By Milton De La Cruz, October 1st, 2010


This is the official trailer for Collapsus, a media phenomenon that will expand the limits of how different forms of communication work together to create a complete experience. The project is headed by Tommy Pallotta, producer of Waking Life and Scanner Darkly. Collapsus is set in the near future and details the effects of the imminent energy crisis on ten individuals who become the central figures in an energy conspiracy. Collapsus is the transmedia project related to the movie Energy Risk which focuses on the rough transition from fossil fuels to alternate resources and how it would affect worldwide energy infrastructures. Collapsus is being developed by SubmarineChannel, in collaboration with the Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. The combination of animation, narrative, documentary, and interactivity will plunge the audience into a highly developed world that is falling apart at the seams. The audience becomes a player within the story by making decisions that affect the global arena. The story is propelled through the interactions of different media forms, but that is what makes it all the more engaging, as there are layers and layers of intrigue and drama. For those who need some assistance with getting started with this correlative experience, Tommy Pallotta, the director of Collapsus, has made a video walkthrough for the project.

Collapsus –
Walkthrough – Link


Javelin– Intervales Theme (found VHS)

Javelin was featured in RADAR episode 27, Auto-Tune The News. Their use samples and original sounds to create music that fuses Bollywood singsong together with 80s arcade game sounds creates melodic fusions equivalent to a sunny day on the moon, a mix of the haunting and upbeat. Their focus on rhythm harkens back to the days of the B-Boys of old creating music that is as easy to listen to as it is to dance along with. In this video they feature footage from a VHS tape they found on the streets of their native Providence, RI. The little boy eating ice cream looks like a character ripped out of the Cosby show, fitting for the song Intervales Themes, which Javelin chose to accompany it. The slick beats and melodic tunes create a solid feel for the era when this VHS footage was probably taken. Javelin has managed to fake a genuine relic, which is no easy feat to master.

Link to Video- HERE


Stuff Hipsters Hate

Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz have been running the blog Stuff Hipsters Hate for a year now, and recently they have published a book that can serve as handy guide to turn the tide against the plaid shirts and silk scarves of the hipster zombie mob. In the book and blog, Ehrlich and Bartz highlight topics, links, and questions that the targeted subculture, even with a few PBRs in them, can’t handle. For those who live in big cities like New York and San Francisco, hipsters are all too familiar. Urban pavements are crawling with scrawny, mustachioed men on fixed gear bikes and young, beautiful women in granny clothes and glasses. What is this strange Halloween-like phenomenon? For those that haven’t been exposed to the hipster culture; congratulations, you have dodged a gaggle of unoriginal originality obsessed self-professed freaks of pop culture, but every day city dwellers struggle to figure out a way to repel the ubiquitous plague of hipsters. Look no more my fellow urbanites! Stuff Hipsters Hate is here to save you from partying with people that think they are too good to listen to anything produced after 1992.

Buy the Book:HERE


Open Video Conference

The web video is an accessible form of communication, but lately the fear of a tiered internet experience and of loosing the ability to explore an open web have made the comprehensive and free web video an endangered species. The Open Video Conference being held in New York City is dedicated to broadening the impact of the web video as a medium for communication and expression. OVC is being held by the Open Video Alliance, a group created by individuals and coalitions who seek to create an open web video experience through building inclusive tools, practices, and policies. The conference takes place over three days, and has tons of seminars and talks dedicated to the web video as a media form and essential transmedia tool. Sunday will be Hack Day, where conference attendees, HTML5 developers, and transmedia storytelling experts, will get to work on a series of activities that range from mapping out a transmedia strategy for content to building a custom HTML5 player for sites.

Our own Lance Weiler will be presenting along with Tommy Pallotta (Director of Collapsus, Producer of Waking Life and Scanner Darkly) at 4PM on October 1, 2010. Their talk about “Storytelling Without Bounds” will focus on joining of many media forms to create a complete experience. Be sure to check in early, and go to as many events as you can in order to gain a greater understanding of the web video and how it is evolving into something greater.

October 1st & 2nd
Fashion Institute of Technology
7th Ave at 27th St

Hack Day
October 3rd
NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program
721 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
Events – Link


The Advice of Strangers

Marc Horowitz doesn’t feel like any of the negative connotations associated with the word stranger should affect his new web series. Horowitz has been featured as part of RADAR episode 18, Google Maps Road Trip, a virtual, internet assisted road trip, where he shared his life and time with Peter Baldes, a man unknown to him at the beginning of their project. His unique brand of art and entertainment, which is closely related to culture jamming, is heavily influenced by social interactions and the reactions of other people. Children’s television has made stranger danger a staple of our vocabulary, and the word stranger has become synonymous with shadowy figures and hazardous situations. Now, Marc Horowitz is going to take the input from strangers and weirdos from the internet make life decisions based on their opinions. Follow him through his internet fueled journey, which is sure to be a life-changing experience for him and for the people that become active participants in his experiment.

Link – The Advice of Strangers
Link – Channel

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