By TJ Kosinski, May 21st, 2010

Appropedia – The How-To On Sustainability

Remember when we showed you the awesome sustainability powers of the living art satellite, Waterpod (RADAR 017 – Waterpod) Well, if you were struck by the project’s use of appropriate technology and green living, you’re going to want to check out Appropedia. Yeah, it does sound a lot like Wikipedia, except this web-based resource is a how-to guide on sustainable living. So far, the site has reached over 100,000 edits and is growing every day. Curious about food, water, agriculture, energy, or starting your own sustainable project? Appropedia’s got you covered.


La Strada – “Wash On By” Music Video

Brooklyn’s La Strada [] just released their debut LP, New Home, and to christen the occasion, they released a video for the record’s first single, “Wash on By.” The four-minute clip opens up with horror film B-roll, but once the band breaks open their Andrew Bird-meets-White Rabbits sound, the only thing Hitchcockian about the video is the guys jamming in the tennis courts behind the Bates Motel. Plus, the lead singer looks a little like Eli Roth and plays the accordion. We consider that a bonus.

Note: Ted Lattis, who plays guitar for La Strada, also works at RADAR in our music department. Thanks Ted!

Listen / Purchase La Strada music
La Strada – New Home


Interview with Alex Eben Meyer

Alex Eben Meyer is the site designer of the RADAR-approved Patently Silly (RADAR 023 – Patently Silly); you know, that website where the internet laughs and cries at the country’s most ridiculous attempts at invention. The Brooklyn-based illustrator is also one of four artists tapped to design an exclusive wallpaper for HP. Meyer brought his charming quirk to a recent interview on the project over at HP’s Voodoo Blog. What’s not to love about a self-professed, “curly haired, often times left-handed illustrator” obsessed with sketchbooks, wood grain, and people watching? Read the article here.


Slam Theater at The Tank

We already gave you an insider’s look at Slam Theater (RADAR 005 – Slam Theater), but if that wasn’t enough for the theatergoer, playwright, or actor in you, The Tank is putting on a Slam Theater event this Sunday. Come to collaborate, compete, or just watch.

Sunday, May 23rd, 7pm
The Tank
354 West 45th Street, NYC

The Tank



Ever wonder what weird creations the guys and girls over at MakerBot (RADAR 019 – Makerbot) will come up with next? Then your prayers have been answered. Check out Yetis, Transformers, Super Awesome New Ideas, and more over at their blog [].

Twitter: @makerbot

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