By Jason Hood, April 29th, 2011

Eliza Skinner – The Oscar Party

Eliza Skinner (RADAR ep 2 – I Eat Pandas) returns to the world of Internet videos with this short about a couple going through an angry breakup just as their friends arrive for an Oscars party. Hijinks ensue, guests are weirded out, and movie puns are thrown around—and for some reason movie puns are so much funnier when shouted in a fit of rage. Movie nerds will either cringe or chortle. Or both. Either way, Eliza is quite hilarious as a pissed off ex-girlfriend.


Morningbell – Lovefool

Before I watched this video, I thought the title was just a coincidence—surely they weren’t covering that classic 90s radio mainstay? But that’s exactly what Morningbell (RADAR ep 33 – Unnatural History) did. And they did it gloriously. They stayed true to the original while giving it a bit of their own odd flair. And the breakfast-tastic video definitely ups the weirdness factor. You know, for those of you who like your 90s nostalgia with a side of scrambled eggs.

Download the mp3 for free HERE
Morningbell’s website
Morningbell’s MySpace


Sophie Blackall – The Crows of Pearblossom

Sophie Blackall has to be one of our busiest contributors. When she’s not creating beautiful blog posts about her father’s adventures or the Missed Connections of complete strangers, she’s creating amazing illustrations for children’s books. Her latest work is the illustrations for The Crows of Pearblossom, a short story originally written in 1944 by the legendary British author Aldous Huxley. Her vivid artwork gives a modern and whimsical flair to the classic tale.

You can buy the book HERE.


The Digitour & SLAM Theatre

The Digitour feat. The Gregory Brothers

Have you ever wanted to see Internet memes live on stage? As it turns out, the Gregory Brothers (RADAR ep 27 – Auto Tune the News) are among the many YouTube musicians performing as part of the DigiTour—and they’re playing New York on May 1. Go see the show, and then spend the rest of May with musical current events stuck in your head.

Sunday, May 1 · 7:00 pm
Gramercy Theatre
127 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

Slam Theatre week 1

SLAM Theatre (RADAR ep 6) is back this spring with another round of their fast-paced playwright and actor competition. It will be going on for the next four weeks, but Sunday is the first round of eliminations for this series, and you don’t want to miss the beginning.

Sunday April 24 · 7:00 – 12:00 am
Sunday, May 1 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm
The Tank NYC
354 West 45th Street
New York, NY
$5 suggested donation



Luke Williams is a professor at NYU’s Stern School of Business who specializes in disruptive innovation—a constant stream of unexpected changes and challenges to the old status quo. And in this world where “recession” is the word on everyone’s mind, new, disruptive ideas are more important than ever. While his blog (and book), DISRUPT may have been written with businesses in mind, the ideas he gives in his posts are surprisingly applicable to anyone.

Luke Williams on Twitter

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By Jason Hood, April 22nd, 2011

Image by The Oatmeal


The American Energy Spectrum

Click here for the full version of this amazing infographic in all its interactive, clickable, mouseover glory, which shows all the ways we generate, use and waste energy in the United States. Aside from the overwhelming ratio of fossil fuels to renewable energy, the real shocking statistic here is just how much energy is wasted—it certainly makes me think twice about leaving the light on when I go for a quick grocery run. This and tons of other gorgeous and enlightening infographics can be found at Good Magazine, a multimedia platform by and for people who want to learn more about the world and make it a better place.


Bear Hands – New EP

After releasing their excellent debut LP, Burning Bush Supper Club last year, Brooklyn’s own Bear Hands are keeping busy with a new EP, High Society, released just last month, available as a digital download. It has the catchy title track, “High Society,” as well as wonderfully dancey remixes of “Tablasaurus” and “Wicksey Boxing,” and an acoustic live rendition of “Tall Trees.” It should make a nice addition to your springtime playlist.

You can pick up the EP HERE
Bear Hands’s website
Bear Hands’s MySpace


5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth

Right now, off the top of your head, you probably can’t think of any reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth. But that’s why this book is so helpful! Matthew Inman writes and draws The Oatmeal, which is part webcomic, part infographic, and always hilarious. And now there’s a book, containing pretty much the entire series, plus several more comics. Mixing topics like grammar, biology, chemistry, and cracked-out Tyrannosaurus Rexes, it just might teach you something.

You can find the book HERE.


