By Haley Moore, January 21st, 2012

Welcome to Transmedia Talk, a podcast covering all things Story. Transmedia Talk is co-hosted by Nick Braccia, Dee Cook, and Haley Moore and looks to shed light on the topic of transmedia storytelling with commentary, interviews and tips on how storytelling is moving into the 21st century.

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Yomi Ayeni, creator of Clockwork Watch, talks about how he built his team, developed his vision, and what we can expect to experience in Clockwork Watch, a steampunk transmedia project that was recently named one of IndieGoGo’s top projects of 2011.

Nick Braccia from Culture Hacker
Haley Moore

Special Guests:

Yomi Ayeni, creator of Clockwork Watch.

From This Episode:

The Clockwork Watch IndieGoGo page.

The Anachronauts Digest, the blog chronicling the production.

WBP Exclusive: Christopher Rice interviews Yomi Ayeni on “Breathe”

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Haley Moore is a newspaper reporter, artist, and playwright based in north Texas. She has worked on several indie, fan and commercial Alternate Reality Games.

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