By Lance Weiler, March 26th, 2010

One of the new additions to DIY DAYS NYC is an incubator that provides two media service Startups with the opportunity to think tank their concepts. Over the course of the day the Startups meet with a group of industry experts from various fields (biz dev, legal, funding, branding, design). The day will conclude with the Startups making a presentation to DIY DAYS attendees, after which the audience is encouraged to provide their feedback about the model.

We’re please to announce that the following two Startups will be part of the DIY DAYS NYC Incubator.


founder Mark Schoneveld

gigaplx is an online software service for indie bands and music artists that will serve the needs of managing and monetizing professional independent tours in the united states.

gigaplx is a dynamic, robust but simple toolset for building relationships that make executing a successful club-to-club schedule easy.

gigaplx is an opportunity for reputation building and networking as well as tapping into a dynamic collective knowledge base.

gigaplx will include several marketing solutions for bands on tour, but also offer on-point services and sundries to keep the show on the road.

finally, gigaplx will make selling merch a snap with great deals on new band swag from partner dealers with discounted preferred customer rates.


founders Arin Crumley and Kieran Masterton

OpenIndie is a site where anyone can request a local screening of a movie they want to see or put on a screening of any of the films on the site. Upon the creation of a screening on the site email are automatically sent to anyone in the area that have also requested a screening of the film in question.

In November 2009 the site received over $12,000 in donations via from over 250 backers eager to see the site exist. On March 1st 2010 launched in public beta and dozens of films have been added to the site.

The next step is to build the quantity of films on the site, allow users to leverage their existing social networks to promote films they like and build a network of theatrical venues to screen OpenIndie films. The next major feature release planned is OpenLicense which will allow filmmakers to have greater control over how they let the community distribute their film and ensure that OpenIndie is design to augment existing distribution channels.

OpenIndie imagines a future where audiences can travel to a town or city other than their own and immediately receive geo-centric pre-programmed alerts of screenings of films they’ve requested. Likewise, OpenIndie would like to provide a mobile application that would allow screening attendees to donate to filmmakers or buy film branded products right from their seat at the venue.

The over all goal of OpenIndie is to reinvent the cinema experience by bringing audience, filmmaker and exhibitor together in one simple, easy to use, space.

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