By Milton De La Cruz, November 12th, 2010

Auto-Tune the News: Rent Too Damn High! Song

Well the greats of Auto-Tune the News (RADAR Ep.27 – ATTN) have done it again. They have used the evils of auto-tune for good! How you ask? Well they took the already comical Jimmy McMillan and made a musical number out of his speeches during the Gubernatorial debates. It’s hard not to find a comedic note with the Rent is Too Damn High party because of their name and Jimmy McMillan’s facial hair configuration, but the people of Auto-tune the News took it to a whole different place by making a smooth R&B for a party that should have taken office. Try not to giggle too hard when you watch this. Remember your coworkers can hear you. – Rent Is To Damn High Party – the website


Brian Grainger (Milieu) New Album

Brian Grainger, of Milieu (RADAR Season 3), is releasing a new album called ZYUAXOHTVIMIVTHOXAUYS! For those of you that can’t get enough of warped and twisted ambient music turned into melodic rhapsodies be sure to check this album out. His fervor for creating complete experiences has never been this strong. From the beginning of the album you are quietly lulled into a state of engagement by the low key and slow introduction. The shift into genius music goes almost unnoticed until you realize that your speakers are rumbling uncontrollably and you don’t want them to stop. You just have to let the wave of sound come crashing over you. Give in to Brian Grainger and his electronic arrangements. The album is for sale on Grainger’s bandcamp website, and for an extra four bucks you can get the special edition CD-R which should be a fun treat for you electronic heavy addicts out their. You can’t miss this album, it’s overpowering!


Pecan Pie Baby – Sophie Blackall

Illustrator Sophie Blackall (RADAR Ep16 – Missed Connections) has a new book out. She has teamed up with Jacqueline Woodson on the children’s book Pecan Pie Baby. The book focuses on Gia, a young girl who’s mother is about to have a second child. Gia has a hard time coming to terms with everyone’s obsession with the baby on the way. Blackall’s illustrations fit perfectly with the colorful characters, and accentuate the familial sweetness of the tender story. Sophie Blackall received the Ezra Jack Keats New Illustrator Award. She has illustrated several award-winning picture books. Her blog Missed Connections features her creating these accessible and quirky illustrations based on the Missed Connections section of Craigslist. Her caricatures are wonderfully whimsy and fun to encounter. Be sure to give Pecan Pie Baby a read if you have a little one of your own.

Buy the Book HERE
Visit Sophie’s website HERE


Dr. Sketchy’s Factory Revival

If it smells like beer and charcoal you know Dr. Sketchy’s (RADAR Ep.8) is coming to town. Come join the fine people of Dr. Sketchy’s as they revive Andy Warhol’s Factory days. The troops will meet at the Red Lotus Room, and revive the spirit of pop art eras past. There is no way that an upstanding New York citizen wouldn’t want to attend a debaucherous drawing session in the persona of Edie Sedgwick or Basquiat. You really can’t miss this one because it is sure to be a once in lifetime opportunity to tap into the power of art while you are playing the part of a great artist. Cigarette girls will deal art supplies. Guests will pose for polaroids and confess dark secrets in the “Screen Test” video booth. Drawing jams will take over the walls, art students will become models, and at the end of the night, one guest will shoot Andy Warhol. As always, this event is brought to you by the wonderful Ms. Molly Crabapple! Go!

Saturday, November 13 · 6:00pm – 10:00pm
The Red Lotus Room
893 Bergen Street
Brooklyn, NY


Paris Vs. New York

You always hear the hipster girls in bars say that New York is no Paris. Even some of the older generations of New Yorkers can’t help but bring up how the two cities are the most wonderful in the world. The comparison between Paris and New York is timeless, well except for the bit of history that Paris existed without having New York to be compared with. The two cities embody the metropolitan spirit of the Western world, so it’s kind of hard not to talk about the similarities and differences between the two. That’s where the blog Paris vs. New York comes to play. Over at Paris v. New York, they create graphic representations of aspects of both cities, and take the city out of them. They choose to accentuate just the sensory details that can be encountered when traversing the cities. From Amelie v. Carrie to Quasimodo v. King Kong, their distilled imagery of Paris and NYC iconography is quirky and fun. Who do you root for in these visual comparisons?

