Culture Hacker focuses on how tech impacts storytelling. Media consumption is changing and Culture Hacker looks at how the collision of film, music, gaming, design and technology is changing the way stories are told and delivered to audiences. At the center of an emerging transmedia storytelling movement, Culture Hacker strives to provide coverage on all things transmedia. From interesting projects to the people behind them to insights into how to design and deliver engaging stories – Culture Hacker looks to cover how storytelling evolving and moving into the 21st century.

Culture Hacker is staffed by practitioners who explore new ways to engage audiences and tell stories. They are game developers, experience designers and story architects with drawn together by the desire to tell stories.

Part of an ever growing collection of resources for the digital creative community, Culture Hacker is a cornerstone of theWorkBook Project network focused on the funding, creation, distribution and sustainability of those working in the digital entertainment space.

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