By Janine Saunders, February 9th, 2011

The lovely Glennis McMurray (RADAR Ep2 - I Eat Pandas) shared a bit of her world with us by curating AND writing this weeks edition of RADAR NYC. Glennis is co-founder of I Eat Pandas, Founder of G.L.O.C (Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy), can be found on numerous stages, and all over the internets. Last time I saw Glennis was at the URDB Christmas event breaking the world record for the longest musical chairs interlude clocking in at 04:53.90 min/sec. And so, without further ado…


Space Unicorn – Parry Gripp

Nerd trifecta alert! Parry Gripp, unicorns, and space! Parry Gripp, lead singer of Nerf Herder, called for Space Unicorn drawings to accompany his latest meme and the result is a highly watchable, totally danceable and pretty darn adorable video. My one regret in life is that I didn’t submit a drawing. Well, that and the perm disaster of ‘94.


Tony! Toni! Toné! – “If I Had No Loot”

Da da da day, hey! Long before Cee-Lo told that money-grubbing ex what was what in “F*ck You”, there was a funky boy band by the name of Tony! Toni! Toné! (The third Toné had acute accent.  Heyoooo.) and I, for one, have had this song on repeat as of late. The Tony/i/é trio called out the moochers in “If I Had No Loot,” providing the world with not only the best song of all time (I said it), but a song with a message. And that message?  No one in this band is named Tony (i/é). Nailed it!


Julie Klausner’s – I Don’t Care About Your Band

Are you a lady? Were you, are you, or will you one day be in your twenties? Have you yet realized how much your twenties sucked BALLS (sometimes literally)? Then Julie Klausner’s book, I Don’t Care About Your Band is for you! She lays her poor decisions on the table like a sassy deck of sex cards and makes you feel a little less awful about being such an idiot in the second decade of your life.  Empowering and hilarious and soon to be an HBO hit starring Lizzy Caplan!

You can buy the book HERE


In The Pony Palace / FOOTBALL

I am really looking forward to Half Straddle’s “In The Pony Palace/FOOTBALL”. So much so that I’m going to be at every performance! That’s how much I love this show! OK, full disclosure: I’m in the show.  Kristina Satter’s play about living for a feeling and being on a team features a marching band and live mashups by Chris Giarmo. (Lady Gaga meets the Stones, what the what?!) Tickets:

Side note: Jon Friedman’s The Rejection Show is always a great time.
Monday the 14th they take on lurv (or lack thereof) with the Valentine’s Day Heartbreak Haven.


Catalogliving + @Caissie

I am obsessed with Molly Erdman’s Catalog Living.  Gary and Elaine’s delightfully droll catalog life leaves me hungry for more, eaten off Crate & Barrel plates on a West Elm table.

Follow the hilarious Caissie St.Onge – @Caissie – on Twitter.  She’s why twitter was invittered.

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By Jason Hood, February 7th, 2011

Ah, street food. You can’t walk past a major city square without the wafting aromas from a mini United Nations of food trucks offering cuisine from around the world. Sure, the food can sometimes be hit or miss, but for a gourmet on a budget, there’s nothing quite like discovering an exciting new street vendor who’s sure to get lots of repeat business.

And that’s where VendrTV comes in. Created two years ago by host Daniel Delaney and his friends, VendrTV is a webseries highlighting the best of street food. Starting in New York, and making their way across the country, the episodes feature different street vendors in different cities, profiling everything from the more traditional street fare, such as hot dogs and falafels, to more exotic food you’d never expect to see on a food truck, like sushi and pie.

But possibly the most impressive thing about VendrTV is that it’s still produced entirely by Delaney and friends. The high production values make it seem like something you’d see on Food Network, yet it’s funded by donations from fans, as well as a small online store. And not only does the series offer great tips on where to eat, it also gives some much-needed exposure to the local businesses. My old stomping ground of Austin, Texas is featured quite prominently, and as a city that prides itself in supporting local business, creative street vendors have become ingrained in the city’s culture.

In addition to the videos (which are also available as a podcast), the site also features other things like recipes from some of the vendors, and a blog. One recurring aspect of the blog I found particularly interesting is $10 a Day, in which different contributors take the challenge to find the best street food they can for breakfast, lunch and dinner—all for $10 or under. And yes, it is possible. And it’s something I want to try myself.

