By Janine Saunders, October 21st, 2010

WBPLabs has partnered up with 3rd Ward for our latest series, Inside Design (to be released). 3rd Ward is a member-based art and design center for creative professionals in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Workbook Project is a big fan of 3rd Ward as it’s an innovative business space that is fueling the creative community.

As part of our partnership, 3rd Ward has offered Workbook Project readers an exclusive membership promotion. Unlimited Membership offers access to resources that would otherwise be too costly for many artists and designers: a wood/metal shop, a media lab, photo studios, jewelry studio, private & collaborative workspace, and over 100 education classes — all under one roof. Please take advantage of this generous offer and also spread the word. Share this promo code with your friends, family and colleagues. And if you don’t plan on becoming a member, do yourself a favor and check out the website for upcoming events and monthly classes.

Exclusive Offer:
Workbook Project readers who sign up for Unlimited Membership get their first month FREE (a $359 value). Schedule a tour and claim your free month today at:

I spoke with Jessica Tom, 3rd Ward’s Marketing Director, about 3rd Ward, how it’s facilitating the emerging creative class, and what’s to come.

What is the main concept and intention of 3rd Ward?

Give creative people the resources they need so they can take risks and make things the world has never seen. When you don’t have to worry about space, tools, knowledge, etc… the world is at your fingertips. Without physical limitations, you can realize your creative potential and more.

How is this concept of community / shared workspace and artist development facilitating the local creative community?

It is low-cost, high-inspiration. Don’t know how to use After Effects? Take a class. Need to shoot your new jewelry line? Book a photo studio. Need some legs for your table? Ask your new friend in the metal shop. By sharing tools, knowledge and space, creative people can seamlessly cross media boundaries, learn faster and grow stronger. More and more creative people are moving to freelance. 3rd Ward gives them structure and endless possibilities to create and collaborate.

How has 3rd Ward been able to sustain and grow into a thriving business?

We’ve been able to grow by listening to our members. We’d just be a building with some expensive stuff inside were it not for our people. They are very vocal about what works for them, and we respond in kind. Ultimately, what’s best for their businesses — whether we’re talking about out photographers, set designers, fabricators, hackers, or whatever — is best for our business. We succeed as a creative workspace if they succeed as creators.

We’ve grown by offering the best possible experience to our members — through our comprehensive facilities and classes, but also by creating a truly warm and supportive environment. Together, that creates pretty fertile ground for pretty amazing work!

What’s the future of 3rd Ward? What’s the future of creative workspaces?

We’re building out our 2nd floor to include a bigger wood shop, more photo studios, and more learning spaces. We’re also developing a “3rd Ward Member-Made” brand of furniture that we’d like to sell at stores across the country (if you’re a buyer, contact us!).

The creative workspaces of tomorrow will likely have some aspect of sharing. There’s less waste, less money spent, and more opportunities for collaboration. Also, being successful now depends on how well you’re able to draw upon different disciplines. People wear more hats now because budgets are tight and companies must do more with less. Knowing how to use Photoshop is like knowing how to use scissors and glue. Everyone needs to be a marketer. If you’re a set designer, you might do some 3D modeling, but you’re much more marketable who if you can build the set, choreograph, film, edit, and write the copy on the fliers!

3rd Ward is a pretty unique place and there’s no where in the world quite like it. It’d be interesting to see more place like us. They’d be competition, but I believe a rising tide raises all ships.

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By Becca Roth, October 15th, 2010


Like mustaches? Ok, weird question. At least for someone like me, who, before seeing this project, probably would have answered with indifference or confusion. However, after being exposed to Beardfolio, a photo project by Matt Rainwaters, my opinion has definitely changed. His unique portfolio of men with outrageous facial hair is really like nothing else, and one that words really can’t do justice. Upon first glance, I was sure that the images had been skewed or Photoshopped, but after further investigation, I learned that the facial hair of the subjects is indeed real, albeit presumably styled for the occasion of being photographed. Check it out for yourself. I can almost guarantee that you’ve never seen anything like this before.