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  • Transmedia Talk 22: SXSW Super Special
    Welcome to Transmedia Talk, a podcast covering all things Story. Transmedia Talk is co-hosted by Nick Braccia, Dee Cook, and Haley Moore and looks to… read more
  • RADAR NYC 4.29.10
    WATCH Bre Pettis – Screen-printing tutorial As part of his Weekend Project series, Bre Pettis of Makerbot (RADAR 019 – Makerbot) and Matt Stinchcomb (Etsy)… read more
  • RADAR NYC 8.5.10
    WATCH Brian Newman – Reinventing Innovation A few months ago, Brian Newman (former CEO of Tribecca Film Institute and founder of SpringBoard Media) gave a… read more
By Janine Saunders, November 10th, 2010

Dickchicken has become something of a cultural fixture in Brooklyn over the past year. He is a street artist whose tag is hard to miss. Some love it, some find it baffling, and others outright hate it. Begun as a humorous response to graffiti culture, Dickchicken’s work has evolved into gallery installations, so despite the controversy, he clearly has his fans. Yet no one knows who Dickchicken really is, working incognito at night in order to protect his true identity.

Relevant sites:


CREATED by Lance Weiler & Alex Johnson
DIRECTOR Josh Cramer
EDITOR Jawad Metni
DP Jarin Blaschke
Bear Hands “Can’t Stick Em”
Bear Hands “What A Drag”

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  • Story Pirates – RADAR S3 ep 30 [vid]
    The Story Pirates are a Theater Troupe like none other. Their stage is birthday parties, Public Schools and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. Story Pirates combine education, writing, music and performance to excite kids about creative writing. By bringing the kids into the writing of the performance, they are able to stimulate creativity through storytelling, as well as build… read more
  • RADAR NYC 3.3.11 – feat Marc Horowitz
    This week’s edition of RADAR NYC is brought to you by Marc Horowitz (RADAR ep 18 – Google Maps Road Trip). When we last checked in on him, he was working on The Advice of Strangers, a project where he had strangers vote on all his life choices. His latest project is a series of short video “studies,” showing a… read more
  • Before I Die – RADAR S3 ep 28 [vid]
    Before I Die is a rare form of Interactive Art, started by K.S. Rives and Nicole Kenney, creating life, out of death. Using a Polaroid camera, Rives and Kenney have traveled far and wide asking people what they would like to do before they die, and snapping their photo as they answer. Rives and Kenny found that asking an age-old… read more
By Milton De La Cruz, November 8th, 2010

The Underbelly Project

Here at RADAR we usually don’t go for videos or projects that have started to become heavily circulated throughout the web, but when we came in contact with The Underbelly Project, there was no way we were going to turn out heads.

The NYC subway system is a haunting web of tracks and stations that criss-cross and span the boroughs of the city. It’s dark expansive system of tunnels have few hidden gems. Every now and then you see graffiti scrawled under a light near a tunnel staircase. Maybe you get a glimpse of workers from a distance. But not everything can be easily spotted in such a vast network of transportation. Somethings must get lost. Underground activities must go unnoticed. What secrets are under the fast streets of New York? For one thing there is The Underbelly Project which is a collection of art from over a hundred different street artists decorating an abandoned subway station somewhere deep underneath the city. This collection of street art which is closed to the public, is a place where nightmares and fantasies mingle and dash themselves across urban, industrial canvases. The Shadow Machine video is a perfect example of the ghostly pieces one would encounter in a place that off the beaten tracks. This is surely something to be excited about.

