By TJ Kosinski, June 18th, 2010

Effin Science on G4 – Marc Horowitz

Last time we checked in with Marc Horowitz, he was shedding light on his idiosyncratic Google Maps Road Trip (RADAR 018) and its potential impact on the rest home community. Marc’s back, only this time he’s one the hosts of G4’s self-proclaimed “series that effs with stuff in the name of science,” Effin Science. Marc is as charming as he is quirky, making him a perfect fit for a show dedicated to the more ridiculous experiments of chemistry, biology, and physics. Catch the show and its Radar-approved host weekly on the G4 network. It’s like Beakman’s World for adults.


New Love – Mike Swoop

Believe us when we say Minneapolis’ Mike Swoop recently released one of the year’s most unique hip-hop/electronic records. Titled New Love, it combines sampled soulful jazz with Swoop’s own downtempo production, like a very chill take on the stylings of RJD2. Love is mostly instrumental (a good thing), features the occasion rap cameo (an even better thing), and it’s one of those records perfect for humid summer nights in your sticky Brooklyn apartment. Look for Swoop in an upcoming Season 3 episode and pick up his LP, available now.

LP available to listen and purchase via Band Camp


MakerBot #131 Makes a Mendel

We’ve showcased the fine folks over at MakerBot (RADAR 019) before, but this latest project might just be their most mind-bending. Read on as a MakerBot makes… a MakerBot. We were instantly impressed by the complex machine’s ability to produce its own complex machine and you will be too. Don’t worry, it’s nowhere near as trippy as when Schwarzenegger met his clone in The 6th Day or that creepy Ripley test tube scene from Alien Resurrection. Read the article here.


Art Opening – Lucky Gallery

Pop quiz: Where did we shoot our “Honey I Shrunk Redhook” (RADAR 014)episode? If you guessed the Lucky Gallery, then you’d be correct. The Red Hook art establishment is always hosting up-and-coming artists and cool installations and this Saturday is no exception. On June 19th, from 7:00 to 10:00 PM, the galley will host its “Front End to Back End” event. The exhibition is a group showcase of the works of three Lucky Gallery resident artists, Maria Baraybar, Stephanie Homa, and Kathleen Murray alongside special guest artist Hiroshi Shafer AKA an event not worth missing.

Saturday, June 19th – 7-10PM
The Lucky Gallery
176 Richards Street, Brooklyn
Event Info



Our friends at SMITH Magazine are always one-upping themselves, releasing new original content everyday. Whether is their Next Door Neighbor web comic, their Six-Word Memoir series, or the Harvey Pekar-centric Pekar Project, the magazine is consistently a home for interesting, creative storytelling on the web. Follow them on twitter for updates, clips, and more than a few six-word memoirs.


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