Each week RADAR features talented bands and musicians as the sound track for each episode. This page is dedicated to that music. Here, you’ll find all the information on your favorite tracks and musicians from each episode.

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Season 4

Bear Hands

Bear Hand’s website
Bear Hands’s Myspace
Bear Hands is a Brooklyn-based band formed in 2006 by Dylan Rau after losing out in a messy love triangle. Putting those issues behind him the best way he knew how, he gathered up his friends and wrote a bunch of songs. Bear Hands combine elements of post-punk and power pop to create some delightfully groovy songs, perfect for any dance party. Their debut album, Burning Bush Supper Club, is out now. Their songs “What a Drag” and “Can’t Stick ‘Em” were both featured in RADAR Episode 37 – Dickchicken.

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Reading Rainbow

Rainbow Rainbow’s Myspace
Reading Rainbow is a duo from Philadelphia made up of guitarist Rob and drummer Sarah, who both sing and make beautiful noise together. Named after the 90s PBS kids show hosted by LeVar “Motherfucking” Burton, the band creates music with a similarly childlike sense of reckless abandon. Combining elements of lo-fi garage rock with 60s wall of sound pop harmonies, their songs are equal parts fuzzy reverb and catchy hooks. To date they have released two full-length LPs, Mystical Participation and Prism Eyes, and their song “Wasting Time” was featured on RADAR Episode 38 – Weathervane.

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The Present

The Present’s Myspace
Rusty Santos Myspace
It comes as no surprise that The Present is signed onto Lo Recordings. With a motto that goes: “Lo Recordings – Provider of quality esoteric music since 1995″ there is room for strange noises and added reverb in the transient tracks created by this band from NYC. The Present is Rusty Santos, Mina, Jesse Lee. Rusty Santos is known for producing and remixing for New York related bands like Ariel Pink, Terrestrial Tones, Panda Bear, Jane, Holy Shit, Gang Gang Dance, Animal Collective and TV on the Radio.In their newest album, “The Way We Are”, The Present concentrates on creating abstraction and audible distortions that become representations of daily routines, familiar places, and disjointed mental states. Their brand of music is kaleidoscopic, but grounded on inspirations ranging from public transportation, the ocean, David Lynch, and Andy Warhol. When you listen to The Present the hallucinatory edges of reality cave into the very center of your brain. Comparable to Acid Mothers Temple, with psychedelic, elemental, primordial and contiguous perceptions of being, tied together by a sonic lasso, and wrangled onto audio tracks. Songs like Saltwater Trails and Press Play create entire audiovisual experiences that link themselves back to the themes and animus of this groups insanely involving tonalities. Their track “Space Meadow” was used in RADAR Ep40 – Space Hunter.

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Floating Action

Floating Action’s website
Floating Action Myspace
Floating Action is the recording name of Seth Kauffman, a singer-songwriter based in Black Mountain, North Carolina. His songs excellently mix a number of different genres ranging from 60s Motown to surf rock to gritty lo-fi, all while sticking to a d.i.y. approadch to recording that blends it all together in a way you wouldn’t think possible. Kauffman writes, performs, produces and records all Floating Action songs. To date, he has released 3 full length albums: Research, Floating Action and most recently Desert Etiquette in February 2011. His song “Dead Reckoning” appeared in RADAR Ep 38 – Weathervane.

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Evenings website
Evenings Myspace
2010 has been the year where lo-fi has come into the limelight as the frontrunner of underground sound. There are a plethora of bands from all over America that have adopted the sound, but few have fused it with such discrete, unbridled sentiment as 20 year old Nathan Broaddus, aka Evenings. His first album, North Dorm, was just released, and to say that it flows wonderfully from track to track would be a damned understatement. North Dorm was recorded in and named after Broaddus dorm at UVA. It is obvious that North Dorm is not the first time Broaddus has created music because of the polished and well timed nature of his use of samples. Every track harbors an elemental force within it, not only through the sounds he uses to create music, but through the use of repetitious cues and introduction of new concrete melodies layered delicately on top the old. Listening to Evenings is like exhaling after taking a deep, long, and cumbersome breath. Evenings is a lazy Sunday afternoon that turns into a ruby dusk sunset, and then a night full of crickets and fireflies. A little low key, well put together, and overall nostalgic romp, North Dorm is essential for those that are in tune with relaxing electronic beats and genius use of samples of nature. North Dorm is actually free to download on behalf Evenings at http://evenings.bandcamp.com/. Evenings track Babe was featured in RADAR Ep40 – Space Hunter and Still Young in http://workbookproject.com/radar/2010/12/29/memoir-%E2%80%93-radar-s4-ep-41-vid/.

