By Janine Saunders, December 1st, 2010

Most people know Kid Koala as a world famous DJ and turntablist. But the soundscapes he composes are only one element of his expansive creative universe. His newest project, Space Cadet, is a sketch-board graphic novel about an astronaut girl, her guardian robot, and their adventures through space. Partly inspired by the recent birth of his daughter, Space Cadet is accompanied by a hypnotic soundtrack, recorded late at night so he wouldn’t wake her. Kid Koala explores a wide variety of instruments and visual tools to craft this wintertime lullaby and storybook.

Relevant sites:


CREATED by Lance Weiler & Alex Johnson
DIRECTOR Josh Cramer
EDITOR Jawad Metni
DP Kieran Crilly
The Slew “You Turn Me Cold”
Space Cadet work-in-progress tracks by Kid Koala

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  • Transmedia documentation
    Last year I posted an idea of how to document transmedia projects. I’m now back with an improved version Note that this is another two-part… read more
  • Where pain meets fun: the creative process
    “What the hell am I doing? I can’t write. How do people fucking do this for a living?” These are the poisonous phrases of defeat… read more
  • Caution Tape: Competing against Macro Budgets with Nano Cash pt 1
    With the investment that’s been made (Kickstarter, My own pocket--I’m so broke right now it’s a crime, and through the gracious dollars of private investors), I knew that if it didn’t happen with a distribution deal, there was a world of self distro opening up that I could recoup the small dividends with and then open up a profit as well. Again, this goes back to having content that’s at least competently “mimicking” what Hollywood tends to churn out.
By Jason Hood, November 29th, 2010

For this installment of RADAR NYC, we asked our contributor Shantell Martin (RADAR ep 26 – Hidden Oras) to curate a blog post and send in what she’s into at the moment. She sent us back some really great content, and a lot of it touches on similar themes to those in her own work, which you can see in her episode. Here, you’ll find a lot of deep questions about consciousness, awareness and the universe, and the connections between them all.


Gregg Braden – The Holographic Nature of The Universe

This video features a speech by author Gregg Braden in which he says that our collective consciousness is holographic in nature; that is, a pattern which is part of a larger pattern, which is part of an even larger pattern, and so on, like how cells are part of a larger organism. And if one piece of that pattern changes, it would allow for the rest of the pattern to adapt. Honestly, he can explain it much better than I can, and whether you ultimately agree or not, it definitely makes for an interesting listen.


Claude VonStroke

Claude VonStroke is a San Francisco-based DJ originally from Detroit who wants to have fun rather than look cool, and encourages his listeners to do the same at his gigs. It’s definitely difficult to stand around while listening to his music; it’s the kind of house techno that demands a dance party. Starting off as a filmmaker, in 2005 he started his “dirtybird” label, which has released over 40 EPs as well as two of his own albums, including his latest album “Bird Brain.”

Claude VonStroke’s MySpace
Claude VonStroke at dirtybird


Lynne McTaggart “The Intention Experiment”

Lynne McTaggart is an award-winning science journalist who studies human consciousness. Her latest book is a scientific detective story in which readers explore the furthest reaches of consciousness. A follow-up to her previous book, The Field, which explored an interconnected universe and scientific explanations for phenomena such as ESP and alternative medicine, her new book shows readers how to incorporate these things into their own lives. The book is connected to its website, in which readers can coordinate their involvement and track results as part of the experiment.

You can buy the book HERE


PSFK SALON at Soho House NY

PSFK is a trends research and innovation company for creative business. PSFK SALON is an event at Soho House NY in which participants and presenters will examine innovative ideas around happiness. The event includes breakfast, plenty of coffee, and speakers such as Sarah Forbes, curator of the Museum of Sex. After the presentations, the presenters will have a Q&A with the audience.

Tuesday, Nov 30 · 8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Soho House NY
29-35 9th Ave
New York, NY 10014


Black Angels NYC

In a stark contrast to last week’s Follow (What White Chicks Cherish), Black Angels NYC is a blog that celebrates successful and beautiful Black women in New York. At first glance it may look like simply a lot of pretty pictures, it goes deeper than that, with content ranging from quotes from Maya Angelou to an article about Willow Smith and her infectious hit song “Whip My Hair.” If this blog doesn’t make you love living in New York (or want to move here) I don’t know what will.

