By Milton De La Cruz, October 29th, 2010

Wall of Light

Luca Barcellona is a supremely talented calligraphy and letter artist who has a streak of figural arts in him that is amazing to encounter. When he draws his intricate and dazzling letters it is a fluid performance of delicate proportions. The long, broad strokes of steady perfection are hypnotizing to watch. His work has been exhibited in galleries and on the large walls across the streets of Europe. His public works are a combination of ancient manuscripts and urban graffiti that defies many modern ideas of what public art is and could be. The Wall of Light project by Luca Barcellona and features the artist creating a dynamic light show where he creates poetic musings with his beautiful lettering. These words are accompanied by vivid illustrations and settings in which the words float around. Interesting to note is the public’s interactions with the wall of light. People can be seen at the bottom of the wall moving around and interacting with the moving surface. These people become ghostly images that become part of the settings that Luca Barcellona creates. What a cool video and awesome concept!

Some of my favorite stuff by him HERE
Luca Barcellona website


Tin Pan Band Live – Union Square

Everybody’s favorite lilting blues band, Tin Pan Band is having a very public show, and you just have to give them a listen. The Tin Pan Band will be playing Union Square above the N/R/Q platform. The instrumentals are lively and mesh together beautifully to create a solid backing for lyrics about love, loss, and overall living. Their brand of Blues is distinctly urban by focusing on topics like gentrification of old city neighborhoods and greed. In New York, the Blues are experiencing a Renaissance, and Tin Pan Band is at the forefront of this rebirth. On your commute back from work, stop by and give them a listen. Also, check our RADAR episode on the Poetry Brothel featuring music by Tin Pan Band.

Thu Nov 04, 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Union Square subway station, above the N/R/Q platform


My Biggest Regret Ever

PostSecret established a candid intimacy that only the internet in its immaculate glorification of the individual can achieve. My Biggest Regret Ever takes the most gut-wrenching of human emotions and splatters it across the internet in plain black font against a white screen. The stark directness of the blog correlates wonderfully with the honesty and forwardness of the confessions that make up the site. Regret is something that runs through every person, and the anguish that comes from past mistakes affects everyone. What do you regret? What still haunts you to this day? Read what others have to say, or post your own entry. Maybe this is the cathartic release you’ve been looking for.


Overlap by Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani (RADAR Ep21 – Tapes and Mirrors) is a great public art figure. His ephemeral compositions are mostly shaped through the use of bright florescent adhesive tapes and cardboard. He creates simple polygonal shapes and places them within an urban setting in ways that make them look three dimensional, but still out of place. With his newest show he takes the founding elements of his aesthetic and lets them run amuck around the urban sprawl of the USA, India, and parts of Europe. This time his polygonal figures start to take on organic forms through the layering of tape and cardboard into intricate forms. These sharp organic figures now interact within their environments through their purposed interactions with city surfaces from different points of perspective. Nihalani manipulates what the audience can see by making floors become backgrounds and sides of buildings become foregrounds. Aakash Nihalani uses public space in a smart, mind bending way, and his show is sure to be engaging.

Overlap by Aakash Nihalani
Bose Pacia
163 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

November 4 – December 18
Artist Reception: 4 November, 6 – 8 pm
After Party: 4 November 9 – 11 pm @ 17 Frost (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) – Featuring Das Racist
In Conversation: 20 November 3pm


Design Related – Social Network for Designers

Design Related is a place where creativity inspires creativity. It is excellent source of inspiration through the exploration of a pool of diverse artists that practice different in mediums of creation. They have a stimulating inspiration section on their website where members can post a steady stream of inventive and cultured articles and links that can really get the juices flowing. Their twitter account distills the very idea of the flow of artistry into a torrent of media and sites that send you on a flight of fancy through design and imagination. Overall, even though Design Related is about the abstracts that are art and design, it grounds itself in the practicalities of being able to make what the mind sets out to think. This is a place where functionality meets the muse. Get impelled. Get enlivened. Let yourself get Design Related.

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