Season 3

The Notwist

The Notwist’s Myspace
The Notwist’s Website
The Notwist has been cracking out music since 1989, and with their melodic and finely tuned aesthetic, they will be making music years to come. Originally from Weilheim, Germany, the band has toured the world, and grown both as artists and people. Early on The Notwist had an edgier and more Metal sound until their music started to take on electronic instrumentation. Through experimenting with new sounds and grungy rock tunes, The Notwist creates genuinely symphonic, yet tenebrific indie rock electronic music echoing industrial tunes. The airy melodies employed throughout their tracks are garnish to the vocals that verge on sentimental, but have genuine conviction. The Notwist is like Deathcab, but without a Cutie to soften the hard concrete blow their music inflicts on you. Their song “Boneless” was featured in RADAR Ep30 – Story Pirates.

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Inside Voices

Inside Voices website
Inside Voices Website
On the surface Inside Voices looks like any other indie band on the scene today, but their music is different than those of their peers. Inside Voices is a brave crew of three, Lee Slack, Jeff Brodsky, John Gnorski, hailing from Portland, OR. They are the progenitors of a refined and blissfully simple air which sounds like rock and roll enveloped in sunshine and memories built on a percussive base. Their tunes border on the nostalgic, expert guitar playing veiled by simple melodies recall subjects ranging from warm summer days to conceptual architecture that never was (ie. Tatlin’s Tower). This breath of fresh air knows how to manipulate audio with electric instruments and reverb without losing the essence of musicality of their songs. The mellow vocals are low-impact and can carry you through a day at work or a party at friend’s apartment. Inside Voices have an appeal that hinges in their music making skills and their ability to create haunting melodies. Their song “How is You Was” was featured in RADAR Ep30 – Story Pirates.

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Au Revoir Simone

Au Revoir Simone’s website
Au Revoir Simone’s Myspace
Au Revoir Simone, whose song Sad Song was featured in our Before I Die episode, are a Brooklyn-based trio that’s about to release a new remix album of their 2009 album, Night Light. The remastered album will feature mixes by Neon Indian, Jens Lekman, The Dirty Projectors’ Angel Deradoorian, Tanlines, and more. The band’s other songs, which are great for feet-tapping and head-nodding, combine calm folk-like vocals with electronica/ harpsichord instrumentals. Vocal-wise, they remind us a little of Camera Obscura, but their sound is undoubtedly refreshingly unique on its own. They have a lot of really solid songs, but some of our favorites are Shadows, Stay Golden and All or Nothing (or if you prefer the sexy French version: Tout ou Rien). Check out their MySpace to pick your own. Thier song “Sad Song” can be heard in Ep28 – Before I Die

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Lewis&Clark’s Myspace
Lewis and Clark’s Website
Lou Rogai and his collaborators make up the entity Lewis and Clarke. Their music can be described as new-folk, chamber folk, and neo-baroque, mixing smooth and raspy vocals and beautiful harmonies with a hint of bluegrass (can you hear that banjo? Mmmmm.) The vocals are slightly reminiscent of Counting Crows, but the bluegrass flair gives Lewis and Clarke a pleasant sound that is all their own. RADAR used the track “Dead and Gone” in Ep34 – I Hate Perfume.