Black Angels NYC Tumblr

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  • Space Cadet – RADAR S4 Ep 39 [vid]
    Most people know Kid Koala as a world famous DJ and turntablist. But the soundscapes he composes are only one element of his expansive creative universe. His newest project, Space Cadet, is a sketch-board graphic novel about an astronaut girl, her guardian robot, and their adventures through space. Partly inspired by the recent birth of his daughter, Space Cadet is… read more
  • WBPLabs partners with 3rd Ward (exclusive membership offer)
    WBPLabs has partnered up with 3rd Ward for our latest series, Inside Design (to be released). 3rd Ward is a member-based art and design center for creative professionals in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Workbook Project is a big fan of 3rd Ward as it’s an innovative business space that is fueling the creative community. As part of our partnership, 3rd Ward… read more
  • I Hate Perfume – RADAR S3 Ep 34 [vid]
    Christopher Brosius is a perfumer who designs scents unlike any you have ever smelled. In his shop CB I Hate Perfume, Christopher manages to capture very specific scents that use unlikely inspirations such as moss, dirt, grease, and mildew. His fragrances Albeit Wet Grass, Burning Leaves, Green Brier 1969, and The Library all conjure emotions we all know so well,… read more
By Janine Saunders, November 26th, 2010

Today’s world of DIY music production has allowed for nearly anyone with a song to find an audience. But without strong production and promotion it is even more difficult for today’s hardworking bands to stand out against the cacophony of other artists trying to do the same thing. With Weathervane, Philadelphia producer Brian McTear seeks out fresh talent and invites these up and coming artists into his studio for a two-day session. The resulting recordings are mixed and released on the project’s website for anyone to download. Weathervane not only gives the artists greater recognition, but also helps them explore the limits of their sound.

Relevant sites:


CREATED by Lance Weiler & Alex Johnson
DIRECTOR Lance Weiler
EDITOR Jawad Metni
DP Jen Schneider
Reading Rainbow “Wasting Time”
Springs “Waste My Time”
Floating Action “Dead Reckoning”

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  • The LOVELY Post Flow
    I’ve been asked by a few people to cover the post-production workflow. I already talked about the shooting, editing and test screening process. So now… read more
  • RADAR NYC 6.18.10
    WATCH Effin Science on G4 – Marc Horowitz Last time we checked in with Marc Horowitz, he was shedding light on his idiosyncratic Google Maps… read more
  • RADAR NYC 7.15.10
    LATEST RADAR EPISODE RADAR Ep26 – Hidden Oras “Hidden Oras began as a live drawing project within various music clubs in Japan before moving to… read more
By Jason Hood, November 19th, 2010

Fluid Dress – Charlie Bucket

Fluid Dress from Charlie Bucket

Diana Eng did not make this dress, but you can bet she’d be proud of Charlie Bucket, the girl who did. But whether she was inspired by our contributor or not, it’s quite pretty, and makes for a nice video to watch too. She made it by knitting together 600 ft of tubing and pumping colored water and air through it. It’s surprisingly simple for something so impressive.

Charlie’s Vimeo Channel
Charlie’s Website


Bear Hands – New Album

We’ve mentioned Bear Hands (music featured in RADAR 37 – Dickchicken) before, but this time they’re come out with their debut LP, and it’s just too good not to mention. Burning Bush Supper Club, with its confusing mouthful of a title, is full of a diverse set of songs that really showcase the band’s wide range. Perky power pop, chunky lo-fi, lush ambient songs, and even a bit of orchestral baroque pop blend together effortlessly with the help of Dylan Rau’s energetic vocals. Bear Hands is definitely one of the names in indie pop you’ll be hearing a lot in the near future. You can pick up the album from Back Street Merch HERE


IAVA 6 Word Memoirs – Smith Magazine

Smith Magazine is an online magazine that lets its readers create its content. The site features different story projects, which give readers an opportunity and a space to share something important to them. Six Word Memoirs, the site’s biggest feature, has people sum up their life, or part of it, in six words. This clearly requires much more thought than the average tweet! But as a result, these can be funny, thought-provoking, or just plain mysterious. Most recently, for Veteran’s Day, Smith Magazine teamed up with IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) to have readers share six words on coming home from war. The resulting responses range everywhere from powerful to heartbreaking to darkly comedic, and gives us a chance to see the world through the eyes of those who fight for their country.

