By TJ Kosinski, June 25th, 2010

Slush Pile Funnies – Joe InFurnari’s

Take one really talented comic writer/illustrator, a handful of his worst ideas, and website to showcase all of it and you have Joe Infurnari’s Slush Pile Funnies. Infurnari, who’s related to Smith Mag’s excellent Next Door Neighbor webcomic (RADAR 001 – Next Door Neighbor), has been making comics for a while now, and with great creativity comes true travesty. Best to let him explain: “Every artist has ideas that we reject. We call them ‘bad ideas’ for any number of reasons and choose to focus our efforts on the ‘good ideas’. What if we did the opposite? What if we forced ourselves to entertain these denizens of our cerebral Salon des Refusés?” Slush Pile Funnies is the result of all that “hard” work. It’s one funny, ridiculous, and thought-provoking creative experiment.


Tin Pan Band

Band website builderQuantcast

You may have caught the work of the Tin Pan Band soundtracking our Poetry Brothel episode (RADAR 020 – Poetry Brothel), and if you dug their retro vibes then, you’re going to want to check out their new tunes now. Self-described as, “Ray Charles and Tom Waits hanging out on Bourbon Street,” the Brooklyn band sounds like a speak-easy come to life and since they’re constantly playing shows, there’s always an opportunity to catch them playing live.

LP available to listen and purchase via CD Baby


How I Met Your Motherboard – Jason Bitner

Jason Bitner loves the past. He’s the mind behind Cassette From My Ex (RADAR 003 – Cassettes From My Ex), the co-creator of Found Magazine, and editor of Dirty Found and the Found Polaroid Book. His latest historic excavation? How I Met Your Motherboard, a documentation of early computer memories – We’re talking photos and stories of ancient PCs, Macs, Commodores, and Ataris. It’s like a time machine taking you back to Doogie Howser’s bedroom for a diary session.


3 Great events – ALL FREE

Ham radios, the original pranking, hacking, trucker device, has been around since the early 1900s and it still has a cult following. To celebrate the amateur radio icon, NYC Resistor is hosting this year’s ARRL Field Day from June 26-27th. For those far removed from the dial, the field day is a national event during which “radio operators promote ham radio by setting up stations and transmitting in parking lots, open fields, etc.” The bash promises to be a two-day party full of demos, dancing, and debauchery, plus one of the sponsors are RADAR-friends MakerBot (RADAR 019 – Makerbot). Go back to a time before cell phones and Twitter, check the website for more info.

Saturday June 26, 8pm-1am
NYC Resistor
87 3rd Ave., 4th FL., Brooklyn, NY


Eclectic Method: Free show at Puma City in South Street Seaport – Event Info
New Mind Space: Bubble Battle NYC in Time Square – Event Info



We last checked in with Eliza Skinner, she was showing off her improvisational musical skills as part of the I Eat Pandas (RADAR 002 – I Eat Pandas) tandem. Unsurprisingly, it turns out that Eliza is pretty funny off the stage too. Follow her on twitter or check out her new blog chronicling her new adventures in wedding planning. She’s like Jennifer Lopez, but actually funny.


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