By Lance Weiler, April 4th, 2010

In a little more than a year and half we’ve held 6 DIY DAYS events (LA-twice, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia and New York). All of these events have been made possible thanks to a community. A community of passionate people who have been willing to give their time and talents and as a result we’ve been able to hold a series of quality events that are FREE for those who attend.

DIY DAYS NYC was a turning point for us. The community that we’ve supported for the last 3 1/2 years via the WorkBook Project came through in a big way when a sponsor for the event stepped away at the last moment. In less than 36 hours via an indiegogo campaign we raised $4,600. And THANKS to the community DIY DAYS NYC became a reality.

This past Saturday in NYC we held our largest DIY DAYS event to date. Close to 400 people attended the event which consisted of 30+ speakers, 27 sessions and a brand new addition called Incubator.

The DIY DAYS Incubator was an exciting experiment that enabled two media startups (openindie and gigaplx) to kick the tires on their biz models with the assistance of experts from various industries. The final presentations to the conference attendees were exciting and they seem to already be baring fruits.


Over the coming days we’ll be starting to release the videos that were shot at the event as open media for all to embed and spread.

We want to hear from you

If you happened to shot video, record audio, snap pictures or intend to share thoughts on the event we’d love to see, hear and read what you’ve documented.

Erin from Briefly Noted

The creative collective behind yesterday’s DIY Days, an open think tank for content creators, has requested that attendees pay it forward by sharing insights and knowledge from the day with our community. I’m happy to oblige.

On the table, we talked transmedia and social media storytelling, strategies for innovation and personal branding. We rose up and screamed “we’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” (a queue from Network) in response to the sad state of the industry for artists, and we were introduced to new models from OpenIndie and GigaPix (site in development) that could very well change everything for filmmakers and musicians.


tuckergurlAngela from MediaRights

On Saturday, Ashley, Jolene, Felix and I attended DIY Days, a roving conference for creative folks brought to you by the Workbook Project.

My favorite workshop was “The Real You: Personal Branding, Social Media & Storytelling.” It was by run by Michael Margolis, the founder of Get Storied—a publishing, education, and consulting company. His talk was pretty inspiring. Other workshops provided more concrete tools through successful case studies but in the end, you have to be in the right mindset to embrace all of the various opportunities out there.


guy Guy from

You might think that after three months of attending multiple publishing and technology conferences — not to mention enduring weeks of Applings (Apple Lemmings, as Forrester’s James McQuivey calls them) bleating about the Rapture of the iPad — that I might be a bit burned out on talking about doing things and want to get back to actually doing things. As Wendig so perfectly put it, be “inspired to Make Shit and Make It Awesome”.



With invites pouring in to take DIY DAYS to other cities around the world. We’re focused on our next stop which will be LA this coming fall. If you’re interested in lending a hand or have a suggestion for a speaker or topic of discussion please let us know.

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