Website – The Underbelly Project
The Shadow Machine – LINK



It’s exciting to encounter a game changer before it changes the game. PlayButton is nothing more than an MP3 player built in the shape of a pin. It is a device that could really alter the way to distribute music to the public. Playbutton is a way to literally a way to “put on” your music. It turns your favorite album into an accessory that you take eveywhere. It is fashionable way to support music. Most brilliant of all is that there is no way to mess around with the music that is already on the pin. Artists have complete control over their sound and the way you experience it. This is most definitely going to become a must have little gadget.

Link –



Storybird is fun site to explore no matter what your age range is. The idea behind this bustling, moving web experience is creating short, fun, straightforward stories in the vein of children’s picture books. The stories and books seem endless, and the content is diverse enough that it can keep even old souls coming back for quick and electrifying short stories in high resolution display. The charm behind Storybird is the ability to become part of this artistic community. Becoming a writer is as easy as starting of with one of the many templates available to you. Also, the site features artists and their works from which you can take subjects and place them in your story. When they say collaborative storytelling they mean. Check out the site, and go through some short stories. If you want to create your own short ditties be sure to join.


The City by Lori Nix

Lori Nix (RADAR Ep33 – Unnatural History) is having a show. Her series The City, constructed and photographed since 2008, will be on display at ClampArt. This will be Lori’s first solo show at the gallery. Her work will then travel to Chicago for an exhibition at Catherine Edelman Gallery, January 7 – February 26, 2011. Lori’s use of dioramas instead of actual subjects creates a dynamic and dramatic setting for her photography. Her process truly differentiates her from other photographers because she prefers to work with her hands rather than create worlds through computers and editing tricks. She doesn’t even edit her photographs after shooting. She is an true artist with a vision and fidelity to her subject matter. The worlds that she creates are completely vivid, and realistic, her photography then captures these hyper-realistic mini-worlds, and freezes them in a believable facsimile of the real world. Lori Nix is an inventive and talented creator of worlds.

Solo Exhibition of New Work
November 4 – December 18, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday November 4, 6 – 8 pm
ClampArt Gallery
521-531 W. 25th Street, New York City

Website -



Land Art Generator features works and ideas for public art pieces that creates clean energy. Their concepts and designs are futuristic and functional in the way that works would work within the space they are featured in. The idea behind the movement is to bring to the forefront art that is active and that serves a purpose. It is hard not to fall in love with the clean lines and delicate aesthetics qualities that rely heavily on enhancing the natural surroundings of the public work. Apart from featuring works, Land Art Generator links its followers to news and events concerning design that revolves around being eco-friendly.

Follow them on Twitter
Blog- HERE

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  • Poetry Brothel
    Believing that Poets undervalue themselves in the creative marketplace, The Madame, and right-hand man Tennessee Pink, set up the Poetry Brothel in order to confirm… read more
  • DIYDays NYC Bre Pettis [vid]
    Bre Pettis loves to make things, share them with the world, and support others in their dreams of making things. He co-founded MakerBot Industries to… read more
  • DIY DAYS returns to NYC
    Registration is now open – space is limited On Saturday March 5th, DIY DAYS will return to the New School for a day of… read more
By Milton De La Cruz, October 29th, 2010

Wall of Light

Luca Barcellona is a supremely talented calligraphy and letter artist who has a streak of figural arts in him that is amazing to encounter. When he draws his intricate and dazzling letters it is a fluid performance of delicate proportions. The long, broad strokes of steady perfection are hypnotizing to watch. His work has been exhibited in galleries and on the large walls across the streets of Europe. His public works are a combination of ancient manuscripts and urban graffiti that defies many modern ideas of what public art is and could be. The Wall of Light project by Luca Barcellona and features the artist creating a dynamic light show where he creates poetic musings with his beautiful lettering. These words are accompanied by vivid illustrations and settings in which the words float around. Interesting to note is the public’s interactions with the wall of light. People can be seen at the bottom of the wall moving around and interacting with the moving surface. These people become ghostly images that become part of the settings that Luca Barcellona creates. What a cool video and awesome concept!