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Morningbell’s Myspace
Morningbell’s Website
Known for their trademark $100 light show at all of their concerts (whaaaattt?!), Morningbell brings their psychedelic rock quartet out their Gainesville, Florida roots. Their song “The Octopus Walks Across the Coral” is no “Octopus’s Garden,” that’s for sure, but some of their harmonies are reminiscent of later Beatles stuff (think “Because”). According to Incendiary Magazine, the band is, “Immensely talented, unbelievably confident and quite obviously insane.” And Indie Rock Cafe says, “Put Morningbell on your ‘bands to watch’ in 2010 list.” That’s good enough for us. Not convinced? Check out their song, Octopus (featured in RADAR Ep33 – Unnatural History), and their Myspace for tour dates ($100 light show, anyone?)

Buy “Octopus”

Tall Firs

Tall Firs’ Myspace
Tall Firs’ Website
Tall Firs is a Brooklyn based electric folk group that’s been kickin’ for almost 20 years now (since ‘91). The trio sounds like a compilation of 90s-era Dinosaur Jr., live Neil Young, and aggressive Galaxies 500, but don’t take our word for it – Head to their Myspace to hear what’s up. We recommend “Axemen” or “Hairdo” (featured in RADAR Ep32 – FCKD Mag).

Buy “Hairdo”

Cassettes Won’t Listen

Cassettes Won’t Listen’s Myspace
Cassettes Won’t Listen’s Website
Under the name Cassettes Won’t Listen, Jason Drake has been making music in New York for years. Now, he is releasing a new EP of instrumentals called Into the Hillside. His song “Two Kids (Instrumental),” which can be heard in Ep25 Subway Etiquette, starts off a little like The Knife, or maybe something by Passion Pit, but as it progresses it becomes slightly reminiscent of the instrumental bits of “Such Great Heights” by The Postal Service (remember that?). The song “Into The Hillside,” though “instrumental,” combines electronic harpsichord-esque melodies with strong beats and several different vocal sound bites, albeit wordless (think college a-capella group…with a twist). This song kind of reminds us of “A Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy, but a little less funk and a little more electronica. Check it out and see for yourself!

Buy “Two Kids (Instrumental)”


Noveller’s Myspace
Noveller’s Website
Noveller is Brooklyn based guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate. Her song “Under the Color Cave” can be heard in Ep28 – Before I Die. Her sound is both peaceful and refreshingly energetic. There is definitely a whimsical, mystical, floating-through-a-meadow-with-magical-fairy-butterflies aspect to it. According to the blog Dracula Trap, “Noveller is the sonic personification of rolling waves, brush fires and distant bird songs. All of which are accomplished by the contrast of distant chiming bells, primal singing and brick walls of feedback.” Sarah combines conventional instruments with stuff she just comes up with and thinks would sound cool. “I got really into using objects to make sound with the guitar. I used a carrot peeler on my Telecaster when I played in One Umbrella,” she said in an interview with Tom Tom Magazine. Check out her website and Myspace page to hear for yourself this truly unique sound.

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Will Bangs

Will Bang’s Myspace
Will Bangs is an extremely talented musician, but unfortunately it’s hard to get ahold of information about him. His music is airy, and infused with electronic loops of beats and guitar riffs. Sometimes he chooses to layer these intricate melodies over singing or speech, but the human voice rarely takes the foreground in his sound. His breed of tunes is ambient folk, mellow and sweet. His song Stealing Beauty has a voice, but it’s main focus is the orchestration of the folky guitar creating a rhythm to the song. The track You Make My Heart Sing So Loud is ethereal and features no vocals, but a constant string of evolving electronic samples and notes that form into an emotive and soulful track. Will Bangs has a harmonic and carefree way of stringing sounds together, but his music production value feels homey making it very accessible. Fortunately, you can get a taste of his music on his myspace page, but finding him elsewhere proofs to be difficult. We hope to see this change, as he is certainly a talented lad. His track Dresden Mills can be found on RADAR Ep34 – I Hate Perfume.

There Will Be Fireworks

There Will Be Fireworks’s Myspace
There Will Be Fireworks’ four members hail from Glasgow, Scotland. Their self-released track “Foreign Thoughts” can be heard in Ep28 – Before I Die. According to Pitchfork, “‘Foreign Thoughts,’” for example, is a building, buzzing tune in which guitars and gutturally accented vocals keen with equal intensity.” But probably the coolest and most unique part about this group is how distinctly you can hear their Scottish accents in Vocalist Nicholas McManus’s singing. Seriously. Just listen to it. It’s really cool.

