By Milton De La Cruz, September 2nd, 2010

URDB – World Record Show


One of the records highlighted by URDB (RADAR Ep4) include most fireballs blown in thirty seconds. This guy is for real, and has a knack for pulling off mind-boggling stunts in front of the camera. It would be a shame for him not to stand in front of a camera, spin plates, juggle machetes, and balance on a rola bola. The internet needs that video, as much as his other antics. Thanks to the great folks at URBD for bringing us Brian Pankey, and tons of other world records.

Whether they like to admit it or not, everyone thinks they can set a world record. People like to believe that they can be that one person that has the largest lip balm collection in the world (a record standing at 415), or that their fro can take more picks than any other for out there (101 for those of you wondering). These are just two of the records that are showcased on The Universal Record Database, a site where people from all over the globe get a chance to showcase their whacky and random talents. Not only do people get their abilities shown to the world, but the world gets a chance to upstage former records and/or create records of their own. Check out their youtube channel, for featured content, or their website, for a large of assortment of people setting records on camera.


Evenings – Free Album!!

We recently featured Evenings on our RADAR music page, but it is imperative to feature him once more because of his recent album release. Evenings’ album North Dorm is actually free to download on behalf Evenings at This album is a low key, well put together, overall nostalgic romp, and it is essential for those that are in tune with relaxing electronic beats and genius use of samples of nature. North Dorm was recorded in and named after by Nathan Broaddus’ in his dorm room at UVA. This album represents elegant lo-fi electronic beats synched and layered delicately to weave an intricate wave of music that washes over the listener. Naturally relaxing and mellow the record flows into your ears nice and cool like a stream into the brain. Evenings is refreshing and accessible. Be sure to check out Evenings’ track Babe, featured in an upcoming Season 4 RADAR episode.

Evenings Free Album:


Program or Be Programmed – Douglas Rushkoff

Let’s focus on Douglas Rushkoff’s new book, Program or Be Programmed. Douglas Rushkoff, of techno punk fame, is publishing his ninth work of nonfiction as we speak. For those of you unfamiliar with Rushkoff, his ideas about cyberculture and technology shaped the the landscape of the 90s, and later created a dialogue about the future of the social implications of the computer networks. Unlike Gary Hustwit (read below – FOLLOW) who focuses on the effects that technology has on society, Rushkoff advocates the empowerment of the consumer in matter of programming and software. In his new book, Program or Be Programmed, Rushkoff calls to arms consumers, and asks for them to take power over the way they interact with their computers. Heavy with early references to programming and the changing climate of computer software design, the book decries the power of huge companies over the way computer users interact with technology every day. Rushkoff is the champion for DIY programming and computer software design. He makes a interesting case by pointing out how since the early 90s, fewer and fewer people are creating their own cyber-realities, and more and more people now depend on corporations to create software that dictates use instead of bending to the will of the consumer. For the current times, where DIY is growing as a way of life, this book resonates with those that want a more personalized computer experience. If the name Rushkoff is ringing a bell, think back to any of the three PBS Frontline shows he did (Persuaders, Merchant of Cool, Digital Nation), or his famous books Media Virus or Cyberia and the comic book series, Testament. Take it from a pro…

Pre-order Program or Be Programmed HERE
Watch Rushkoff speak at 2010 SXSW – Program or Be Programmed


Shantell Martin Live with Rad Pony – Album Release Party

Shantell Martin (RADAR Ep26) is no stranger these days. Her psychedelic live visuals are being paired with the rock, and subtly industrial, groove of Rad Pony for their upcoming CD release party. The combination is sure to be breathtaking because of Rad Pony’s sensual singing and combination of downtempo electronic instrumentation. The groups sumptuous, velvety music already has a sound that touches upon other senses, but to see their music enlivened live with crazy designs and lights should make for a great show. There is no alcohol served at this little shindig, but don’t let it discourage you from coming out. An event like this doesn’t really need any uppers, downers, inhalants, or whatever you get from your street corner vendor because it’s already chock-full of spacey music and trippy visuals. You can’t miss this sure to win combination.

Sept 4th 9pm – 12am
Union Pool
484 Union Avenue Brooklyn, NY
with w. Balls to the Wall, Hank and Cupcakes, VJ Shantell Martin and DJ Tikka Malsala (That’s My Jam) and DJ HOTTMOMZ (Anthems).
Event Info



Gary Hustwit is a DIY media machine with twenty years of work behind him in both music and movies. Hustwit has his own indie record label and a filmmaking company, Plexifilm, which has worked on and released more than 40 movies without major financial backers. He has also spent some time creating documentaries that center around indie bands such as Wilco. Obsessed with design and consumerism, Gary Hustwit has produced and directed a few movies concerned with the way people interact with design and products. Hustwit seems to concern himself with the way that design and objects become essential to humans. In his film Objectified, Hutwist explores what makes us addicted to gadgets. In his film Helvetica, he explores how a font became synonymous with simple modernity. Currently, Hustwit is working on his film Urbanized which concerns itself with the layout of cities and the pros and cons of how they are laid out. His twitter feed reflects his interest on the impact that design has on people because it concerns itself with everything from playful airplane graphic to the design of urban sprawl.

Twitter –
Objectified blog –

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