Press Mentions for RADAR


“Concise documentaries look at the inspiring creativity of artists who stray from the trodden path.” Read full article


“One of the biggest concerns amongst web content creators is that branded entertainment will destroy artistic expression as product integration increasingly compromises story and vision. However, RADAR is attempting to do just the opposite.” Read full article


“As the perpetual growth of the Internet continues to directly influence nearly all facets of the current zeitgeist, the modern underground artistic community has certainly taken notice.” Read full article


“Each episode introduces a new NYC-based project that approaches art in an innovative and refreshing way.” Read full article


FilmNewsBriefs is featuring Alex Johnson as our innovator. Alex is the co-creator/ creative director of RADAR. We discuss the series, creating content to live both online and off line, as well as the technologies used for a series of this kind. Read full article



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