By nick braccia, December 19th, 2008

This experimental video plays a scene from Full House (between Dave Coulier and Candace Cameron), then remixes it in various scenarios, with different actors, about a dozen times. The creator, Paul Slocum, posted instructions on Craigslist, inviting people around the country to shoot their own scenes (following his outlined instructions). Then, he edited the submissions together with free open source software (AviSynth and VirtualDub). A flip idea, but the final product is somewhat Lynchian (and becomes increasingly hypnotic after repeat viewings). It’s an interesting use of crowdsourcing, free editing software and, of course, a hearty piece of kitsch pie from the pop culture kitchen.

One final note, be sure and read the pdf on Paul’s site. It outlines the instructions he provided for interested parties and is a nicely conceived instructional doc, and good for reference if you’re planning on doing something similar, like asking people to recreate the scene where Tony Micelli deals with Samantha dating for the first time.

Shout to .tiff for pssting Culture Hacker with the vid. Check out her blog and tumblr.

“Whatever happened to predictability? The newsman, the paperboy and evening TV…”

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nick braccia is a Creative Director at G2 in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Earlier in his career, he spent 7 years developing concepts for Masterfoods and P&G clients as part of G2 in New York City. Since 2001, he's explored his passion for immersive narrative experiences and contributed to the ARGs "Catching the Wish" and "Unnatural Selection" under the direction of author and guru, Dave Szulborski. Recently, Nick directed "No Known Survivors" to support EA's horror survival title Dead Space and "Vroengard Academy", promoting the Random House title, Brisingr. These projects were conceived and completed while working for Ian Schafer's integrated interactive agency, Deep Focus in New York and Los Angeles.


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