In 2007, I reached out to Arin Crumley (Four Eyed Monsters) and Mike Belmont (We Are the Strange) with a concept to create a virtual conference / festival. After a series of discussions we decided that the virtual event would be a way to hopefully connect filmmakers directly with audiences. That the event itself could become a model for open content distribution, one which allowed filmmakers to have a say in how their films were reaching audiences. It also enabled us to take concepts from the WorkBook Project, an open source project for content creators, and to put them into practice.

Well the virtual event has evolved into an online and real world event which is broken into two parts. The first is a festival called From Here to Awesome which played out in theaters, living rooms, online and via mobile devices. The second part is a series of live conferences / discussions called DIY DAYS which were held in LA, SF, Boston, NYC and London in 2008.

Now DIY DAYS is expanding to include areas beyond film such as music, gaming, and software. This coming August DIY DAYS will kick off in Philadelphia with our biggest event yet. This is just the beginning of many more exciting things to come from the WorkBook Project.

We welcome your comments, suggestions and thoughts.

Lance Weiler
founder of WBP and DIY DAYS
co-founder of From Here to Awesome


DIY DAYS – fund :: create :: distribute :: sustain
How do we sustain ourselves as storytellers in this day of shifting distribution systems? How do we monetize our work and get the word? Presented by the WorkBook Project – DIY DAYS aims to answer these questions with a day of panels, roundtable discussions and workshops: A look at how to fund, create, and distribute and sustain.

Anyone wanting to make creative work – film, music, games, art. Self-Identified Independent storyteller, Creatives and Tech-philes.

The day flows through a mix of both structured and free form activities to encourage open discussion and the opportunity to break into groups and get everyone talking to each other. Pack a lunch and network offline with fellow creatives.

Proposed Discussion Topics
- New Forms of Storytelling
- New models of Finance, Production and Distribution
- Audience Building & The Audience Becoming Collaborators
- War Stories: “What’s The Real Deal?”
- Self-Sustaining: what to know when trying to make a living from your art
- Case Studies
- Think Tanks
- Workshops

Open Discussion Topics
- What are you working on? What are you looking for?
- How do you consume your media?
- What needs to change in order for you to sustain?

If you have a suggestion of something you’d like to hear discussed or a speaker that you think should take part, or if you’re interested in volunteering please email us at work [@] workbookproject dot com with the subject “DIY DAYS”

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DIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall PanelDIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall PanelDIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall PanelDIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall PanelDIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall PanelDIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall PanelDIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall PanelDIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall PanelDIY Days Philly 2009: Town Hall Panel
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