Dfalt – Free Mixtape

Dfalt, the instrumental side project of Cassettes Won’t Listen (featured on RADAR Ep25, Subway Etiquette) just released a new single called Summer Drinks. The song is part of a brand new, completely free, 30-minute mix tape, which is available HERE. Summer Drinks is a unique blend of upbeat electronic dancy goodness that seamlessly transitions into a heavier, darker, more intense sound, with slight remnants of the Mission Impossible theme. And that’s just the song. The video that goes with it is insane. In a good way. A great way. I can’t even describe it. Just watch it; you won’t be sorry.


Cuba: My Revolution – Dean Haspiel

Looking for new reading material? We highly recommend Cuba: My Revolution, a graphic novel illustrated by Dean Haspiel (RADAR Ep1, Next Door Neighbor). We love his illustrations, and the book itself looks really cool, too. Here’s a short summary, from Free Publishers Weekly: “This dramatic account of the experiences of a young woman named Sonya during the Cuban revolution is based on the experiences of Lockpez. The narrative traces Sonya as she transforms from an idealist revolutionary studying to be a surgeon to a dissident artist who realizes she must flee her beloved but troubled country. Along the way, she witnesses carnage, is imprisoned and tortured, and is separated from her family. In the midst of the chaos, she also finds love. Haspiel, who has known Lockpez for over 20 years, provides striking illustrations that chart Sonya’s shifting emotions and alliances; particularly strong are the surrealist depictions of her dreams and her ordeal in prison. Painter José Villarubia adds tones and shades of red that further intensify the story. At times Lockpez relies too heavily on clunky exposition explaining the history of Cuba and Castro, although some readers may find the context helpful. It is impossible to deny the power of Lockpez’s dramatic coming-of-age story, which make the human cost of the revolution all too clear.”

Look At or Buy Cuba: My Revolution HERE


Start Trekkin – Improv

Like improv? Like Star Trek? Never thought you’d see the day when both of those questions would be asked consecutively, and are thus bursting with excitement? Well, we have the perfect event for you! Star Trekkin (RADAR Ep36, Start Trekkin) is a long-form improv group that explores the human condition while embodying characters and plot lines from, you guessed it, Star Trek. They have a show coming up this Saturday, October 16th, at The Tank and two more shows after that in 2010. Check out their website for more info, performance dates, and updates.

Sat, October 16, 7:30p – 8:30
The Tank (45th Street Theater) – 354 w. 45th Street

Event Info



When you think “the L train,” what comes to mind? Quick zip into (and out of) Manhattan? Hipster paradise? Flannel wonderland? Or, perhaps, the most romantic subway line ever? Well, if not, then maybe you should reconsider. According to a “study” conducted by the geniuses at Craigslist, the L train was determined to be the best subway line for romantic sparks to fly. At least, that is, if your definition of “most romantic subway line,” means “the best odds of a fellow passenger falling for you across a crowded car or platform, and then posting a ‘Missed Connections’ ad on Craigslist in search of you.” Sounds about right. At least some people seem to think so, enough to create “Almost on the L,” a Twitter version of Missed Connections, devoted exclusively to the ever-dreamy L-train. And it’s created quite a following. Who knows? Maybe that cute guy that you make awkward look-away eye contact with every morning at the Morgan Ave stop (which, by the way, is scientifically proven to be the most romantic subway stop in New York) feels the same way about you as you do about him. All we ask is that you be specific. I don’t think that tweets like “I thought you were adorable with your red and white plaid shirt,” which someone posted on October 11th, will do you much good. It might be the most romantic place on Earth, but it’s still the L train.

Almost on the L Twitter
Email your L Train missed connections:

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  • Dickchicken – RADAR S4 Ep 37 [vid]
    Dickchicken has become something of a cultural fixture in Brooklyn over the past year. He is a street artist whose tag is hard to miss. Some love it, some find it baffling, and others outright hate it. Begun as a humorous response to graffiti culture, Dickchicken’s work has evolved into gallery installations, so despite the controversy, he clearly has his… read more
  • The 9th Dot
    The following is a guest post by Kim Lessing. Just about five years ago, Glen Trotiner, a filmmaker who’s had every job from p.a. to producer, and his buddy, Jeff Hephner, a television actor, were in bar in the East Village drunk talking about two of their favorite subjects: conspiracy theories, and fixing the world’s problems. Somehow, that night, the… read more
  • tools – vodpod's new video player
    Vodpod is a video sharing site with a focus on community. A couple months ago we reviewed their service. This past week they launched an AMAZING embeddable video player. The player can work in social networks, blogs and sites. What makes the player so interesting is that it can play videos from youTube, google, dailymotion, metacafe, and vod:pod,… read more
By Becca Roth, October 8th, 2010