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  • Auto-tune The News – RADAR S3 ep 27 [vid]
    Started by Michael, Evan, Andrew and Sarah Gregory, Auto-Tune the News takes video clips of Politicians, Pundits, and Newscasters. The dialog of the clips is then Auto-Tuned transforming spoken word into singing. The goal of the project, is to not only add some humor to these normally dry, antiseptic broadcasts, but to make the information delivered fun and understandable to… read more
  • DIYDays NYC – AR & Geolocational storytelling [vid]
    The ubiquitous nature of smart phones and location aware devices means transmedia storytelling can become a local and dynamic experience for the masses. This workshop by Ethan Rublee will serve as a rabbit hole into the technology behind AR and geo-locational platforms. Open source software, some programming gumption, and off the shelf hardware is all that is needed to experiment.… read more
  • FCKD Mag – RADAR S3 Ep 32 [vid]
    Ryan Watkins-Hughes, founder of the FCKD Mag project, is a deconstructionist through and through. In this latest project, Ryan is making a social commentary on advertisements by purchasing the flashiest, advert filled magazines and altering the covers as well as the ads inside of the magazine. By adding his artwork to the already printed magazine Ryan is replacing the “junk… read more
By Jason Hood, February 3rd, 2011

Photo by


Olek and the Charging Bull on Wall Street


Olek seems to be some sort of knitting goddess. You worship her now! Just kidding. But in all honesty, how can you take your eyes away from the sheer eccentricity that is wrapping a monument in crochet work. That’s some crazy stuff. It’s great to see that the New Yorkers that were stumbling around Wall St. in the wee hours weren’t afraid to approach this woman on a mission. Seeing this makes me want to pick up some needles and knit one, pearl two. Whatever that means. I’m sure this will inspire some sort of knitting craze. Pity if it doesn’t.

Olek’s website


Noveller Podcast on WNYC

Sarah Lipstate, a.k.a. Noveller (RADAR ep 28 – Before I Die) came in for a live session and interview on WNYC this past Monday, Jan 31. If you weren’t lucky enough to listen then, her appearance is now available as a podcast you can listen to right now. In the interview, she discusses the rising prominence of female guitarists, the background of her recording name, and the various pieces of gear she uses for her music. She also plays two beautifully sweeping and ambient songs, which should definitely add some much-needed warmth to a cold winter’s day.

Listen to the podcast HERE
Noveller’s website
Noveller’s MySpace


Pandemic 1.0: Interviews with Lance Weiler

This year, there was a Pandemic at Sundance Festival. Workbook Project founder Lance Weiler unleased Pandemic 1.0, a transmedia experience involving various aspects both online and offline, where players could work to stop a global pandemic that plays out like an apocalyptic supervirus. Centered around a short film and an upcoming feature, Hope is Missing, the project told a story through a variety of mediums, including Twitter, and various story objects planted throughout Park City. In the two interviews, Weiler discusses the project, what he hopes to accomplish from it, and the research and development involved in Pandemic 1.0 and Hope is Missing.

Wall Street Journal interview HERE
Sundance interview HERE

How I Learned to Start a Pandemic from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.


Choose Your Own Valentine’s Adventure

It seems like our contributors are in the mood for love this Valentine’s Day. And whether you’re a happy couple or forever alone, there’s no reason to stay in this year.

Dr. Sketchy’s Does Valentines Day

If your idea of Valentine’s love is cabaret performance art mixed with your own artistic expression, Dr. Sketchy’s (RADAR ep 8) has a special Valentine’s installment of their Anti-Art School.

Sunday, Feb 13 · 4:00 – 7:00 pm
The Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
New York, NY 10012
$10 advance, $15 at door

The Poetry Brothel: Milonga

For those of you with a more poetic idea of love, but still have a taste for the cabaret, the Poetry Brothel (RADAR ep 20) presents Milonga, a Valentine’s edition of their inventive poetry readings.

Sunday, Feb 13 · 8:00 pm – 1:00 am
The Back Room
102 Norfolk St.
New York, NY 10002
$5 – $15

Missed Connections: A Love in Transit Party

And for those whose idea of romance involves falling for a beautiful stranger on the subway, Sophie Blackall (RADAR ep 16 – Missed Connections) invites you to find your Missed Connection at the New York Transit Museum.

Monday Feb 14 · 6:00 – 8:00 pm
New York Transit Museum
130 Livingston St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201



Factory25 dredges up the very best and the most interesting of the art/music news and plugs it into their twitter feed. This Brooklyn based film and music label is on top of the the happenings in the ever eccentric and changing industry of expression. Their linked articles are from acclaimed sources, and it is so convenient having them just show up on your feed. Factory25 does all the searching for you. It is a true service for us all.

