MIKE AMBS [site]
Mike Ambs moved to Los Angeles in February 2004, from the small town in south eastern Michigan where he grew up. He is a certified graphic designer and a naturally talented editor, with a truly unique ability to capture life through a camera lens. In 2007 Mike won 1st place in the Network 2 “how to watch internet TV” video contest and in 2008 was a finalist in the Cannes Babelgum online film festival. Mike has worked as an editor and camera operator for NBC.com and is currently working as editor for the amazing internet show Epic-FU.

Stephanie Argy and her writing/directing partner, Alec Boehm, are in the final stages of post-production on their debut feature, The Red Machine, a Depression-era spy caper. Their previous work includes the award-winning short film Gandhi at the Bat (a mock newsreel about the little-known and totally fictional incident when Mahatma Gandhi pinch-hit for the New York Yankees in 1933), and Scene (a movie-within-a-movie-within-a-movie set in Scotland). Stephanie has also written hundreds of articles on filmmaking and movie-related technology, and for three years she edited a magazine on post production.

JUSTIN EUGENE EVANS [blog | 'alpfd' maxi-single]
Justin Evans began his first theatre company at 14 and began making films at 15. He is the only undergraduate in NYU’s history to complete a feature film while in school. Justin is the founder, former CEO & Creative Director of Mystic Arts in Beijing. He has been a film professor and art director in the video game industry. He recently finished the feature film, A Lonely Place For Dying – the preview screening of which won the Heineken Red Star at The Santa Fe Film Festival. He has been featured twice in Variety, twice in Moviemaker Magazine, and a mini-doc about his film will be airing on IFC throughout January 2009. Justin is a skilled graphic designer, photographer, production designer, screenwriter, cinematographer, director & producer and currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

ZAK FORSMAN [site | blog]
Zak Forsman is an award-winning American independent filmmaker whose emotionally-charged work is known for highly authentic performances and beautiful compositions. Ain’t It Cool News praised his work as “…brilliant…” and “…absolutely gorgeous…”. His stories often depict compelling human threads in a poetic and minimalist style that reflect deep sympathy for the brokenness of people. Recently, he wrote and directed the feature-length motion picture, “Heart of Now” (currently in post) and the short films, “I Fucking Hate You” and “Eloquent Graffiti”. He is currently developing two new DIY cross-media projects for production in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

After graduating from LA Film School as a producing and cinematography major, he became an aspiring producer and a RED camera expert. In 2006, he produced the narrative feature, Wake Up You’re Sleeping, which is premiering at this year’s Sacramento Film Festival and Ashland Film Festival. As The Dust Settles will be his first feature documentary. He is also a prolific adventure travel photographer. Prior to his film career, Mike was an avid marathon runner and all-star soccer player. Mike is an Eagle Scout, class of 1997.

Adam Hootnick’s first film was the award-winning documentary feature UNSETTLED, which followed several young Israelis across the country’s religious, political, and geographical boundaries during the period surrounding the 2005 Gaza withdrawal. Adam has covered politics and international affairs as a producer at MTV News & Docs, NBC News and MSNBC, and has covered stories for broadcast and print media in India, South Africa, Cuba, and the Middle East. Before working in film and television, Adam also worked for the South African Parliament’s Justice Committee and for the Boston Consulting Group. Adam is a graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School.

GARY KING [site]
Gary King is an independent filmmaker based in New York whose work is recognized for powerful performances with an emphasis on a strong, visual style. He made his feature film debut with the critically acclaimed drama “New York Lately”. His ability to skillfully apply his filmmaking craft across genres led him to direct the grisly indie horror film “Dismal” from Fearmakers. He is currently in post-production with his latest DIY feature film “What’s Up Lovely” which already has film websites buzzing about its visual style and elegance. It will be released in 2010.

JJ LASK [site]
JJ Lask, grew up in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, he never made it past the ninth grade, but to his credit he spent five years there. In 2002, Lask released his debut novel, ON THE ROAD WITH JUDAS; in 2007, he made his directorial debut with the film adaptation of the novel, which premiered in the Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival. JJ’s next film project, THIS IS NOT A PIPE, was selected for the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab.

Ry Russo-Young grew up in downtown Manhattan and graduated from Oberlin College in 2003. Her first feature film ORPHANS, received a Special Jury Prize at the 2007 SXSW Film Festival. ORPHANS was released on DVD by Carnivalesque Films and is now available through Netflix and Amazon. In 2007, Russo-Young appeared as Rocco in HANNAH TAKES THE STAIRS, released by IFC Films. She received several grants including a New York State Council of the Arts grant to complete her second feature YOU WONT MISS ME that premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

KEVIN K. SHAH [site]
Kevin K. Shah is an American-born Indian director, producer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. He has worked industry jobs ranging from marketing executive to behind-the-scenes producer, and has also worked outside the business as a dog-walker, tree-planter and middle school art teacher. Kevin has written a variety of scripts, made dozens of studio documentaries and produced a few feature films he finds deeply meaningful. Over the years he has also published poetry, photography and creative fiction in literary magazines. Kevin is a world traveler, activist, humanitarian, pacifist, environmentalist and a vegan. He watches very little television.

Todd Sklar watched The 400 Blows. Soon after, his short film Caught Naked in a Public Place screened at a handful of festivals you weren’t at. Late in 2007, he launched Range Life Entertainment, a niche-market oriented distribution company focusing on tour based platform distribution. Most recently, he ate his roommate’s leftover sandwich without asking, and then read this bio out loud, without pants on. Box Elder is his debut feature film.

ZEKE ZELKER [site | blog]
Writer, director and producer, Zeke Zelker, is the son of a preacher woman who broke into the entertainment business as a clown, peddling balloons at an amusement park that his great grand father founded. Zeke’s first exposure to the film industry was in 1987 when he acted in John Waters’ film Hairspray, as a dancer in Corny Collins Council. He’s a critically acclaimed, award winning filmmaker with a number of films to his credit: The 2005 Sundance Film Festival favorite Loggerheads, Affairs, Fading, A.K.A.-It’s A Wiley World!, Southern Belles, and Just Like the Son. Zeke, the founder of Independent Dream Machine, is currently distributing his latest film InSearchOf across various platforms and wrapping up post production on a feature documentary along with Lehigh University about the Dalai Lama.

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