By Janine Saunders, July 15th, 2010

RADAR Ep26 – Hidden Oras

“Hidden Oras began as a live drawing project within various music clubs in Japan before moving to NYC. Shantell Martin an artist and VeeJay armed with her projector, and trusty digital drawing tablet, turns members of the audience into living art. When an audience member steps up against the projector wall Shantell creates a unique and original drawing that engulfs them. Fusing technology and art at every turn, Hidden Oras is just the first step of many towards the next wave of Live Art.


Shantell Martin at PSFK conference

Shantell Martin (RADAR 026 – Hidden Oras) spoke at this year’s PSFK conference, discussing not only her process, but the tools she uses to keep herself in touch with her “creative seed”. Throughout the day, we as New Yorkers keep ourselves busy with emails and appointments, worrying about the guy you don’t trust next to you on the train, keeping us from nurturing our inner artist. By “checking in” with ourselves, stepping out of our head and focusing on our hearts and souls, to let them speak for themselves once in a while.


There Will Be Fireworks

Check out the new video for Ash Wednesday by There Will be Fireworks, a yet to be released song, in a video shot by They Shoot Video, Don’t They. “They” are a Viennese video blog, who feature “artists that can be vaguely described by the blurred out term indie”. There Will Be Fireworks are featured in the upcoming episode of RADAR season 3.

Listen / Purchase – There Will Be Fireworks music


The Pekar Project

On a solemn note, this week we remember Harvey Pekar, best known for his American Splendor comic series, who passed away early on Monday, July 12th. Pekar’s first ongoing online web series, The Pekar Project, is hosted by, a comic’s collective who has touched the RADAR family in many ways. Harvey Pekars’s graphic novel, The Quitter was also illustrated by Next-Door Neighbor’s editor, Dean Haspiel. RADAR sends out a big hug to the many folks who were touched by Pekar and to’s Comics Editor, Jeff Newelt, who co-founded The Pekar Project and has worked with RADAR to make so much possible – we are so sorry for the loss of Jeff’s dear friend. Please check out The Pekar Project, as it’s a great service to Pekar and everything he stood for.


Art Show – “PAINTINGS”

Jay Shells (RADAR 025 – Subway Etiquette) made a big splash with his Subway Etiquette project, getting him national attention, as well as the respect and appreciation of annoyed commuters citywide. This Friday, at the 21 Ludlow Gallery, you can see some of Jay’s other work on display alongside Gray Edgerton, Timothy Mearini, Charles Martin, Eddie Ochoa, Fedele Spadafore and Nicole Wilson, at the Paintings exhibit, from 7-10 PM, at 21 Ludlow St on the Lower East Side.

Friday July 16th – 7p to 10p
21 Ludlow St. New York
Event Info



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