By Alex Holmes, August 10th, 2010

Since we last saw her, Katie Sokoler AKA Color Me Katie has been busy. In case you need a refresher, Katie is an amazing, young photographer and street artist working out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Since our Season One episode on Katie (RADAR 011 – Color Me Katie), she has taken her work in cunning new directions, and has caught the attention of discerning eyes worldwide (including, The Greenpoint Gazette tells us, the one and only Martha Stewart??). Yes, worldwide. A popular French talk show featured Katie’s Brooklyn Thought Bubble project, even creating their own animated version of her bubbles (check it out HERE at Katie’s website). The French are always so cutting edge.

Locally, Katie was featured in a spread in the January 2010 issue of American Way magazine (the in-flight magazine of American Airlines), and in a May 2010 issue of the New York Daily News. Her talents have also been picked up by New York’s infamous Improv Everywhere. Did you see Darth Vader and Princess Leia on the 6 train? Katie was there. It’s hard to imagine Katie going unnoticed, particularly since Pac-Man started popping up on the walls all around her Greenpoint neighborhood…

As usual, Katie set guerilla photo-traps, hiding across the street and waiting for unsuspecting passers-by to walk in front of her art, then SNAP. A woman walking home from the store is suddenly a woman fleeing a fast-approaching Pac-Man. This is what Katie does – she fuses the imagined with the real, and turns the sometimes isolated and cold city into a playground where people can laugh with each other and at themselves.

You can find Katie’s work all over Brooklyn, or online, at Gothamist, where she is a regular contributor (and rides mechanical bulls).

Oh, and did we mention that ModCloth started carrying a line of Color Me Katie shoes?

Keep up with Katie’s newest adventures in the city HERE.

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  • annamaniac

    this story rocks!

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