By TJ Kosinski, September 9th, 2010

HOTEL (creepy interactive story/game)

There’s something pretty slick and trippy about HOTEL, the latest interactive Flash-based story from our friends over at SubmarineChannel. The story, now ten chapters deep, starts off some in sort of disjointed, Lynchian world, where each click of your mouse propels you deeper into the rabbit hole. With a story that sucks you in like HOTEL, just make sure you have some time on your hands when you check it out.



Lymbyc Systym – Narita Music Video

We’ve featured tunes from the Lymbyc Systym before, so we wanted to share their nifty video for “Narita,” a track off their Field Studies EP. The song is half hazy shoegaze, half Ben-Gibbard-inspired instrumental chugging, but the real treat is the video; it juxtaposes the schizophrenic music with shots of wildlife interspersed with urban sprawl. Even though it’s shot on video, the quick clip is a whole lot of cool.

Visit their myspace:


Gregory Brothers – Wired Interview

If you have a pulse and a connection to the internet (you’re reading this, right?), you’ve heard the Gregory Brothers. The four-piece comedic troupe – that includes one woman – may not be famous by name, but you’ve definitely seen their videos. They’re the brains behind Auto-Tune the News (RADAR Ep27) and recent meme-cash-ins “Bed Intruder” and the “Double Rainbow” song. The group recently sat down with Wired to dish on everything from their process to making unintentional singers famous. We highly recommend it.

Read Wired Interview


Story Pirates: Create-a-Show

The Story Pirates (RADAR Ep30) Twitter bio really does sum them up best: “Kids write stories = We act them out = Kids write more.” For the unfamiliar, the Story Pirates are an improve group that perform for children, acting on the suggestions and reactions from the tikes in the audience. This month, the seven-person cast will put on musical numbers at the Downtown Community Center in Tribeca. Sounds like a good time even if you aren’t a parent or under twelve…

Sept 12th 2pm
Downtown Community Center
120 Warren St (between Greenwich and West St)
$18; Workshop and Show: $30
Event Info



Hark! A Vagrant is a cool little webcomic by Kate Beaton. Her latest entries have been a series of riffing on old Nancy Drew book covers and we’ve got to say, we’re fans. Check out the wit on display both on her website and on her Twitter. We know you’ll dig it too.

Hark! A Vargrant –
Kate Beaton Twitter –

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