Factory25’s website
@factory_25 on Twitter

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By Janine Saunders, January 12th, 2011

(picture from Sodafine – Brooklyn)

Suzanne (Cub) Rogaleski grew tired of choreographing her trapeze act to popular music and canned sounds. Ryan (Lone Wolf) Sawyer was looking to showcase a more avant-garde side of his drumming. Born out of need for each to perform original material while challenging their own artistry, Lone Wolf and Cub is a collaboration that defies category. And while they might seem like two disparate acts, the two of them are able to communicate with each other through a common language of painting. Their canvases act as visual road maps while they perform so that they are fully able to understand where each other is heading. Performing in unison, they invite their audience to share their childlike wonder and inspiration.

Relevant sites:

Ryan Lone Wolf Sawyer


CREATED by Lance Weiler & Alex Johnson
DIRECTOR Josh Cramer
EDITOR Jawad Metni
DP Jen Schneider
Chica Vas “Te Quiero”

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  • WorkBook Project Award 2010 Winner
    This past winter we continued a tradition that started with the From Here to Awesome experiment, a “day and date” festival concept that helped 22 films reach theaters, living rooms and viewer’s computers in 2008. The WorkBook Project Discovery and Distribution Award gives a filmmaker an amazing prize consisting of a week long theatrical run in LA with social media,… read more
  • Film Review: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World
    I got the chance to see this film during a screening at San Diego Comic Con.  It struck a chord with me, and so I wrote it up for Culture Hacker’s first film review. From the moment the Universal splash screen comes up for Scott Pilgrim Vs the World, you know that this movie is going to have a very… read more
  • RADAR NYC 10.22.10
    WATCH Dancing Hands Pa Pamericano This is an odd, fun and strangely hypnotic video that features a couple using only their hands to do an elaborate dance to a Latin-inspired electropop song. Could it just be the next amazing and elaborate dance video to go viral and make its rounds on all the big trendy Internet sites? Maybe. Is it… read more
By Jason Hood, January 10th, 2011

Shantell Martin – Tape 4 Fun

Our friend Shantell Martin (RADAR ep 26 – Hidden Oras) is at it again, and fellow RADAR contributor Aakash Nihalani would probably enjoy this video as much as we did. This video is a time lapse of Shantell and friends in Tokyo putting together and taking apart a beautiful mural on the ground, during her time in Japan in 2009. And maybe I’m a bit slow, but it took me a few views to realize the video is actually in reverse. Mind = blown.

Shantell Martin’s website
Interview with Shantell about the tape drawing here


Lavalier – “Twilight Lovebite” music video

"Twilight Lovebite" (official)

Lavalier | Myspace Video

We haven’t heard much from Lavalier (RADAR ep 16 – Missed Connections) lately, but clearly they’ve been busy. Their video for their new single, “Twilight Lovebite” seems to be less about the bafflingly popular vampire series and more in line with the weirder old episodes of The Twilight Zone. More specifically, it seems to be a trippy combination of The Twilight Zone, The Shining, and a video game from the 70s. And maybe you shouldn’t watch it before going to bed…

Lavalier’s MySpace


The Book of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

If you’re a grammar snob like me, taking the time to make sure even your text messages use proper spelling and grammar, then you probably know what it’s like to seethe with quiet rage every time you see a sign with quotation marks where they simply should not be present. Quotation marks are quite a loaded piece of punctuation—they tend to suggest sarcasm, disbelief, or suspicion when used for something other than actually quoting someone. This book, as well as the blog it is based on, highlight the strangest and most out of place instances of quotation marks we see every day. It should definitely be an “interesting” read.

You can buy the book HERE
The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks


SLAM Theatre Returns

After being quiet for a while, SLAM Theatre (RADAR ep 6) is back this month! The spontaneous play writing and acting competition is open for everyone–so if you are an actor or writer, you just might get to participate. The first 10 scripts through the door compete, and actors may drop their names into a hat. Of course, anyone is also welcome as an audience member as well. This session is actually five weeks long, meeting every Sunday night, same time and place–four weeks of competition, with the fifth week showcasing the champion. It began last night, but you can still check out the rest of the show.

Begins Sunday January 9 · 7:00 pm
Downstairs at the Tank Theatre
354 West 45th St. at 9th Ave.
New York, NY 10036



Diana Eng (RADAR ep 31 – Fairytale Fashion) has been busy. With her newfound success as a designer who creates whimsical fashions using math and technology, she’s gained recognition from tech geeks and fashionistas alike. She’ll even be a curator at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this year. And recently, she launched a new website for her brand, which features a blog on how she designs and creates her work.

Diana Eng’s blog
@DianaEng on Twitter

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