By Kevin Shah, August 9th, 2010

For the community of working-class filmmakers at New Breed a constantly evolving creative process of telling our stories is the one thing we can count on in these changing times. Embarking on journeys through deeper methods of collaboration & engaging with fans across various platforms is certainly exciting – but one thing is for certain, the creative needs to be the driving force behind any and all approaches in order to preserve the integrity of the story (and the core reason we make our art).

In this series we begin at the beginning and explore what perhaps drew us all into making movies in the first place: the mystery of the creative process. What follows are short documentaries with creative tips, techniques, learning lessons & personal experiences from a handful of artists we encountered at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2010.

Episode Seven is titled: “Screening the Cut.” Featured in this episode are Jeff Malmberg and Ted Hope.

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Kevin Shah Kevin K. Shah is an Indian-American writer, director, producer, artist, entrepreneur, interdependent filmmaker and storyteller. Recently, he directed White Knuckles and produced Heart of Now – as well as several shorts and documentaries he finds meaningful. Kevin co-founded Sabi Pictures and Cinefist with long time friend and creative partner Zak Forsman and is currently working on a transmedia storytelling experience called Falling Rock.


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