Buy “Foreign Thoughts”

Dragon Turtle

Dragon Turtle’s Website
Dragon Turtle’s Myspace
Dragon Turtle is a group from Brooklyn, New York self-described as “Ambient-Winter-Calypso-Space-Folk.” Their track “Causality,” from the album Almanac, was used in an upcoming episode of Season 3. Check out their website, www.dragonturtlemusic.com, to find out more about them, and to listen to the free MP3: “Island of Broken Glass,” which is featured in an upcoming Radar season 3 episode. Think Panda Bear meets Washed Out meets Toro Y Moi meets a tiny bit of Steely Dan (specifically, “Do It Again”). Or you can just listen and decide for yourself.

Buy “Causality”

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon

Dan Deacon’s Myspace
Dan Deacon’s Website
Dan Deacon is an American electronic musician who originates from Babylon, New York and Baltimore, Maryland. Radar used his track “My Name is Robert” for an upcoming episode from Season 3. Referring to his latest album, Bromist, which he released in 2009, musicOMH.com says, “Minor grumbles aside, Bromst is a thrilling, hyperactive album that runs from calm and composed to frantic and frazzled, usually within the space of an intro.” Also, if you ever get the chance to see him live, you definitely should. He’s been known to come into the audience and teach them a very interactive group dance/ set of movements, among other things. It’s worth experiencing; take our word for it.

Buy “My Name is Robert”

Dominic Matar

Dominic Matar’s Website
Dominic Matar’s Myspace
Dominic Matar is a New York-based songwriter and composer. His soundtrack credits include music for documentaries, commercials, and various promotional videos for clients such as Nike Considered, Novartis, and Citibank. In addition to his composition work, he writes indie pop music. Radar used his track “The Future is So Retro” for an upcoming episode of Season 3.


Mossyrock’s Myspace
Mossyrock’s Website
Brooklyn’s Mossyrock is a self described “two-person trio” consisting of Marc Hug, Dominica Paige, and a rotating lineup of guest musicians. Their electronic folk pop song “I Know I’m Not Wrong” will be featured in an upcoming episode of Radar Season 3.

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Glass Ghost

Glass Ghost’s Myspace
Glass Ghost’s Website
Members Mike Johnson and Eliot Krimsky met at a wedding gig, and after a few years and various projects founded Glass Ghost in 2008 with a philosophy based on creating big sounds using only keyboard, drums, and vocals. Their reliance on just the basics to create music veres them towards symphonic and subtle music with clean vocals that engage the audience in the narrative of their songs. The rhythmic quality of their music makes it lighthearted and creates a strong base for the eerie and focused vocals that garnish their urban sound. What’s most impressive is that Glass Ghost feels like it could be a large band of people because their songs are diverse and involving in different ways. Tracks like “Violence” create an immersive visual image of the actions and the story within the song. It’s strange to say that the music is almost visual in the way that it is performed. Glass Ghost is fun in a nonchalant and mellow way. They aren’t playing super intensive highly stylized music, but accessible fun instrumentation makes them stand out from the crowd. Their song “Mechanical Life” will be featured in an upcoming episode of Radar Season 3.

Buy Glass Ghost’s records

Mike Swoop

Mike Swoop’s Myspace
Mike Swoop’s Website
Mike Swoop is a hip-hop artist from Minneapolis with a carefully crafted laid-back sound. He recently released his first instrumental album, New Love, and his song “On My Mind” will be featured in a future episode of Radar Season 3.

Buy Mike Swoop’s music

Lymbyc Systym

LymbycSystym’s Myspace
LymbycSystym’s Website
Lymbyc Systm is the instrumental music project of two brothers, Jared and Michael Bell. Their sixth and latest album, 2009’s Shutter Release, provides the track “Bedroom Anthem” to be featured in an episode during Radar Season 3.

