By lance weiler, December 7th, 2007


Esther Robinson’s debut feature, A Walk Into the Sea: Danny Williams and the Warhol Factory is a touching and deeply personal cinematic journey. The doc centers on her Uncle Danny who was a talented filmmaker and Andy Warhol’s lover. In 1966, Danny mysteriously disappeared. The film’s subjects include Andy Warhol, Edie Sedgwick, Paul Morrissey, Brigid Berlin, Billy Name and what may be the earliest known footage of the Velvet Underground.

WHY: The film raises many interesting questions about Warhol’s factory. One of the strenghts of the doc are Danny’s own films which are finally given the showcase that they deserve. Movie opens in NYC on Dec. 14th


*WEB 2.0

When it comes to discovery, social bookmarking service StumbleUpon can be down right addictive. A simple addition to your browser that allows you to “stumble” across the web. The more you stumble and tag what you like, the more the service recommends new sites.

WHY: A simple and fun way to find and share things that interest you. StumbleUpon is an interesting services that has some great value for audience discovery of films if they would just open up their API, and allow people to extend the functionality. If you happen to be on StumbleUpon make sure to friend me.


FROM HERE TO AWESOME, is a discovery and distribution festival that enables filmmakers to reach global audiences while retaining their rights. Filmmakers will have a variety of distribution opportunities at their disposal with a direct return of revenue to them.

There are no traditional programmers. The audience will program the festival based on ratings, volume of comments and the number of times a project is favorited. The festival will showcase 10 shorts, 10 features and 10 virtual panels.

WHY: DOES NOT charge any submission fees or sales fees. Offers filmmakers a variety direct distribution outlets such as; theaters, living rooms, online outlets, mobile and live events. All transactions are handled directly by the filmmaker and the outlet. For more information visit FROM HERE TO AWESOME


RSS (really simple syndication) feeds are a simple way to stay up to date with site updates, news, and media. They pull the content you are interested in directly to you. There are a variety of ways to read feeds – browsers have feed reading options, google and bloglines offer free online feedreaders. When it comes to rich media feeds FireAnt and Miro are great free solutions. Feedburner is a solid free service that is rich with features that can assist with the creation, promotion and management of your feeds.

WHY: RSS is an amazing open standard that does the heavy lifting for you. It is an excellent way for an audience to stay up to date with a project and is a lot easier than having to manage an email list. Feedburner just makes RSS easier.

* WEB 2.0

For those looking for a simple way to create deeper engagement around a site or blog with an audience, Cover it Live offers an interesting free solution. Users schedule a “live session” that can be embedded in a blog or site. Once embedded the user designs a session and sets a time. Sessions can have video, audio, live chats and comments. Once your live session is over it can be archived and played back at anytime.

WHY: Creating a rich media real-time discussion with an audience is a great way to build community. Could be used for Q&A’s, news updates or just to gather socially with a group of people.

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lance weiler is the founder of the WorkBook Project and also a story architect of film, tv and games. He's written and directed two feature films THE LAST BROADCAST and HEAD TRAUMA. He's currently developing a number of transmedia projects


  • A seriously innovative idea. A lot of work, to be sure, but the resulting bookings and exposure seem to have made it all worth while. You do a great job of staying on the cutting edge.

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