By nick braccia, December 18th, 2008

As we ramp up here at CH, we’ll continue to post quotes and POVs that have helped steer mash-up, ARG and DIY culture over the past ten years. One of the first voices to emerge was Sean Stewart’s. A novelist, Sean was one of the writers for “The Beast”, worked on several prominent ARGs for 42 Entertainment and now sets up shop at a studio he cofounded.

His personal site includes a brief, undated, description of the origins and benefits of interactive fiction. I think it nicely converges with the spirit this blog will cultivate.

“One way of looking at novels is to say, ‘This is the kind of art that emerges from the platform of the printing press.’ Over many centuries, great writers have explored all the ways the arrangement of words on paper can entertain, enlighten, delight and console us.

Similarly, movies can be understood as the art form that arises from the existence of the motion picture camera. Artistically, a lot of what the 20th century was about was the exploration of the strengths and weaknesses of that medium. It does not lend itself, like a Henry James novel, to unwinding the labyrinths of our interior monologues—but on the other hand films have a visual intensity and dynamic charge Henry James can’t approach.

The internet is another platform for art. Like books and films it has strengths and weaknesses. Loosely speaking, the internet is structured around two behaviors: searching for stuff, and gossiping about it.”

Read the rest of the essay here.

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nick braccia is a Creative Director at G2 in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Earlier in his career, he spent 7 years developing concepts for Masterfoods and P&G clients as part of G2 in New York City. Since 2001, he's explored his passion for immersive narrative experiences and contributed to the ARGs "Catching the Wish" and "Unnatural Selection" under the direction of author and guru, Dave Szulborski. Recently, Nick directed "No Known Survivors" to support EA's horror survival title Dead Space and "Vroengard Academy", promoting the Random House title, Brisingr. These projects were conceived and completed while working for Ian Schafer's integrated interactive agency, Deep Focus in New York and Los Angeles.


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