By Milton De La Cruz, September 24th, 2010

Diane Birch – Valentino: “Behind The Screen”

Diane Birch’s video for her song Valentino is certainly innovative and fun. There are plenty of moments where the Diane and the screen do a few visual tricks that keep you guessing. For those wondering how they pulled off these tricks, here’s the “Behind the Screen” making of video. The “Behind the Screen” shows how much actual work it takes to make the magic of a music video actually happen. The interactions between the screen and the real world were carefully planned and timed. Watching the making of video for this project made it obvious that there is a high level of craftsmanship that is necessary to make a music video look flawless.

Valentino by Diane Birch-


Lewis & Clark cover David Bowie’s Changes

David Bowie is a true icon. He made his image and music an international sensation by putting on personas and creating characters that were larger than life. This weeks listen is a cover album that features TWO discs that cover a large span of Bowie’s career. The catch is that it’s not just one artist covering the best of Bowie, but several indie favorites, including Lewis & Clarke who’s music we featured on RADAR episode 34 – I Hate Perfume. The tracks though familiar are adapted into each artist’s style, but to the bone they still maintain true to their hardened Bowie edge and playfulness. Covers might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these re-imaginings of classic rock songs recreate the aura of the great Ziggy Stardust.

Link to Lewis & Clarke and others cover Bowie HERE


Entrepreneurs Funding Shorts

This article by Ryan Nakashima is great for aspiring filmmakers and for filmmakers that have short they want an audience to see. It concentrates on finding financial backing for distribution and different options for sharing film projects with the rest of the world. Albeit, a little more geared towards the financial aspects of a very creative process, this is a good read because it is important to stay informed about ways to get your movie watched by more than just your family and friends. Visibility is a sure step in the right direction for any filmmaker, so check this article out.

Link: Article


DUMBO Arts Festival

Come one! Come all! No, but seriously, missing the DUMBO Arts Festival this year is not an option. This year there are tons of diverse and eccentric artists showcasing their masterful talents in the iconic and chill Brooklyn neighborhood of DUMBO. The festival takes place throughout the area, and the types of arts and shows to watch are innumerable. It is an entire weekend of art, music, and recreation open to everyone, but especially right up the alley of New Yorkers who don’t have solid weekend plans. Get out! Dive into the art scene! Have a good time! Before I die I want to…, featured in RADAR episode 28, will be present at the festival expanding the scope of their project. Stop by and get your picture taken, and become part of this amazing art project.

DUMBO Arts Festival

Before I die I want to… @ DUMBO Arts Festival
9/24/2010 from 6-9pm at 45 Main Street, #703, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Event Info


Everyone is Gay

Danielle and Kristin are two girls who like girls who like to answer their internet audience’s questions about sexuality, dating, relationships, the nice and/or dirty stuff in between. This is a blog for everyone, not just gay people. The questions on the blog aren’t only from a gay audience but from all sorts of people trying to find down to earth answers to their complex or more sexual questions. Danielle and Kristin are cheeky but honest girls who playfully explain that sexuality isn’t something that gets in the way of human interactions, but that it can actually create a better dialogue between people. Danielle and Kristin are relatable, funny, and sincere with their answers to their readers and the way they handle questions is open and candid. Got any dirty, sexy, homo, questions you’ve been dying to get answered? Hit them up, and maybe you can learn a thing or two about what’s taboo.

Link – Everyone is Gay

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