By Milton De La Cruz, September 16th, 2010

Eliza Skinner – The 5 White Characters in Every Tyler Perry Movie

Eliza Skinner is too hilarious to pass up. She is blunt and to the point in a bubbly and infectious way that you can’t help but crack more than a smile. Being funny, honest, and polite about how ridiculous life can be are hard qualities to combine. By doing so Eliza Skinner captures your heart, then her infectious brand of humor starts to take over your brain until all you can think about is the Five White Characters in Tyler Perry Movies, when you should be doing something productive. But the smile that Eliza Skinner can put on your face is worth its weight in gold, and spending a little time combing through her online work leaves one with a sweet taste in the mouth from all the smiling, giggling, and out right laughing. Eliza is simple, straightforward, and effervescent with comedy flowing right through her, into a camera, onto the screen, and crashing into your brain. Make sure to check our RADAR episode on Eliza and her project Slam Theater (RADAR Ep5).


Morningbell – New EP – We Are Angular and Beautiful

Morningbell is a band that is hard to forget. A few weeks ago we featured their polished brand of rock in RADAR Ep33 – Unnatural History, and now we can’t help but sing their praises again. Morningbell just released their new EP “We Are Angular and Beautiful”, and now you can download it for FREE courtesy of the band! This EP is full of upbeat and psychedelic tracks that feature plenty of reverb and bright, high harmonies over rock guitar riffs. The title track “We Are Angular and Beautiful” is a great example of the band’s sound. The song is playful, nostalgic, and mellow as it flows gently into your eardrums. Go grab your copy of the EP and get addicted to the great sounds of polished rock and roll. Become a fan! Think about it, wouldn’t it be a delight to see Morningbell play their new EP live accompanied by their infamous $100 light show? Yes! But first you gotta learn all the words to the songs after you download the EP.

Link to EP: Download Morningbell EP


Passive Aggressive Notes the Book

Internet lovers out there are probably familiar with the Passive Aggressive Notes, but did you know that they’ve made a book? Everyone has had someone push them to the breaking point, but few have had the gall to take action against the offender. How can you tell someone off without having a huge freak out? You could always write them a nice, polite letter that glazes over the hatred that boils deep inside of you every time the individual even dares to look your way. Kerry Miller has collected some of the best passive aggressive notes and letters, has bound them into a tight, hilarious, and down to earth book. The letters are relatable, and strike a chord with almost all audience because everyone gets annoyed by someone, it just happens. Some of the letters are sincere, others are combative, and there is the rare case where the letter itself is crazier than the actions taken against the writer. Awkward social interactions have never been this funny. Passive Aggressive Notes is a fantastic low maintenance read, great for a commute or a lazy Sunday afternoon. Buy it, read it, share it, enjoy it. This simple book’s message is universal: Not everyone gets along, and when they don’t it’s pretty hilarious.

Link: Buy the Book


Lori Nix: The City and Other Dangers

Lori Nix, featured in RADAR Ep33 – Unnatural History, is the focus of an upcoming event at B&H. Her use of dioramas instead of actual subjects creates a dynamic and dramatic setting for her photography. Her process truly differentiates her from other photographers because she prefers to work with her hands rather than create worlds through computers and editing tricks. She doesn’t even edit her photographs after shooting. She is an overall artist with a true vision and a strong sense and fidelity to her subject matter. The worlds that she creates are completely vivid, and realistic, her photography then captures these hyper-realistic mini-worlds, and freezes them in a believable facsimile of the real world. During her showcase at B&H she will be detailing her inspirations and the stories behind some of her works. For those of you who love art and photography, this event is a must see. The interaction with a great art alone is worth it, but to be able to meet and greet the actual artist is amazing. Lori Nix is an inventive and talented creator of worlds that deserves to be put in the spotlight as much as possible. Come to B&H and watch her shine.

Lori Nix: The City and Other Dangers
420 9th Ave, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10001
Sunday, September 19, 2010 | 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Event Info


Dealing with the 90s

Edward Wittlif’s blog “Dealing with the 90s” is a stellar collection of iconic pop culture moments, foods catered to 90s minds, and a revisiting of the music that fueled a generation. The 90s have been back for a while. The most compelling evidence for this argument is that cringe-worthy fringe has been making its way back into fashion, and that ice cream, pastel bathing suits were all the rage this summer. You can’t deny that you love girls with pool blue fingernails, and the return to lo-fi makes you squeal with joy. The 90s kids are now running more than a few things, and their sensibilities have been flooding pop culture more and more each day. The 90s was a gold age of decadence and irrational consumerism, and it was a truly magical era where having atomic purple Gameboy Color made you the most popular kid on your block. It’s hard not to spend an entire afternoon scrolling through this compendium of your childhood without wishing that you were in your Power Ranger pyjamas watching All That on Snick. Check out “Dealing with the 90s” for a internet fueled injection of nostalgia.

Dealing with the 90s –

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