By Becca Roth, August 5th, 2010

Brian Newman – Reinventing Innovation

A few months ago, Brian Newman (former CEO of Tribecca Film Institute and founder of SpringBoard Media) gave a talk on innovation within the media space. We featured the video of the talk in DIY Days on April 25, 2010. In this hilarious and extremely insightful speech, Brian talks about the future of media and what we as artists can do to shape it. He laments the fact that at every single panel about film and new media that he’s attended, all people seem to talk about is distribution. “Where’s the innovation?” He asks, “Why isn’t anyone talking about true innovation?” He discusses new forms of storytelling, and explains that it makes no sense for us to take these new world technologies we have and trying to fit them into this old world way of thinking. He proposes strategies for innovation by going back historically and looking at where the arts have found it in the past when new technology has come along, and outlines what has worked. He meniones Monet’s impressionism (made possible by new paint technology – I know, sounds funny, right?), and the invention of the typewriter, which led to surrealism, and then applies it to today. Quoting Alan Kay (“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”), Brian gives no concrete formula for creating the future; just suggests that we apply what’s worked in the past to today, to our work, to our innovation. He provides extremely useful insight, and this video is definitely work taking a look at for anyone who is an artist and is looking to be legitimately inspired.


Bear Hands – “What a Drag”

Check out “What a Drag” music video by Bear Hands, which we used in an upcoming season 4 episode. It sounds slightly reminiscent of Float On my Modest Mouse, but updated, and with higher, more echo-y vocals. And the music video is great for anyone who’s a fan of Fiddler on the Roof/ Heidi/ anything by Michel Gondry. Confused? See for yourself!

Listen / Purchase – Bear Hand’s music


Get Storied – Branding Yourself

Do you consider yourself a storyteller? Do you think you have a unique voice that nobody else can replicate? Do you have no idea what to do with it? In his blog, “Get Storied,” Michael Margolis talks about brand storytelling and branding yourself, with blog posts and podcasts. Worth checking out for anyone interested in branding, social media, and storytelling (and chances are, if you’re already reading this, you are!)


Cut and Paste – Competition Registration

Are you a designer? Check out and register to compete in Cut&Paste’s annual design competition. Think Iron Chef, but for design and much more “street”. Watch our RADAR episode on Cut and Paste to see what this competition is all about. Hurry! The deadline for submissions is September 10th.

Register here by Sept 10th



Into flash mobs? So are we! Check out Kevin Bracken, creator of Newmindspace (RADAR 10 – Newmindspace), which has put on several interactive public art events around the city, including bubble battles, LED light saber battles, blanket fort parties, and pillow fights ( Follow him on Twitter to see what he’s up to next.

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