Buy LymbycSystym’s music


Milieu’s Myspace
Milieu’s Website
Milieu is the collected ambient recordings of Brian Grainger– and there have been quite a few (dozens). Check out Milieu’s latest 12″ Phosphene Weather, and stay tuned for the episode of Season 3 featuring the song “Cropduster”.

Buy Milieu’s albums


Pinback’s Myspace
Pinback’s Website
Pinback began as the duo of Armistead Burwell Smith IV and Rob Crow back in 1998. Over a decade and many rotating members later, the band is enjoying some of its biggest success. They are currently at work on a new album for 2010, and their song “Loro” is featured on an upcoming episode in Radar Season 3.

Buy Pinback’s music

Washed Out

Washed Out’s Myspace
Ernest Greene’s Website
The music of Ernest Greene may have started out in his bedroom studio, but has picked up a steady wave of attention from bloggers and fans alike. Electronic bliss pumps out of the speakers when you listen to Washed Out. It feels like your ears are on Venus, your feet are dancing on the Moon, and your head is underwater. Ernest Greene knows how to create beautiful, relaxing, lo-fi haunting chillwave tracks. This music is addictive and it won’t leave your brain until its done with you because of the intricately composed flow of music. There is something longing, persistent, and melancholic under the beats and synth that brings the music to a human and moving level. There is a new wave feel to the music that echoes through the summery, fresh, bright melodies that wash over you like warm, amber honey. This is the kind of music can easily become the soundtrack to your life. His remix of Small Black’s “Despicable Dogs” makes it into an episode during Season 3, soon to be released.

Buy Washed Out’s records

Small Black


Small Black’s Blog
Small Black’s Myspace
Small Black is a group from Brooklyn, New York. Their track “Despicable Dogs” was used in an upcoming episode of Season 3.

Buy “Despicable Dogs” and other music

I Am Robot and Proud

I Am Robot and Proud’s Myspace
I Am Robot and Proud’s Website
Shaw-Han Liem lives in Toronto and makes music under the name I Am Robot and Proud. His latest electro-pop release was 2008’s Uphill City. His song “401 Circuit” is featured in RADAR Ep31 – Fairytale Fashion.

Buy I Am Robot and Proud’s records

Clark Able

Clark Able’s Myspace
Clark Able is a house and electro DJ from Bologna, Italy. His track “Hot Jack remix” is featured in RADAR Ep31 – Fairytale Fashion.

Buy Clark Able’s Music

Caleb Burhans

Caleb Burhans’ Website
Caleb Burhans’ Myspace
Caleb Burhans is a composer, violinist/violist, singer, and multi-instrumentalist based in New York City. He has been called a “new music virtuoso” by the New York Times and worked on Jónsi’s, of Sigur Rós, new album Go. Burhans’ song “Early Music (for a Saturday)” is featured in Ep29 – Radiology Art.

Buy Caleb Burhans’ music


Hermitude’s Website
Hermitudes’s Myspace
Hermitude (Luke Dubs and El Gusto), based out of Australia, is a duo that makes instrumental Hiphop and electronic music. Their track, Slychain, is featured in RADAR’s upcoming Season 3.

Buy Hermitude’s music

Liquid Todd

Liquid Todd’s Myspace
Liquid Todd’s Website
Liquid Todd has over fifteen years of experience as a radio DJ, and even had his own station, Boombox, on Sirius Satellite Radio. His song “Psycho Social” can be heard in Ep25 – Subway Etiquette.

Buy Liquid Todd’s music


Taigaa’s Myspace
Taigaa is a Brooklyn based duo consisting of Jee Young Sim on vocals and keyboards, and Mindy Seegal Abovitz on drums. On top of music, Mindy runs a magazine about female drummers called Tom Tom Magazine. Their song “This is called Lonely Brass” is featured in Ep26 – Hidden Oras.

