaters that show niche product to like-minded viewers. Or something else entirely. Either way, it sure is an interesting time.

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