By Tim Farrell, August 31st, 2010

Jason Polan is truly, the new wave of Renaissance Man. Michigan born, Jason moved to New York City and quickly made himself an institution. It began, with a New Yorker Cartoon that ran March 6th of 2006. By the next year, Jason had begun a multitude of projects. First, there was the Taco Bell Drawing club. This is where at first – Jason and a few friends would simply meet up and do some drawing at a Taco Bell restaurant. Now, this has spread all across the country. They even have tote bags. At the same time he started The Hand Project, a series in which he photocopied his hand in different positions which he then sold for 20 dollars a piece. However for a considerably larger sum Jason will come to your house, shake your hand, write up a certificate of authenticity for the encounter, and take a photo of the two of you with the certificate.


Now Jason has taken it upon himself to draw every single person in New York. A daunting task to most so Jason made it easier for all of us. Using a regular email account anyone can send a message directly to Jason listing what street corner they’ll be on, what you’ll be wearing, and a 2 minute window for him to arrive. In case he can’t make it there in time he doesn’t want you to wait. He has recently past 8300 portraits and threw himself a party . It was called the “One Tenth of One Percent Event” (as there are 8,363,710 New Yorkers awaiting him). The drawings are black ink on paper, and simple.


To the trained eye they resemble the work of long time New Yorker Magazine Cartoonist Roz Chast. Jason has also had a published New Yorker cartoon, bringing him to one of the highest planes of notoriety a New York artist can achieve.


Currently, Jason has 6 web sites operating covering all of his work. He also maintains a personal site. Not only is his work versatile, but also it is accessible. One day Jason walked through the Museum of Modern Art in January of 2005, and drew each and every piece in the building. This book is now sold through his website. The deluxe edition you ask? For $100 dollars, Jason will meet you at the museum, give you a personal tour, and buy you a hot dog or a pretzel afterwards. This is the new approach to art. Instead of cloaking himself in anonymity, Jason is readily available. Email him. He’ll write back.

His work can be found at


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