Some of my favorite stuff by him HERE
Luca Barcellona website


Tin Pan Band Live – Union Square

Everybody’s favorite lilting blues band, Tin Pan Band is having a very public show, and you just have to give them a listen. The Tin Pan Band will be playing Union Square above the N/R/Q platform. The instrumentals are lively and mesh together beautifully to create a solid backing for lyrics about love, loss, and overall living. Their brand of Blues is distinctly urban by focusing on topics like gentrification of old city neighborhoods and greed. In New York, the Blues are experiencing a Renaissance, and Tin Pan Band is at the forefront of this rebirth. On your commute back from work, stop by and give them a listen. Also, check our RADAR episode on the Poetry Brothel featuring music by Tin Pan Band.

Thu Nov 04, 3:00 – 6:00 PM
Union Square subway station, above the N/R/Q platform


My Biggest Regret Ever

PostSecret established a candid intimacy that only the internet in its immaculate glorification of the individual can achieve. My Biggest Regret Ever takes the most gut-wrenching of human emotions and splatters it across the internet in plain black font against a white screen. The stark directness of the blog correlates wonderfully with the honesty and forwardness of the confessions that make up the site. Regret is something that runs through every person, and the anguish that comes from past mistakes affects everyone. What do you regret? What still haunts you to this day? Read what others have to say, or post your own entry. Maybe this is the cathartic release you’ve been looking for.


Overlap by Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani (RADAR Ep21 – Tapes and Mirrors) is a great public art figure. His ephemeral compositions are mostly shaped through the use of bright florescent adhesive tapes and cardboard. He creates simple polygonal shapes and places them within an urban setting in ways that make them look three dimensional, but still out of place. With his newest show he takes the founding elements of his aesthetic and lets them run amuck around the urban sprawl of the USA, India, and parts of Europe. This time his polygonal figures start to take on organic forms through the layering of tape and cardboard into intricate forms. These sharp organic figures now interact within their environments through their purposed interactions with city surfaces from different points of perspective. Nihalani manipulates what the audience can see by making floors become backgrounds and sides of buildings become foregrounds. Aakash Nihalani uses public space in a smart, mind bending way, and his show is sure to be engaging.

Overlap by Aakash Nihalani
Bose Pacia
163 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

November 4 – December 18
Artist Reception: 4 November, 6 – 8 pm
After Party: 4 November 9 – 11 pm @ 17 Frost (Williamsburg, Brooklyn) – Featuring Das Racist
In Conversation: 20 November 3pm


Design Related – Social Network for Designers

Design Related is a place where creativity inspires creativity. It is excellent source of inspiration through the exploration of a pool of diverse artists that practice different in mediums of creation. They have a stimulating inspiration section on their website where members can post a steady stream of inventive and cultured articles and links that can really get the juices flowing. Their twitter account distills the very idea of the flow of artistry into a torrent of media and sites that send you on a flight of fancy through design and imagination. Overall, even though Design Related is about the abstracts that are art and design, it grounds itself in the practicalities of being able to make what the mind sets out to think. This is a place where functionality meets the muse. Get impelled. Get enlivened. Let yourself get Design Related.

Follow them on Twitter

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  • this conference is being recorded – Jon Reiss
    Our guest today is filmmaker Jon Reiss. Jon has made a number of features, both fiction (Cleopatra’s Second Husband) and non-fiction (Better Living Through Circuitry and Bomb It). For his latest film, Bomb It he traveled to 5 continents to document graffiti culture. In our discussion Jon shares how he funded, traveled and is looking beyond the festival circuit… read more
  • this conference is being recorded – Robert Greenwald
    Our guest today is Robert Greenwald – producer, director and political activist. Greenwald and the team at Brave New Films, have created a number of politically charged documentaries – Outfoxed, Wallmart – the high cost of low price and most recently Iraq for Sale – the War Profiteers. Over time they have created their own model for making and… read more
  • this conference is being recorded – Joe Swanberg
    Today’s guest is filmmaker Joe Swanberg. Over the last three years Joe has made four features Kissing on the Mouth, LOL, Hannah takes the Stairs, Nights and Weekends and a web series for Nerve called Young American Bodies. He makes personal lo-fi films with a core of collaborators (Mark Duplass, Andrew Bujalski, Greta Gerwig, Kent Osborne, Ry Russo-Young, Kevin… read more
By Janine Saunders, October 23rd, 2010

