By Mike Ambs, October 6th, 2009

There are days, weeks even, where this project can feel stuck in the mud. That no matter how hard I try; I just spin in place – and it goes without much saying that it’s a difficult feeling to put up with. Whether it’s accurate or not.

And I’m not writing this post to whine or sulk – I’m writing to say that I feel quite the opposite right now. A month ago I was still running over and over the same 4 pages of script and barely making any real progress… I was also starting to worry that I wasn’t able to reach out to enough new people for our current Kickstarter campaign.

I felt like I was dragging my feet on both fronts. I know a lot of people find themselves in these situations, that no matter what it is you’re working on or busy with, that there are times when you just want to crawl under a rock and sleep.

And, I admit, that I did that for several days… not literally, but I would sit at my typewriter and blank out… I would walk around in circles with the script in hand, reading the same 4 pages out-loud on repeat. I would see that we had a slow day on Kickstarter and instead of pushing harder to get the word out, I wouldn’t mention it anywhere.

But last week, something finally shifted and I began to make leaps and bounds with the script. Long lost pages and narration began to fit together and tell a story that felt smooth and progressive. Which, I believe, lead to the burst of confidence and momentum I needed to re-record and re-edit a new intro’ video for our Kickstarter campaign.

The morning I uploaded our new intro’, we currently had raised 20% of our goal – a handful of RTs, a few dozen diggs, and a wave of status updates later – and by the time I had gone to bed we jumped forward to an amazing 60%!

Which means a few things: a) we might actually be able to pull this funding campaign off after all (which means lots of exciting progress just ahead)! b) that in the next 52 days, I should be able to piece together large and completed sections of the film (writing, editing, voice-over, etc). c) that we are reaching all kinds of new people out there… and that we are very anxious to make a lasting connection with them. d) I felt like I a fourth point… but it is past my bedtime and I’m feeling groggy. So, I don’t think it’s coming back to me.

Now I’m sitting here on the floor, listening to The Wind, and blanking out in the direction of my typewriter – and I just want to finish this post by saying: Everyone gets into a slump. Everyone. But in my personal opinion, it’s important to let it to depress you… to let it eat away at you and your confidence… to let your lack of action get under your skin and leave you feeling anxious.

Because when all that gives way and eventually comes out in full force – you can use it in your favor. You can come out swinging harder… as if you’d been up against the ropes with the timer running out. It might not be the most efficient way of working, but it does feel damn good sometimes.

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Posted in For Thousands of Miles

Mike Ambs currently lives in Ypsilanti. He loves to film things and tell stories. And read on the subway. He's pretty sure blue whales are his power animal.

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