By Becca Roth, October 15th, 2010


Like mustaches? Ok, weird question. At least for someone like me, who, before seeing this project, probably would have answered with indifference or confusion. However, after being exposed to Beardfolio, a photo project by Matt Rainwaters, my opinion has definitely changed. His unique portfolio of men with outrageous facial hair is really like nothing else, and one that words really can’t do justice. Upon first glance, I was sure that the images had been skewed or Photoshopped, but after further investigation, I learned that the facial hair of the subjects is indeed real, albeit presumably styled for the occasion of being photographed. Check it out for yourself. I can almost guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this before.



Dfalt – Free Mixtape

Dfalt, the instrumental side project of Cassettes Won’t Listen (featured on RADAR Ep25, Subway Etiquette) just released a new single called Summer Drinks. The song is part of a brand new, completely free, 30-minute mix tape, which is available HERE. Summer Drinks is a unique blend of upbeat electronic dancy goodness that seamlessly transitions into a heavier, darker, more intense sound, with slight remnants of the Mission Impossible theme. And that’s just the song. The video that goes with it is insane. In a good way. A great way. I can’t even describe it. Just watch it; you won’t be sorry.


Cuba: My Revolution – Dean Haspiel

Looking for new reading material? We highly recommend Cuba: My Revolution, a graphic novel illustrated by Dean Haspiel (RADAR Ep1, Next Door Neighbor). We love his illustrations, and the book itself looks really cool, too. Here’s a short summary, from Free Publishers Weekly: “This dramatic account of the experiences of a young woman named Sonya during the Cuban revolution is based on the experiences of Lockpez. The narrative traces Sonya as she transforms from an idealist revolutionary studying to be a surgeon to a dissident artist who realizes she must flee her beloved but troubled country. Along the way, she witnesses carnage, is imprisoned and tortured, and is separated from her family. In the midst of the chaos, she also finds love. Haspiel, who has known Lockpez for over 20 years, provides striking illustrations that chart Sonya’s shifting emotions and alliances; particularly strong are the surrealist depictions of her dreams and her ordeal in prison. Painter José Villarubia adds tones and shades of red that further intensify the story. At times Lockpez relies too heavily on clunky exposition explaining the history of Cuba and Castro, although some readers may find the context helpful. It is impossible to deny the power of Lockpez’s dramatic coming-of-age story, which make the human cost of the revolution all too clear.”

Look At or Buy Cuba: My Revolution HERE


Start Trekkin – Improv

Like improv? Like Star Trek? Never thought you’d see the day when both of those questions would be asked consecutively, and are thus bursting with excitement? Well, we have the perfect event for you! Star Trekkin (RADAR Ep36, Start Trekkin) is a long-form improv group that explores the human condition while embodying characters and plot lines from, you guessed it, Star Trek. They have a show coming up this Saturday, October 16th, at The Tank and two more shows after that in 2010. Check out their website for more info, performance dates, and updates.

Sat, October 16, 7:30p – 8:30
The Tank (45th Street Theater) – 354 w. 45th Street

Event Info



When you think “the L train,” what comes to mind? Quick zip into (and out of) Manhattan? Hipster paradise? Flannel wonderland? Or, perhaps, the most romantic subway line ever? Well, if not, then maybe you should reconsider. According to a “study” conducted by the geniuses at Craigslist, the L train was determined to be the best subway line for romantic sparks to fly. At least, that is, if your definition of “most romantic subway line,” means “the best odds of a fellow passenger falling for you across a crowded car or platform, and then posting a ‘Missed Connections’ ad on Craigslist in search of you.” Sounds about right. At least some people seem to think so, enough to create “Almost on the L,” a Twitter version of Missed Connections, devoted exclusively to the ever-dreamy L-train. And it’s created quite a following. Who knows? Maybe that cute guy that you make awkward look-away eye contact with every morning at the Morgan Ave stop (which, by the way, is scientifically proven to be the most romantic subway stop in New York) feels the same way about you as you do about him. All we ask is that you be specific. I don’t think that tweets like “I thought you were adorable with your red and white plaid shirt,” which someone posted on October 11th, will do you much good. It might be the most romantic place on Earth, but it’s still the L train.

Almost on the L Twitter
Email your L Train missed connections:

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