By Justin Eugene Evans, December 14th, 2008

I’m looking to my left. There’s Zak Forsman. I’m looking to my right. There’s Chris Jaymes.

These guys made a mistake. I’m a genre guy. I’m not supposed to be here.

Normally, I’m proud of how I embrace genre pictures. I try to hide character studies inside the trappings of thrillers and action movies. But, when I’m around real artists…the serious type…I feel like a ten year old sitting at the grown ups table.

This isn’t the first time someone’s made this mistake. I got into NYU with a vampire film. It was filled with teenagers biting each other’s necks underneath a bridge in downtown Portland. Somehow, that got me a scholarship and I was surrounded by people who were cinemaphiles while I simply loved movies.

My first night in Manhattan someone asked me what my favorite movie was. I said Star Wars. I was serious. That movie made me want to be a storyteller. The rest of the crowd wasn’t impressed. They talked about 400 Blows, The Bicycle Thief and Susperia.

I’ve never been a cinemaphile. I’m a movie buff. I love The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Back To The Future. I drool over Goodfellas and Casino. I worship Die Hard. I hope to make a movie as good as Unforgiven.

Now, these are nice guys. They’re not going to beat me up for being a lowly genre guy. And, we have a lot in common because we’re working outside the establishment. We’re working with new technology. We’re changing the way films and filmmakers connect with an audience. We’re forcing ourselves upon a system that doesn’t want us. A system that is broken. A system that used to be controlled by business-savvy storytellers yet is now controlled by water retailers and consumer electronics firms. A system that used to foster and develop writers, actors and directors now fosters product integration in our dialogue.

So, we have a lot in common. But, I know the truth. I need to straighten my tie and sit up straight. I’m sitting at the grown ups table. Until someone realizes the mistake, I’m just gonna smile and chow down. Chris, can you pass the peas? Zak, you want any sweet potatoes?

Justin Evans began his first theatre company at 14 and began making films at 15. He is the only undergraduate in NYU’s history to complete a feature film while in school. Justin is the founder, former CEO & Creative Director of Mystic Arts in Beijing. He has been a film professor and art director in the video game industry. He recently finished the feature film, A Lonely Place For Dying – the preview screening of which won the Heineken Red Star at The Santa Fe Film Festival. He has been featured twice in Variety, twice in Moviemaker Magazine, and a mini-doc about his film will be airing on IFC throughout January 2009. Justin is a skilled graphic designer, photographer, production designer, screenwriter, cinematographer, director & producer and currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico. [a lonely place for dying maxi-single] [official blog]

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Justin Eugene Evans began his first theatre company at 14 and began making films at 15. He is the only undergraduate in NYU's history to complete a feature film while in school. He has worked professionally as a college professor, art director, animation voice over director and graphic designer. In 2009, Justin completed the feature film, "A Lonely Place For Dying", starring James Cromwell and Ross Marquand. He is the founder and CEO of Humble Magi.

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