Music, Drawing and Poetry

Dr. Sketchy’s Tribute to Tura Satana

Dr. Sketchy’s (RADAR ep 8) returns this month with a tribute to the exotic dancer and actress Tura Satana. Cult movie fans will recognize that name from the classic exploitation film Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

Sunday, April 24 · 4:00 – 7:00 pm
The Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
New York, NY 10012
$12 advance, $15 at door

Noveller at La Poisson Rouge

Sarah Lipstate, a.k.a Noveller (RADAR ep 28 – Before I Die) will be performing for the release party of SMM: Context, a compilation album featuring lush, ambient, experimental music, so of course she’d be an excellent choice for the show. Seating is limited and not guaranteed, so you’ll want to pick up tickets quickly.

Sunday April 24 · 7:00 – 12:00 am
La Poisson Rouge
158 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10012
$12 – $15

The Poetry Brothel: Burlesque for Books

Our friends at the Poetry Brothel (RADAR ep 20) will also be making an appearance this month, in celebration of Spring (finally!) being upon us. Perfect for those who like their literature mixed with sultriness.

Sunday, May 1 · 8:00 pm – 1:00 am
The Back Room
102 Norfolk St.
New York, NY 10002
$5 – $15



Just because you can always use a daily dose of cuteness. CuteRoulette is a lot like ChatRoulette except instead of random webcam chats with random people, you get random video clips of adorable animals. That, and you don’t run the risk of seeing anyone’s genitalia. But providing people with clips and pictures of cute animals is the Internet’s second-most widely used function (you know, after porn). CuteRoulette has just found a way to keep it fresh and spontaneous.


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  • The Conversation – "Games & Cinema Collide"
    The Conversation is being held this weekend at the University Berkley. A “conversation” looking at the future of story, games, and technology. Here is audio from “Games & Cinema Collide: New Experiences, New Opportunities” panel. Panelist include: Ken Eklund (World Without Oil), Richard Kerris (Lucasfilm), Cliff Plumer (Digital Domain) Peggy Weil (“Gone Gitmo” and “The Redistricting Game”) Lance Weiler (Head… read more
  • EVENT: Join the Conversation at Columbia
    On March 27th The Conversation comes to Columbia University. Started in 2008, The Conversation is a look at the future of filmmaking and how advancements in technology are enabling new opportunities for filmmakers. The program for March 27th is extensive and will bring together a number of innovative thinkers in the space. For more information visit We had a… read more
  • Transmedia Talk 27: Socks, Incorporated
    Welcome to Transmedia Talk, a podcast covering all things Story. Transmedia Talk is co-hosted by Nick Braccia, Dee Cook, and Haley Moore and looks to shed light on the topic of transmedia storytelling with commentary, interviews and tips on how storytelling is moving into the 21st century. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download | Subscribe with iTunes Jim… read more
By Jason Hood, April 14th, 2011

At this year’s DIY Days, I had the pleasure of getting to see Molly Crabapple (RADAR ep 8) speak about how she created Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School and turned it into a global affair with branches of amazing models and artists all over the world. And while she was speaking, I asked myself “why haven’t we gotten her to curate a blog yet? She’d have some amazing stuff.” And she did.


Serge Gainsbourg – Poinconneur des Lilas

In this classic clip, legendary French musician Serge Gainsbourg disguises himself as a ticket puncher (“poinconneur”) in the Paris Metro and sings a song about the monotony of the job. It sounds boring, but the song is quite catchy and builds up a rather frantic pace, and the unexpectedly morbid lyrics (at least, for those of us who speak French!) keep it interesting. Definitely something to think about as you ride the subway to work!


Dave van Ronk – “Luang Prabang”

When I first heard this song, my first impression was that of a very dark folk song, or an Irish rebellion chant. It’s actually, of course, American and much more recent—a Vietnam protest song, though the tune is based off of an old English folk song about coal miners. Here, Dave Van Ronk challenges the idea that going to war and sacrificing yourself makes you a “hero”—what good does that actually accomplish? Is it really worth it?

You can find the song on Van Ronk’s album Going Back to Brooklyn, HERE.


Kiki de Montparnasse: The Graphic Biography

You probably recognize the above image, based off the famous photograph by artist Man Ray, though odds are you don’t know much about the model of said photo. Alice Prin, a.k.a. Kiki de Montparnasse, was truly a liberated woman of the 20s: born into poverty but quickly rose up as a muse for many artists, as well as an artist in her own right. Now you can read her story in graphic novel form—because words alone wouldn’t do such an artistic figure justice.

