By lance weiler, January 28th, 2008


Joe Swanberg and Ronald Bronstein have a new web series entitled Butterknife. The series is a comedic Phillip Marlow-sque detective yarn which features real life husband and wife, Ronald and Mary Bronstein. The official site states “Each episode contrasts the unusual, hysterical and tense interactions of P.I. work with a disarming look at a married couple working on a healthy relationship.”

WHY:Joe’s done some interesting work for not to mention his own feature films and I’m a fan of Ronnie’s feature FROWNLAND. Seems like an entertaining internet diversion. Plus it’s interesting to see moving into original series development.

* TOOLS enables users to upload a variety of files to a virtual drop box of sorts. Easy to upload audio, video, and / or files. Make them public or private. There are a variety of notifications options such as email or the abiltiy to generate an rss feed for the drop.

WHY: The free account is limited to 100MB with the option to pay for additional storage space. For those looking for a simple way to send files that don’t require you to deal with FTP clients or services that only pass a single file but lack notification options than is worth a look. The service is no frills but effective.


Have you been looking for a free way to create your own video sharing site? PHPmotion offers a youTube clone complete with simple uploading of various file formats, the ability to favorite videos, user tagging, commenting, and group features. You’ll need to figure out a hosting solution – the software is free but a host that can handle PHP is required. Just keep in mind bandwidth costs.

WHY: As video sharing sites and social network sites rise in popularity the software and services behind them are becoming commoditized. Not everyone will have a need for a video sharing site it might be over kill but for those looking for ways to create a richer audience experience it could prove interesting.

*WEB 2.0

Qik enables streaming video directly from your phone to the web. A number of solutions have been popping up over the last few months. Limited to certain handsets mostly Nokia smart phones Qik allows users to have instant streaming channels. Currently limited to an invite alpha test but soon opening to the public it is an interesting emerging trend. SPECIAL OFFER for Workbook Project readers – For those interested in trying the service the Workbook Project has a number of invites. If you’re interested drop us an email

WHY: While the video quality isn’t great the real power behind services like Qik is the impact that they have on citizen journalism. Qik also could provide a nice streaming solution the next time you’re at a festival, on set or just want to share an experience with a group of people in real time.


FROM HERE TO AWESOME, is a discovery and distribution festival that enables filmmakers to reach global audiences while retaining their rights. Filmmakers will have a variety of distribution opportunities at their disposal with a direct return of revenue to them. The festival will showcase 10 shorts, 10 features and 10 virtual panels.

WHY: DOES NOT charge any submission fees or sales fees. Offers filmmakers a variety direct distribution outlets such as; theaters, living rooms, online outlets, mobile and live events. All transactions are handled directly by the filmmaker and the outlet. For more information visit FROM HERE TO AWESOME

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lance weiler is the founder of the WorkBook Project and also a story architect of film, tv and games. He's written and directed two feature films THE LAST BROADCAST and HEAD TRAUMA. He's currently developing a number of transmedia projects


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