By chris jaymes, January 31st, 2009

After years of grueling drudgery mixed with intermittent debauchary and moments of validation… my film is finally at the point where it won’t be consuming such a solid amount of my existence. Upon having a solid distributor coming aboard and dealing with the U.K. (ScanBox), along with HBO Europe and a few other deals from that part of the world, not to mention a small, but happy one in the United Arab Emirates, I have let go of the push and left it in the hands of a sales agent and a few other distributors. Leaving me with N. America to deal with.

Between Todd and the crew, driving it from theater to theater over the past months, self-distributing on DVD (with the aid of Passion River getting it into Blockbuster Online and Netflix), and a solid deal from the Sundance Channel, all that I have to deal with now is the constant flow of deliverables and the occasional new territory that arises. But how do we deal with the minimal DVD orders along the way? Or the minimal numbers showing up for screenings when we don’t have 36 hours a day to be forcibly beating bodies into the theaters. The mystery that remains is how do you market with no budget. We have our plethora of websites, our occasional press in a mass market publication, and a bunch of banter over social networking sites that lingers away pretty quickly as long as we’re not making films with a teen super star pulling in the children, or the iconic underground voice pulling the geek demographic out from the shadows. So, at the end of the day, we’re left with the same question… how do we market something without spending tons of cash… a publicist can’t make miracles happen without something significant to talk about that people already want to hear about… simple formula… stars or chaos worthy of making noise…

I think our best bet is to start pulling stunts that gain attention, either by major news publications or TMZ… Randolf Hearst and his peers figured it out… Yellow Journalism was the device used to sell papers, by making headlines… twisting stories and catapulting the mundane into historic… at least for a day. Why is it that since the internet really took off there hasn’t been another Blair Witch type of strategy properly employed? Is it that we’re prematurely posting information and not calculating our projects in a manner that can be marketed? Or is the internet to saturated at this point?

My question to you is… in developing a channel, what kind of stunts can we come up with that will pull focus without an immediately let down by the viewer… what is the Yellow Journalism of our time? If we can figure that out, we can create our platform? If we can’t, we’re gonna spend the rest of our lives in houses with six room mates stealing each other’s food and heading to every last crap festival for whatever free stuff and attention we can muster. Most likely, we must impose the strategy of the a solid marketing scheme into the structure of our work, otherwise… suck the right d**k for your next $6k because you need to rent an HDCAM deck for 5 days of cloning your masters.

Anyway, enough banter… here are the links for the DVD release of In Memory of My Father…
stick it in your queue and give it high star ratings. I’m gonna post some info about the DVD deals, next.

Finally, the DVD release of In Memory of My Father is happening.

Add it to your queue and give it a solid star rating if you don’t mind!! Thanks everyone… Links are below…

Blockbuster Online


And if you want to purchase it, send an email to:


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