You can find the book on SelfMadeHero


PEN World Voices Festival

Beginning April 25 and continuing for a week, the PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature returns for its seventh year. The festival will feature speakers, panels and films, and will discuss the role of literature and writing, and where it all fits into today’s ultra-connected world of social media, WikiLeaks and revolutions in the Middle East. Be sure to see Molly Crabapple’s live painting installation in the plaza of The Standard hotel—she’ll be working on it every day of the festival.

April 25-May 1
The Standard Hotel
848 Washington Street
New York, New York 10014


Coilhouse, Biorequiem, and Gala Darling

Coilhouse is part blog, part published magazine, and devoted to the expression of love for alternative culture. Expect to see everything ranging from short films, fashion, photography and art—anything that’s forward thinking yet still has a vintage style.

Zoetica Ebb is one of the co-founders of Coilhouse, and has her own site too, where she posts blogs, art and photos of her own, all done in a very distinctive and beautiful style. You can also buy some of her work as well.

“Hello! I’m Gala” is what greets visitors to the blog of Gala Darling, a bright and sunny corner of the web that celebrates femininity and promotes “radical self-love.” I found it impossible not to feel awesome after reading a few entries—and I’m a guy, not even the target audience.

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By Jason Hood, April 7th, 2011

Artwork via Bambi Killers


Making the Geeky Bar Top

RM100: Geeky Bar Top from ReadyMade Magazine on Vimeo.

Oh this is wonderful. This little video from ReadyMade Magazine shows how they made a gorgeous bar top from some wood, paint, glass, and a ton of old keyboard keys, holding true to the DIY aesthetic while making something surprisingly beautiful from recycled material. You may also recognize Shantell Martin (RADAR ep 26 – Hidden Oras) near the end, modeling with the finished table (always a part of something cool; she shot the video as well!) And I have to say, I’m digging the soundtrack to the video as well – “Wild Palms” by Night Gallery.

More info HERE


Reading Rainbow – “Cover the Sky”

Philadelphia’s Reading Rainbow (RADAR ep 38 – Weathervane) has a lovely new single coming out on a limited edition 7” record. But in this age of try-before-you-buy, you can listen to it right now through your Internet tubes! Such modern technology magic, but the song itself will take you back to a 60s beach party, full of hazy guitars, catchy riffs and dreamy vocal harmonies. Adding to the retro feel, the 400 copies will released with “juke box” labels. You may want to go ahead and preorder before it’s officially released next week.

Listen to “Cover the Sky” HERE.
Reading Rainbow on MySpace
Reading Rainbow’s website


An Absolutely Phony Guide on How to Write More Good

“World War” should be used only for conflicts involving countries on at least three continents. For large-scale battles against clones, killer tomatoes, or a fifty-foot woman, use “attack” instead.
The Bureau Chiefs, on proper usage

This is perfect for the Twitter-addicted grammar snob who loves irony. Designed to help readers “embrace, not resist, the lowering of standards for the written word,” this book is written by the people behind the Fake AP Stylebook on Twitter, and presented as, well, a fake AP Stylebook, with a healthy dose of snark. And every aspiring writer could use more snark.

You can find the book HERE
Fake AP Stylebook on Twitter


Bambi Killers and F5 Fest

Happy F5 April 15 – 16 2011 by Hi-Sim from F5 on Vimeo.

Bambi Killers Benefit for Japan & Brooklyn Show

It looks like Bambi Killers (RADAR ep 12) are back in New York, and they have not one, but two shows this weekend! The first show, in Manhattan, is a benefit for the recent tragic disaster in Japan, with all proceeds going to help those affected by it. The show the following night is in Brooklyn.

Benefit for Japan
Friday, April 8 · 9:30pm
The Delancey
168 Delancey Street
New York, NY

Brooklyn Show
Saturday, April 9 · 11:00pm
I Made An Art Gallery
53 Richard Street
Brooklyn, NY

F5 Fest

The following week, look for contributors Shantell Martin, Eclectic Method, and Kid Koala at F5 Fest, a nonprofit festival that seeks to unite people and inspire change through art, design and entertainment. Expect to see films, speakers, and lots of partying.

Friday-Saturday, April 15-16 · 3:00 pm
Roseland Ballroom
239 West 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019


Drawn from my Father’s Adventures

“Drawn from my Father’s Adventures” is the newest blog from artist Sophie Blackall, which she now maintains in addition to her Missed Connections (RADAR ep 16) blog. Inspired by the many stories from her father’s eventful and well-traveled life. Each post consists of a story from his point of view, and a picture by Sophie that captures the story in an image. It’s still fairly new, so there aren’t many posts yet, but the stories already posted range from gas mask drills in World War II Britain to the ordeals of getting a Chinese visa in the 60s. I, for one, can’t wait to see what adventure is posted next.

