By nick braccia, January 6th, 2009

Via Ning, Jane McGonigal is playtesting Top Secret Dance Off. Think crowdsourced flash mobby Dance Party USA with points and a face cloaking system (well, masks). Jane’s been innovating for years (check out her bonkers resume) and her recent experiments have a decidedly good vibe about them. It’s like they’re engineered to flush bad mojo out of our world (like Venkman and co. fighting the ooze in Ghostbusters II). Even a sour puss like me has to commend the effort and originality. Do we really need another voyeuristic noir ARG when we can use all our DIY tech for impromptu dancin’?

I haven’t signed up yet…but I just might, because this is social gaming at its best and the Culture Hacker spirit at its purest. I hope it takes off. Enough from me…here’s a bit of copy from the site:

Top Secret Dance Off is an adventure you can undertake anywhere in the world and will begin in early 2009.
No dance skills or talent is required. In fact, you may find yourself rewarded more for awkward dancing than for a virtuoso performance. Activating the dance secret isn’t about being a good dancer. It’s about being a clever dancer, a brave dancer, and occasionally a stealthy dancer.

Sound appealing?

Sign up and dance.

Find more videos like this on Top Secret Dance Off

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nick braccia is a Creative Director at G2 in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Earlier in his career, he spent 7 years developing concepts for Masterfoods and P&G clients as part of G2 in New York City. Since 2001, he's explored his passion for immersive narrative experiences and contributed to the ARGs "Catching the Wish" and "Unnatural Selection" under the direction of author and guru, Dave Szulborski. Recently, Nick directed "No Known Survivors" to support EA's horror survival title Dead Space and "Vroengard Academy", promoting the Random House title, Brisingr. These projects were conceived and completed while working for Ian Schafer's integrated interactive agency, Deep Focus in New York and Los Angeles.


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