By Becca Roth, October 8th, 2010

Eclectic Method – 8 Bit Mixtape

Eclectic Method – 8 Bit Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

If you haven’t heard of Eclectic Method (RADAR EP 7), well, chances are you’ve encountered their work without even realizing who was behind it. The group, formed in 2002 by Jonny Wilson, Ian Edgar and Geoff Gamlen, is one of the central pioneers of the art of audio/visual remixing. They’re not DJ’s. They’re not VJ’s. They are, in many ways, both, and so much more. Self-dubbed as “DVJ’s,” the group is often asked which aspect of their craft is most important, and which comes first: the audio or the visuals. They believe that both are equally important, and that they couldn’t possibly have one without the other and still call themselves Eclectic Method. Since their start nearly a decade ago, they have mixed U2 videos with Beastie Boys, and Kill Bill fight scenes with Dave Chappelle’s standup, all before the concept of a “mashup” had ever entered the mainstream. Check out one of their newer videos, 8 Bit Mixtape, where they mix classic video game video and their theme songs. I was blown away when I saw this. Who knew that someone could take the primitive digital beeps from Sega and spin it into a hot dance mix, with an awesome video, equipped with dancing Tetris blocks, to go with it? I don’t want to give too much away, but they somehow managed to work in The Notorious B.I.G. in a very clever way. That’s all I’m saying. Check it out for yourself. I don’t know about you, but personally, I’d rather dance to this video than sit in the basement and play Donkey Kong any day.


Auto-Tune the News #13 ft. Weezer

Remember the Gregory Brothers (RADAR EP 27)? From Turtles to the Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder Song, we’re sure you’ve heard of them by now. They just released a new video, this time expanding their level of collaboration from just within their group to include the well-known indie-rock band, Weezer. This adds a new layer to the Auto-Tune the News videos, and maybe this will be a recurring theme, bringing in different well-known artists to add a unique spin on each video, or maybe this is just a one-time experiment. Either way, we’re pretty into their newest installment.


Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget

If you’re like me, a recent college graduate who just moved to Brooklyn, then you’re probably pinching pennies, living paycheck to paycheck, just tryina’ get by. But there’s hope for us yet! This awesome blog, Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget, gives advice to people who are trying to live exciting, fulfilled lives in this great city we call home, but don’t necessarily have the funds to live extravagantly, in the conventional sense, that is. The blog outlines cool DIY projects (ranging everywhere from interior decorating to circle scarf-making), how-to’s (like free vacations, getting in shape, and decorating your fire escape), and various unique recipes for at-home meals and treats. The best part about this site is that it is in no way limited to those who reside in Brooklyn (after careful examination of the blog, I’m convinced that the creators decided on the title merely for catchy alliteration’s sake). Not only are the DIY projects accessible to anyone anywhere on a budget (or not on a budget, for that matter, for those willing), but there’s also a section of the blog devoted to outlining activities and attractions specific to various New York neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs (“neighborhood on a budget”). Reading this has inspired me not only to explore the little-known jewels in my own new neighborhood, but to discover different places all around New York, a city with which I’ve been familiar (or so I thought) since birth. And what better way to get to know your city than doing so for free?

Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget


Crafts in Chelsea III

The {NewNew} partners with PS 11 to bring you CRAFTS IN CHELSEA III on Saturday, October 16 from 9-5pm. This event is held on 21st street between 8th and 9th avenue and will occur rain or shine. This event spotlights over 100 of the best local New York artists and craftspeople vending their own unique jewelry, pottery, clothing, fine art and other handmade goods. Visitors to the fair will enjoy the opportunity to converse with artists about their creative processes while shopping for one of a kind items. This event is run in conjunction with PS 11’s annual FALL FESTIVAL – an indoor event that includes food, arts and crafts, bouncy castles, games and a petting zoo for New York City children. Last year this event drew record crowds and helped to fund arts programs for the students of PS 11.

From the site:
“A fall handmade street fair of the finest handmade arts and crafts the New York Metro are has to offer. From elegant jewelry to unique upcycled handbags, to cutting edge fashions, artwork, and more! All handmade within the New York Tri-state region.”

Sat, October 16, 10am – 5pm
21st street between 8th and 9th avenue, NYC

Event Info


It Gets Better Project

Inspired by the recent tragic spike in LGBT youth suicides, advice columnist Dan Savage and his partner Terry created the “It Gets Better Project,” a campaign intended to reach out to teenagers and send the message that life really gets better after high school, and to tough it out until then. The project is incredibly inspirational and moving, and anyone who wants to can be involved. The first video is a talking-heads piece featuring Dan and his partner, exposing very personal accounts of how difficult it was for them growing up as homosexual kids, but how, once they finally got past adolescence, life was better, even wonderful. The couple encourages people to send in videos of their own, giving their own personal accounts and advice. This collaborative, communal approach is wonderful, and, most importantly, will hopefully achieve what it set out to do. Savage believes that something like this is necessary in a YouTube-ruled society, where most of these kids don’t have flesh-and-blood role models to help them through these tough times, but they do have computers. If you’re as moved by this as we are, send in a video! Or if you have nothing to contribute, check out the YouTube channel frequently, as new videos are added all the time.

Link – It Gets Better YouTube Channel

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