By robert pratten, September 12th, 2010

Welcome to Transmedia Talk a new podcast covering all things story. Transmedia Talk is co-hosted by Nick Braccia and Robert Pratten and looks to shed light on the topic of transmedia storytelling with commentary, interviews and tips on how storytelling is moving into the 21st century.

This episode is in TWO parts

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Topics cover in this episode (start time shown in bold)

PART ONE (47 mins)
Audience building:
01:04 Stephen King’s The Dark Tower,
02:53 Fallout New Vegas iPhone App
05:46 Savage County

09:51 Pervasive Games – JeJune Institute and Nonchalance [Jeff Hull will be speaking at TedxSOMA]

29:34 Mongoliad - collaborative storytelling

PART TWO (40 mins)
0:00 Dexter ARG

Nick Braccia from Culture Hacker
Robert Pratten from

Jeffery Hull from Nonchalance
Jeremy Bornstein from Subutai Corp
Haley Moore from Culture Hacker
Dee Cook from Dog Tale Media

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robert pratten Robert Pratten is CEO and Founder of Transmedia Storyteller Ltd, an audience engagement company and provider of Conducttr, an pervasive entertainment platform. He has more than 20 years experience as an international marketing consultant and has established himself as a thought-leader in the field of transmedia storytelling. He is author of the first practical book transmedia storytelling: Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling: A Practical Guide for Beginners.


  • On thing I was happy to learn while playing the Dexter ARG was how people were so collaborative. I remember a cipher that needed to be decoded, and how the players shared ideas on how to go about solving it. The cipher was never decoded, which at first (as a new player) I thought would be a problem. Later I realized how many puzzles weren't solved and how that didn't affect the unraveling of the game, which made me feel better (cause I wasn't doing good with particular riddles). As long as new challenges were released every other day the players kept engaged and the momentum kept on going. However, there was so much going on, at times it was kinda hard to catch up with the game. It didn't help that the PR was completely disassociated with the ARG. Facebook updates on the progress of the ARG where posted days after riddles were solved. Which was annoying.

    Just my pros & cons from my experience... thanks so much for this podcast and focusing on case studies. It is really helpful for us newbies to map out the Transmedia landscape :)

  • Thanks April - that's excellent feedback on the ARG and on the show!

  • Thanks Robert. OMGosh, so today I came across this article that features the new youtubesocial, a product that allows to watch videos with friends. It was launched by socialvision, and I think it will be a great tool to use for ARGs. It would've been helpful for the Dexter ARG for example, which featured many videos. Discussions happen on real time, so it's like a viewing party.

    Here is the original article:

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