Drawn from my Father’s Adventues

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    We’re excited to be a partner of the upcoming Open Video Conference. The conference takes place June 19th and 20th at the NYU Law School. What makes OVC a must attend event is the combination of tech, creativity and policy issues that will be addressed during the two day conference. Full details after the jump. Open Video Conference, June… read more
  • Event Screenings & Alternate Releasing
    Ordinarily, I don’t like speculative posts. At times I find them even counter-productive, because they can often wind people up with pie-in-the-sky “what-ifs,” but provide no real actionable items. So that’s not my intent here. Here I just wanted to throw out some ideas for viewing/releasing a film, and see what others think about them. What are the issues with… read more
  • How To Build Your Own VOD Portal (in a matter of hours for less than $100)
    WHY DO THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE? About a year ago, there was a lot of talk about the merging of broadband internet and the televisions in our living rooms. That has since been subplanted by a shift in focus toward the creative process and making better films. However, when Google TV was announced not long ago for a Fall… read more
By Jason Hood, March 31st, 2011

This week, we let Stephanie Berger and Nicholas Adamski, founders of the Poetry Brothel (RADAR ep 20) curate our blog and give us an insight into what interests them at the moment. What follows is a series of performers who, like the Poetry Brothel, go beyond the traditional boundaries of their fields of work and create something truly unique.


Salvador Dali on “What’s My Line?”

Start your day with a bowl of surreal. I’ve been on a bit of a Salvador Dali kick lately, and this clip just further proves his awesomeness. Watch as he utterly stumps all of these 50s game show contestants, as he quite honestly answers each of their questions with a laconic “yes.” After a while, the contestants get flustered and the announcer can’t hold in his laughter. The best part though, comes around the end when you can pinpoint the exact moment one woman has an epiphany. Listen for her “oh!” around 8:30.


Noah and the Whale – The First Days of Spring

The second album from the British indie folk band Noah and the Whale serves as a soundtrack to the breakup between lead singer Charlie Fink and his girlfriend, though really, the themes explored here could apply to any breakup. As a result, the progression of songs has a theatrical feel, as if it could have been played in its entirety in a theatre (and the gorgeous string sections, which come out most prominently in the two instrumental pieces, certainly help). Then there’s the choral piece, “Love of an Orchestra,” which plays up the theatrics even further. The album tells a complete story, full of highs and lows, and should serve as a great, optimistic soundtrack to this year’s first days of spring.

Noah and the Whale on Myspace
You can buy the album HERE


Karen Abbott – American Rose: A Nation Laid Bare: The Life and Times of Gypsy Rose Lee

In this biography, Karen Abbott tells the story of burlesque performer, actress and writer Gypsy Rose Lee against the backdrop of the Great Depression. But rather than a dry, historical take or a romanticized tale, Abbott presents Lee as a woman pursuing the American Dream, at a time when it was most difficult to do so. She clearly did her research, giving portraits of the glamorous public life and the turbulent private life of a legendary entertainer.

You can buy the book HERE


Sleep No More

I’ve been hearing so much about this lately. “Sleep No More” is a production by the British theater company Punchdrunk which combines Shakespeare and Hitchcock into an immersive theatre-noir experience. Taking place in the old McKittrick Hotel in Chelsea, audience members wander through the building as the story unfolds before them. With the world of theater constantly changing, this is definitely a leap forward in creative storytelling. Side note: you may want to snatch up tickets while you can; they seem to be going pretty quick.

Ongoing through May 7
The McKittrick Hotel
530 West 27th Street
New York, New York 10001


The Poetry Brothel

And what better time than now to follow the Poetry Brothel itself? Their next event, Cabaret Voltaire, is coming up this weekend and, similar to the aforementioned “Sleep No More,” gives the audience a chance to be more than spectators, but to interact and become part of the performance itself.

Poetry Brothel’s website
Poetry Brothel on Twitter

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  • Profile: SubmarineChannel
    Dutch media innovators Bruno Felix and Femke Wolting, co-founders of, collaborated to produce, an initiative designed to explore and promote innovative approaches to… read more
  • My Favorite App at SXSW
    There are many apps on your smart phone. How many do you really use? Me: Yelp, Facebook, Twitter, Huffington Post, Lastfm, and Google maps. My 100… read more
  • Poetry Brothel
    Believing that Poets undervalue themselves in the creative marketplace, The Madame, and right-hand man Tennessee Pink, set up the Poetry Brothel in order to confirm… read more
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