Buy Taigga’s Music


Runaway’s Myspace
Runaway is the stage name for Marcos Cabral and Jacques Renault, a Brooklyn duo that has been creating music that makes you want to move since 2007. With electronic beats that start off subtly and build to a point of ecstasy it’s easy to see their dance floor appeal. The power behind their steady stream of tones and pitches comes from the way they opt to create music. The two, when onstage, become a relentless force of music as they lay down tracks that work to compete with their predecessors. But instead of clashing, their melodies commune and create a layered and immersive boogie beat that harkens back to the mellow, trippy rave music of the 90s. They have lit up dance floors in many countries around the world, including Sweden, Germany, England, Turkey, and France. The duo is also the head of On the Prowl Records, a Brooklyn based record label. Runaway’s track “The Poltergeist” is featured in Ep26 – Hidden Oras.

Roger O’Donnell

Roger O’Donnell’s Website
Roger O’Donnell’s Myspace
Roger O’Donnell is an English keyboardist best known for his work with The Cure. He is actively furthering a solo career with his current album Songs from the Silver Box, which features the song “Endlessly” used in Ep26 – Hidden Oras.

Buy Roger O’Donnell’s music


Javelin’s Website
Javelin’s Website
Javelin are two cousins from Providence, RI brought to you by way of Brooklyn. They have a knack for layering individual sounds and melodies in order to make dynamic and fantastic rhapsodies. Picked by Time Out New York as one of the upcoming musical performers of 2010, their sound is pastiche of world music combined with their own brand of electronic beats. Their use samples and original sounds to create music that fuses Bollywood singsong together with 80s arcade game sounds creates melodic fusions equivalent to a sunny day on the moon, a mix of the haunting and upbeat. Their focus on rhythm harkens back to the days of the B-Boys of old creating music that is as easy to listen to as it is to dance along with. Their song “Vibrationz” is featured in RADAR episode 27, Auto-Tune The News.

Buy Javelin’s Music

The Sea that Dried Up and Became a Parking Lot

The Sea That Dried Up and Became A Parking Lot’s Website
The Sea that Dried Up and Became a Parking Lot’s Myspace
The Sea that Dried Up and Became a Parking Lot reminds you that music doesn’t have to be overproduced or mindless to be sweet and compelling. The Sea that Dried Up and Became a Parking Lot is deconstructed music that focuses on being heartfelt and straightforwardly cheerful. The one man band concentrates on making complex melodies featuring one simple instrument, the vibraphone. Accompanied by percussion and a dedicated musicality the vibraphone is light and fun and creates music that can brighten your day. “If Beethoven Was a Painter…” is featured in Ep29 – Radiology Art

Season 2

Silk Flowers


Silk Flower’s Website
Silk Flower’s Myspace
Silk Flowers have a new wave influence without the narrative elements from the 1980s, and a dark surrealist twang that differentiates them from other New York electronic bands. Their sound is synesthetic with songs like “Chance of Showers” denoting the rhythm of rain falling from heavy clouded skies. The vocals layered underneath haunt the synth vibes and melodies that meld eerily together to create a full body experience that delves into the darker electronic side of music. RADAR used their track “Chance of Showers” for the episode, Patently Silly.

Buy Silk Flowers Music



Obfusc’s Website
Obfusc’s Myspace
Obfusc is is the musical output of Brooklyn, NY-based photographer/graphic designer Joseph X. Burke. Radar used his tracks “Oceanic Glow (Night Mix)” and “Beneath The Cumulus Expanse” in the episode, Red Light Properties.

Buy Oceanic Glow (Night Mix)
Buy Obfusc’s MP3 releases

photo credit: Jason Banker



Equestrian’s Myspace
Equestrian is a Brooklyn based band consisting of members Ryan Downey, Dan Corrigan, Conor MacDowell, and Justin Hofmann. Radar used their track “Theme From Bushwick” in the episode Tapes and Mirrors.

Tin Pan Band


Tin Pan Band’s Website
Tin Pan Band’s Myspace
In New York, the Blues are experiencing a Renaissance. Tin Pan Band, based in Brooklyn, is at the forefront of this rebirth with their raspy vocals and lilting melodies that call back to the speakeasies of Prohibition times. The instrumentals are lively and mesh together beautifully to create a solid backing for lyrics about love, loss, and overall living. Their brand of Blues is distinctly urban by focusing on topics like gentrification of old city neighborhoods and greed. The simple, but moving sounds of the bass and horns, stripped of electronic filigree, are still relevant in a city and a world in which change makes everyone get the blues. Their tracks “Bie Mir Bist Du Schoen” and “Dandelion” can be heard episode 20, Poetry Brothel.

