By sharon, July 22nd, 2009
Shadowstories, from Chuck Wendig's Storyverse

Shadowstories, from Chuck Wendig's Storyverse

Genre-busting storytellers

At DIY Days, you’ll meet with fellow creators of all sorts, from traditional media to emerging, transmedia to media-agnostic. Today’s writers are looking beyond the printed page to spread their stories. Keynote speaker Douglas Rushkoff created a 9-minute video trailer for his book Life Inc. DIY Days speaker Scott Kirsner is distributing his book (Fans, Friends & Followers) as a full-color e-book PDF and Kindle version, in addition to the standard paperback version (all DRM-free, sold at both corporate giant Amazon, and indie-author-friendly CreateSpace).

And then there are the authors of Psychic-Pulp-Noir-Mystery-Road-Novels, which happens to be Chuck Wendig’s latest project. It’s part of a larger goal to “position Internet fiction in a way that doesn’t allow me to, say, starve or go tumbling into foreclosure.”

Speaker spotlight: Chuck Wendig

Chuck, a self-described “30-something freelance penmonkey” writes a lot of stuff — screenplays, published short stories, and books for White Wolf Game Studios. On the web, he partners with other authors to publish short fiction Jet Pack and serialized humorous science fiction The Storyverse.

In a move that can only be described as “transmedia”, Chuck says he’s “thinking about branching out into menus, pamphlets, or witty doormats.”

We caught up with Chuck and asked him about the future and learning things the hard way.


What excites you about the future?

Everything is changing. Old models are shifting, shedding skin. New models are emerging, wet butterflies from dry cocoons. It’s like someone dissembled the puzzle into its requisite pieces, threw them into a box, shook them up, and threw it up in the air. The pieces haven’t landed yet. Everybody’s trying to guess what the puzzle will look like when it hits the carpet.

What’s something you wish you would have known before you found out the hard way?

I don’t value regret much, and this question has a whiff of regret about it—anything I’ve experienced, whether it was the hard way or the easy way, has led up to who I am and where I am, so I’ll take it.

What’s on your playlist, reading list, or in your movie queue?

Dying to see Food, Inc, the documentary about agribusiness. Finally getting around to reading Cormac MacCarthy’s The Road—and am looking forward to the film adaptation. Also, I’m sustaining myself on a diet of serialized Internet fiction (the likes of Mur Lafferty, Cory Doctorow, Max Barry, David Wellington).

What’s a site you couldn’t live without?

The Consumerist. Online consumer watchdog, replete with raw hilarity.

More amazing speakers are confirming attendance at DIY Days 09 in Philadelphia next weekend. Watch this space for more information about the people and projects behind today’s most innovative media projects.

Check out our Lifestream page to jump right into a running dialogue! We’ve aggregated our speakers’ Twitter streams there for a Tweet-peek at the collective conversation, before we break into focused talks and seminars at the conference.

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