By Milton De La Cruz, November 12th, 2010

Auto-Tune the News: Rent Too Damn High! Song

Well the greats of Auto-Tune the News (RADAR Ep.27 – ATTN) have done it again. They have used the evils of auto-tune for good! How you ask? Well they took the already comical Jimmy McMillan and made a musical number out of his speeches during the Gubernatorial debates. It’s hard not to find a comedic note with the Rent is Too Damn High party because of their name and Jimmy McMillan’s facial hair configuration, but the people of Auto-tune the News took it to a whole different place by making a smooth R&B for a party that should have taken office. Try not to giggle too hard when you watch this. Remember your coworkers can hear you. – Rent Is To Damn High Party – the website


Brian Grainger (Milieu) New Album

Brian Grainger, of Milieu (RADAR Season 3), is releasing a new album called ZYUAXOHTVIMIVTHOXAUYS! For those of you that can’t get enough of warped and twisted ambient music turned into melodic rhapsodies be sure to check this album out. His fervor for creating complete experiences has never been this strong. From the beginning of the album you are quietly lulled into a state of engagement by the low key and slow introduction. The shift into genius music goes almost unnoticed until you realize that your speakers are rumbling uncontrollably and you don’t want them to stop. You just have to let the wave of sound come crashing over you. Give in to Brian Grainger and his electronic arrangements. The album is for sale on Grainger’s bandcamp website, and for an extra four bucks you can get the special edition CD-R which should be a fun treat for you electronic heavy addicts out their. You can’t miss this album, it’s overpowering!


Pecan Pie Baby – Sophie Blackall

Illustrator Sophie Blackall (RADAR Ep16 – Missed Connections) has a new book out. She has teamed up with Jacqueline Woodson on the children’s book Pecan Pie Baby. The book focuses on Gia, a young girl who’s mother is about to have a second child. Gia has a hard time coming to terms with everyone’s obsession with the baby on the way. Blackall’s illustrations fit perfectly with the colorful characters, and accentuate the familial sweetness of the tender story. Sophie Blackall received the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award. She has illustrated several award-winning picture books. Her blog Missed Connections features her creating these accessible and quirky illustrations based on the Missed Connections section of Craigslist. Her caricatures are wonderfully whimsy and fun to encounter. Be sure to give Pecan Pie Baby a read if you have a little one of your own.

Buy the Book HERE
Visit Sophie’s website HERE


Dr. Sketchy’s Factory Revival

If it smells like beer and charcoal you know Dr. Sketchy’s (RADAR Ep.8) is coming to town. Come join the fine people of Dr. Sketchy’s as they revive Andy Warhol’s Factory days. The troops will meet at the Red Lotus Room, and revive the spirit of pop art eras past. There is no way that an upstanding New York citizen wouldn’t want to attend a debaucherous drawing session in the persona of Edie Sedgwick or Basquiat. You really can’t miss this one because it is sure to be a once in lifetime opportunity to tap into the power of art while you are playing the part of a great artist. Cigarette girls will deal art supplies. Guests will pose for polaroids and confess dark secrets in the “Screen Test” video booth. Drawing jams will take over the walls, art students will become models, and at the end of the night, one guest will shoot Andy Warhol. As always, this event is brought to you by the wonderful Ms. Molly Crabapple! Go!

Saturday, November 13 ยท 6:00pm – 10:00pm
The Red Lotus Room
893 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY


Paris Vs. New York

You always hear the hipster girls in bars say that New York is no Paris. Even some of the older generations of New Yorkers can’t help but bring up how the two cities are the most wonderful in the world. The comparison between Paris and New York is timeless, well except for the bit of history that Paris existed without having New York to be compared with. The two cities embody the metropolitan spirit of the Western world, so it’s kind of hard not to talk about the similarities and differences between the two. That’s where the blog Paris vs. New York comes to play. Over at Paris v. New York, they create graphic representations of aspects of both cities, and take the city out of them. They choose to accentuate just the sensory details that can be encountered when traversing the cities. From Amelie v. Carrie to Quasimodo v. King Kong, their distilled imagery of Paris and NYC iconography is quirky and fun. Who do you root for in these visual comparisons?

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