By TJ Kosinski, August 19th, 2010

Jay Shells – “Clean Up After Your Dog”

If we asked what some of you hate most about walking around in the city, chances are stepping in dog excrement would be at the top of most lists. There’s nothing worse than the sight and smell of ruined shoes, especially when they’re new or you’re far away from home. Thankfully, Jay Shells, of Subway Etiquette fame (RADAR 25 – Subway Etiquette), knows your pain. That’s why he’s put up this handy “Clean Up After Your Dog!” poster. While it’s not as clever as his MTA service-change silkscreens, the latest installation is well worth a look (especially for anyone who thinks they can get away with such a devious crime).


Small Black

written by: Alex Holmes

At a time when chill-wave is drifting out of every window in Brooklyn, it can be difficult to set your sound apart. Small Black is one of the bands that has managed to do just that. Their newest album, New Chain, on Jagjaguwar Records is due to hit Oct 26th. We came across Small Black a little while ago and knew we had to get their music into one of our episodes (you can look forward to that later in Season 3). Small Black, though, have been getting into a lot more than just the episode. In fact, we were happy to see that on May 25th Small Black played a show with another of our favorite RADAR contributors, reverb-y duo Javelin (featured in Ep 27, Auto-Tune the News). We recently got to see Small Black’s most recent music video, Bad Lover, and it’s a beautiful, carefully composed video (directed by friend Nick Bentgen), well worth your attention. Check out Bad Lover on Small Black’s website, and then set aside September 17th in your calendar, because the boys of Small Black are coming back to Brooklyn. In the dingy rock and roll hideaway that is Monster Island Basement, Small Black take to the stage with DOM, Total Slacker, and Oberhofer at 8PM. We’ll see you there.

Listen to Small Black’s newest single “Photojournalist” via Pitchfork

Download Adobe Flash Player.


Interview with Dan Goldman

In case you hadn’t noticed, we’re pretty big fans of Dan Goldman, featuring him in a RADAR episode (RADAR Ep22 – Red Light Properties) and on the blog. Good news for everyone else who digs Goldman’s and his unique art stylings: The Daily Crosshatch has released an interview with the author/writer that picks his brain and dives into his creativity and influences. A must read, for sure. Also, next Red Light Properties chapter out August 24th with only 2 more chapters – last chapter on Sept 7th! It’s been a fun ride.

Interview Part 1
Interview Part 2


NYCResistor Craft Night

Prepare to clear your nighttime schedule every Thursday because NYC Resistor’s Craft Night is kicking off August 26th. The event is like a creative open mic night for any kind of artist – a night of collaboration where anyone can bring their current art project to work on it in a space of others. According to NYC Resistor, people have worked on knitting, mending, clothing reconstruction, web design, and even robots, so what is and isn’t a craft is totally up to you. If you’re a fan of Makerbot (RADAR Ep19) or Diana Eng’s Fairytale Fashion (RADAR Ep31) – this is where you’ll find them hanging out!

Every Thursday Night – 6pm
NYCResistor Labs
87 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11217
Event Info
note: if door is locked please call so we can let you in: 917-402-9737



While we love featuring the accounts of people we’ve showcased on RADAR before, sometimes it’s just best to post a Twitter feed that delivers the goods: links to some awesome sites. So, in the spirit of cool, we recommend you check out ExitArtNYC, the Twitter of the contemporary art non-profit.

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