Buy Tin Pan Band’s Music



Luff’s Website
Luff is a Brooklyn based band consisting of members Sheila Sobolewski, Robin Pickering, Terry LaFrazia, and Riff Richards. Radar used their track “Parachutes and Propellers” in the episode, Waterpod.

Buy Luff’s Music

photo credit: William Kirk

Gregory and the Hawk


Gregory and the Hawk’s Myspace
Gregory and the Hawk’s Website
Gregory And The Hawk is the name of the music created by Meredith Godreau, an Upstate NY musician. Radar used a demo of her track, “Frebeight”, in the episode, Missed Connections.

Buy Gregory and the Hawk Music

The Antlers


The Antlers’ Myspace
The Antlers’ Website
The Antlers are a Brooklyn based band consisting of band members Peter Silberman, Michael Lerner, and Darby Cicci. Radar used their track, “Shiva”, in the episode, Missed Connections.

Buy “Shiva” and other music from The Antlers

photo credit: Ben Ritter



Bisc’s Myspace
Bisc’s Website
Bisc1 is the music project of Bisco Smith, a musician from New York. Radar used his track, “Turbulence”, in the episode, Missed Connections.

Buy Bisc1 Music

photo credit: Tone



Lavalier’s Myspace
If Tom Waits and a turn of the century county fair had a baby you woud get Lavalier, the brainchild of Steve Milton and Dave Horowitz, two long time friends. Based in Brooklyn, Lavalier’s lo-fi psychedelic instrumentations are backed by a carnival of dissonance and mysterious merriment in which one could easily get lost in. Songs like “Mausoleum Key Party” evoke a dark but accessible eeriness that is countered by their will to experiment with uplifting melodies that create nostalgic references to past loves and times. Their music is almost palpable and their ambient hallucinatory melodies create an almost cinematic experience. During live performances, coupled with visual artists, Lavalier becomes an overall sensual and sumptuous musical experience to match their haunting sound. Radar used their track, “I Heart Ichor”, in the episode, Missed Connections.

J Vegus


J Vegus’ Myspace
J Vegus is a New York based artist. Radar used the track, “Show Me That Ass”, for the episode, Art Battles.

photo credit: Kerst Kobain

Matthew Nichols

matthew nichols

Matthew Nichols’ Myspace
Matthew Nichols’ Blog
Matthew Nichols is a NYC Subway Musician from Astoria, Queens. Radar used his track, “It Is Not There”, in the episode, Honey I Shrunk Red Hook.



AristeiA Blog
AristeiA Myspace
AristeiA is a Portland, Oregon based band consisting of members Brandon Gordon, Ben Meyercord, Adam Steinfink, and Devon Christian Shirley. Radar used their track, “I’ll Take Mine Black”, in the episode, Undetermined Measurements

Buy “I’ll Take Mine Black” and other music

Season 1

T. Griffin


T. Griffin’s Website
T. Griffin’s Myspace
Songwriter T. Griffin created the series music for all Season 2 episodes.

Buy T. Griffin’s music

Brian McTear

Brian McTear’s Website
Brian McTear is a musician based out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania who has produced and recorded numerous bands as well as his own music. His music was featured on Season 1.

photo credit: Michael T. Regan

Bitter Bitter Weeks


Bitter Bitter Week’s Website
Bitter Bitter Week’s Myspace
Bitter Bitter Weeks is a Philadelphia based band consisting of members Ed Hogarty, Brian McTear, Amy Morrissey, and Mike Kennedy. Radar used their tracks for Season 1 Episodes.

Buy Bitter Bitter Week’s music

We Have Band

We Have Band

We Have Band Myspace
We Have Band Website
We Have Band is based out of London, England with Thomas WP, Dede WP, and Darren Bancroft. Radar used their track, “Here it in the Cans” in the RADAR Season 1 trailer.

Buy “Here it in the Cans”

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