Dancing Hands Pa Pamericano

This is an odd, fun and strangely hypnotic video that features a couple using only their hands to do an elaborate dance to a Latin-inspired electropop song. Could it just be the next amazing and elaborate dance video to go viral and make its rounds on all the big trendy Internet sites? Maybe. Is it still really cool and catchy as hell? Definitely.


Dfalt – Free Mixtape

Roger O’Donnel just might be one of the most accomplished musician we’ve featured in a RADAR episode (Ep26 – Hidden Oras). After all, how many musicians out there can say they used to be in The Cure? But aside from performing with high profile acts also including the Psychedelic Furs among others, he’s also made time for an impressive solo career. His latest work, quite a departure from the goth rock of The Cure, is Piano Formations, which pairs ambient piano pieces with videos of clouds that he filmed. The set will include an audio CD, a DVD of the cloud videos with the audio and a book of the piano exercise scores, and will be released November 15, but O’Donnel’s website has some of the tracks and videos available for streaming now.

Facebook Page with Video: HERE
Website with Audio Streams: HERE


Glesbo – Glennis McMurray’s

Looking for advice? Glennis McMurray (Ep2 – I Eat Pandas) just might have some for you. She’s been writing a hilarious blog called Glesbo for years, and recently (very recently, as in October 19), she decided incorporate an advice column called Ask G. Readers can send in questions and Glennis will publish her response, full of profanities, tangents, and surprisingly good advice. And while you’re there, the rest of the blog is also a good read, if you like witty observations mixed with toilet humor and made-up words to describe obnoxious creeps (such as Jagwad, Jagdong and Jagloaf among others).



Story Pirates – HalloWhoa!

Story Pirates (Ep30 – Story Pirates) are known for providing kids with performances full of family friendly fun. This… is not one of those performances. HalloWOAH! is an after-dark, adults-only event, where the Story Pirates take you through a bizarre, unpredictable haunted house experience. And of course, there’s a bar. And while this event isn’t for the kids, proceeds from the event will go towards Story Pirates after school programs and Manhattan Youth programming.

Friday, October 22nd & 29th: 10 PM and 11 PM
Saturday, October 16th & 23rd: 9 PM to 11 PM
Saturday, October 30th: 9pm and 10pm
Sunday, October 31st: 9 PM to 11 PM.
The Downtown Community Center
120 Warren Street
New York, NY 10007

Event Info


Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple is the mastermind behind Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School (Ep8 – Dr. Sketchy’s), as well as an accomplished artist in her own right. Her kinky, Gilded Age-inspired illustrations are quite unmistakable, and her latest project is a little something called the Art Monkey Alphabet—and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Each day for 26 days, she’ll release another monkey letter illustration, and when it’s all done, she will release the monkeys as a font, as well as silkscreen posters of all the letters.

Molly Crabapple

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  • Transmedia Talk 35: Henry Jenkins at DIY Days LA
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  • RADAR NYC 6.18.10
    WATCH Effin Science on G4 – Marc Horowitz Last time we checked in with Marc Horowitz, he was shedding light on his idiosyncratic Google Maps… read more
  • RADAR NYC 4.7.11
    Artwork via Bambi Killers WATCH Making the Geeky Bar Top RM100: Geeky Bar Top from ReadyMade Magazine on Vimeo. Oh this is wonderful. This little… read more
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