By Milton De La Cruz, November 8th, 2010

The Underbelly Project

Here at RADAR we usually don’t go for videos or projects that have started to become heavily circulated throughout the web, but when we came in contact with The Underbelly Project, there was no way we were going to turn out heads.

The NYC subway system is a haunting web of tracks and stations that criss-cross and span the boroughs of the city. It’s dark expansive system of tunnels have few hidden gems. Every now and then you see graffiti scrawled under a light near a tunnel staircase. Maybe you get a glimpse of workers from a distance. But not everything can be easily spotted in such a vast network of transportation. Somethings must get lost. Underground activities must go unnoticed. What secrets are under the fast streets of New York? For one thing there is The Underbelly Project which is a collection of art from over a hundred different street artists decorating an abandoned subway station somewhere deep underneath the city. This collection of street art which is closed to the public, is a place where nightmares and fantasies mingle and dash themselves across urban, industrial canvases. The Shadow Machine video is a perfect example of the ghostly pieces one would encounter in a place that off the beaten tracks. This is surely something to be excited about.

Website – The Underbelly Project
The Shadow Machine – LINK



It’s exciting to encounter a game changer before it changes the game. PlayButton is nothing more than an MP3 player built in the shape of a pin. It is a device that could really alter the way to distribute music to the public. Playbutton is a way to literally a way to “put on” your music. It turns your favorite album into an accessory that you take eveywhere. It is fashionable way to support music. Most brilliant of all is that there is no way to mess around with the music that is already on the pin. Artists have complete control over their sound and the way you experience it. This is most definitely going to become a must have little gadget.

Link –



Storybird is fun site to explore no matter what your age range is. The idea behind this bustling, moving web experience is creating short, fun, straightforward stories in the vein of children’s picture books. The stories and books seem endless, and the content is diverse enough that it can keep even old souls coming back for quick and electrifying short stories in high resolution display. The charm behind Storybird is the ability to become part of this artistic community. Becoming a writer is as easy as starting of with one of the many templates available to you. Also, the site features artists and their works from which you can take subjects and place them in your story. When they say collaborative storytelling they mean. Check out the site, and go through some short stories. If you want to create your own short ditties be sure to join.


The City by Lori Nix

Lori Nix (RADAR Ep33 – Unnatural History) is having a show. Her series The City, constructed and photographed since 2008, will be on display at ClampArt. This will be Lori’s first solo show at the gallery. Her work will then travel to Chicago for an exhibition at Catherine Edelman Gallery, January 7 – February 26, 2011. Lori’s use of dioramas instead of actual subjects creates a dynamic and dramatic setting for her photography. Her process truly differentiates her from other photographers because she prefers to work with her hands rather than create worlds through computers and editing tricks. She doesn’t even edit her photographs after shooting. She is an true artist with a vision and fidelity to her subject matter. The worlds that she creates are completely vivid, and realistic, her photography then captures these hyper-realistic mini-worlds, and freezes them in a believable facsimile of the real world. Lori Nix is an inventive and talented creator of worlds.

Solo Exhibition of New Work
November 4 – December 18, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday November 4, 6 – 8 pm
ClampArt Gallery
521-531 W. 25th Street, New York City

Website -



Land Art Generator features works and ideas for public art pieces that creates clean energy. Their concepts and designs are futuristic and functional in the way that works would work within the space they are featured in. The idea behind the movement is to bring to the forefront art that is active and that serves a purpose. It is hard not to fall in love with the clean lines and delicate aesthetics qualities that rely heavily on enhancing the natural surroundings of the public work. Apart from featuring works, Land Art Generator links its followers to news and events concerning design that revolves around being eco-friendly.

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Blog- HERE

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