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SERVICE: TV studio in a browser —

Broadband penetration + drop in bandwidth costs + low cost gear + Mogulus = your very own TV channel. There has been a rise in streaming video solutions hoping to do for video what push button publishing did for blogs. Their focus is ease of use and the target audience is anyone who wants to pick up a camera. The term “Public Access” has taken on a totally new meaning thanks to tools like Mogulus.

I signed up for the Mogulus beta other day and I have to say, in terms of the solutions that currently exist, they are head and shoulders above the rest. Some might find the steps to taking their channel live a little intimidating but the potential far out weighs the minor learning curve.

The Live Switcher gives you full control over your show.


Mogulus packs their beta with a TON of great features. There are graphic packages, news tickers, a multiple camera live switcher, and if that wasn’t enough you can work with others in real-time to build a show. It is truly a TV studio in a browser and it only requires the flash 9 player.

Footage can either be uploaded or added by searching for videos on youTube. Storyboards and playlists are how a show is constructed and they can be shared and edited in real-time by a group. When it comes to syndicating your channel, the site provides an embeddable player for blogs, sites, and social networking profiles. Another key feature is the ability to let your pre-recorded show program itself thanks to a time saving auto pilot feature.

Storyboards and Playlists help to organize your show.


ease of use: 7.5
functionality: 10
features: 10
filmmaker value: 10

overall: For those looking to experiment with live TV or the creation of a channel, Mogulus is an excellent free services. The features are very impressive and once you get the hang of the interface, you will appreciate the thought that has gone into the service.

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lance weiler is the founder of the WorkBook Project and also a story architect of film, tv and games. He's written and directed two feature films THE LAST BROADCAST and HEAD TRAUMA. He's currently developing a number of transmedia projects


  • First off, great website. I love the news bar banner at the top. I also love the podcasts.

    Secondly, I don't know how I got to this site. It was just here when I got home. But either way, great site. I have also heard of the million dollar homepage. That's an awesome site. I remember watching about it on G4TV. I was so jealous that I didn't think of the idea. Something so simple yet made the person so much money. Lucky and smart man he is.

    Anyway, man. Good luck with the Million Dollar Movie. I hope everything goes well and I wish you success.

    God bless,
    Taylor Thompson

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