IAVA Six Words



The URDB (RADAR ep 4 – Universal Record Database) is at it again, to see how many more records they can break. They just have to be the best at everything, don’t they? Everything entertaining at least. Whether or not you have a record of your own you’d like to go for, this should definitely be a show to see things you won’t see anywhere else, such as ‘Most Cocktail Umbrellas Fit In Hair In One Minute’ or ‘Most Bananas Fit In A Pair Of Pants At Once.’ Brace yourself.

Wed, Dec 1 · 9:30pm
Joe’s Pub


What White Chicks Cherish

What White Chicks Cherish seems at first like a spin off of the immensely popular Stuff White People Like… and that may be what it is. But it gets a bit more specific and a lot more in depth. It’s a blog by a frustrated male about his experiences observing the little things that make white girls overflow with excitement. Things like “Don’t Stop Believin’” by Journey and “unattractive, beige Mom-bras,” and people like Chelsea Handler, are a few of the things to expect. There’s also a recurring feature on the White Chick of the Week, which features an archetypal white chick to see how well she fits the stereotypes. And while it may seem like it could be insulting at first glance, the author, Mark P, has attracted a surprising number of white girl fans. Maybe that was his plan all along…

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  • Cross-Pollination: the Strength of a Community
    “What’s amazing about where we sit now in a society, we’re global we’re more connected than we’ve ever been before, and we have more devices than we’ve ever had before. This is an amazing time to be a storyteller. I think that inherently, what you’ll start to see is that the next generation of social networking will push more story… read more
  • Where pain meets fun: the creative process
    “What the hell am I doing? I can’t write. How do people fucking do this for a living?” These are the poisonous phrases of defeat that loop inside my brain prior to my turning into a robot and heading toward the refrigerator to binge on cheese even though I’m a vegan. I’m a firm believer in rolling up your sleeves… read more
  • The Conversation – "Games & Cinema Collide"
    The Conversation is being held this weekend at the University Berkley. A “conversation” looking at the future of story, games, and technology. Here is audio from “Games & Cinema Collide: New Experiences, New Opportunities” panel. Panelist include: Ken Eklund (World Without Oil), Richard Kerris (Lucasfilm), Cliff Plumer (Digital Domain) Peggy Weil (“Gone Gitmo” and “The Redistricting Game”) Lance Weiler (Head… read more
By Jason Hood, November 16th, 2010

Past the quaint, stroller-lined streets of Park Slope, Brooklyn, there lies hidden a secretive establishment dedicated to serving those who serve this city in the name of truth, justice, and looking really awesome. I am talking, of course, of superheroes.

And did I say “secretive establishment”? I meant, a shop right on 5th Avenue with a big flashy sign. And a slick website. Hey, even superhumans could use a little advertising.

I may be a bit late on this, but I only just saw Kick-Ass a couple days ago. And when the title character wonders why no one has ever decided to be a superhero before, he must not have known about this place. (Or maybe he didn’t want to have to navigate all the way to Park Slope? I don’t blame him).

But no matter what, it’s an interesting concept that I’m surprised no one has tried before: a store providing those aspiring to be superheroes with all sorts of various gear, costumes and manuals to help them live out their comic book-inspired dreams. And while this writer doesn’t advocate readers putting themselves into dangerous situations in an effort to clean up this city, there certainly appears to be something for everyone here, including a rather tongue-in-cheek “secret identity program” for those heroes who have trouble fitting in amongst the masses. This includes costumes ranging from “cranky head chef” to “suave airline pilot,” secret identity T-shirts, and for a price, a “mild manner.” Every successful undercover superhero is going to be looking for one of these. You certainly don’t want to be the only hot-tempered reporter at the Daily Planet, do you?

For those not so interested in assimilating, there’s also a number of essential gadgets for your utility belt such as a Sonic Blaster, a Thunder Inducer, an Air Cannon, and various bottled tonics such as Mind Control, Truth Serum, and bottled Justice. They also have a selection of capes for heroes and sidekicks, leotards, masks, and glasses, both in the rear-view and X-ray varieties.

And while it may appear to all be fantasy-based, the people behind this store actually do their share of good deeds—all proceeds go directly to support 826NYC, a nonprofit organization that helps students develop their creative and expository writing skills.

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