Eclectic Method – 8 Bit Mixtape

Eclectic Method – 8 Bit Mixtape from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

If you haven’t heard of Eclectic Method (RADAR EP 7), well, chances are you’ve encountered their work without even realizing who was behind it. The group, formed in 2002 by Jonny Wilson, Ian Edgar and Geoff Gamlen, is one of the central pioneers of the art of audio/visual remixing. They’re not DJ’s. They’re not VJ’s. They are, in many ways, both, and so much more. Self-dubbed as “DVJ’s,” the group is often asked which aspect of their craft is most important, and which comes first: the audio or the visuals. They believe that both are equally important, and that they couldn’t possibly have one without the other and still call themselves Eclectic Method. Since their start nearly a decade ago, they have mixed U2 videos with Beastie Boys, and Kill Bill fight scenes with Dave Chappelle’s standup, all before the concept of a “mashup” had ever entered the mainstream. Check out one of their newer videos, 8 Bit Mixtape, where they mix classic video game video and their theme songs. I was blown away when I saw this. Who knew that someone could take the primitive digital beeps from Sega and spin it into a hot dance mix, with an awesome video, equipped with dancing Tetris blocks, to go with it? I don’t want to give too much away, but they somehow managed to work in The Notorious B.I.G. in a very clever way. That’s all I’m saying. Check it out for yourself. I don’t know about you, but personally, I’d rather dance to this video than sit in the basement and play Donkey Kong any day.


Auto-Tune the News #13 ft. Weezer

Remember the Gregory Brothers (RADAR EP 27)? From Turtles to the Antoine Dodson Bed Intruder Song, we’re sure you’ve heard of them by now. They just released a new video, this time expanding their level of collaboration from just within their group to include the well-known indie-rock band, Weezer. This adds a new layer to the Auto-Tune the News videos, and maybe this will be a recurring theme, bringing in different well-known artists to add a unique spin on each video, or maybe this is just a one-time experiment. Either way, we’re pretty into their newest installment.


Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget

If you’re like me, a recent college graduate who just moved to Brooklyn, then you’re probably pinching pennies, living paycheck to paycheck, just tryina’ get by. But there’s hope for us yet! This awesome blog, Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget, gives advice to people who are trying to live exciting, fulfilled lives in this great city we call home, but don’t necessarily have the funds to live extravagantly, in the conventional sense, that is. The blog outlines cool DIY projects (ranging everywhere from interior decorating to circle scarf-making), how-to’s (like free vacations, getting in shape, and decorating your fire escape), and various unique recipes for at-home meals and treats. The best part about this site is that it is in no way limited to those who reside in Brooklyn (after careful examination of the blog, I’m convinced that the creators decided on the title merely for catchy alliteration’s sake). Not only are the DIY projects accessible to anyone anywhere on a budget (or not on a budget, for that matter, for those willing), but there’s also a section of the blog devoted to outlining activities and attractions specific to various New York neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs (“neighborhood on a budget”). Reading this has inspired me not only to explore the little-known jewels in my own new neighborhood, but to discover different places all around New York, a city with which I’ve been familiar (or so I thought) since birth. And what better way to get to know your city than doing so for free?

Brooklyn Bitches on a Budget


Crafts in Chelsea III

The {NewNew} partners with PS 11 to bring you CRAFTS IN CHELSEA III on Saturday, October 16 from 9-5pm. This event is held on 21st street between 8th and 9th avenue and will occur rain or shine. This event spotlights over 100 of the best local New York artists and craftspeople vending their own unique jewelry, pottery, clothing, fine art and other handmade goods. Visitors to the fair will enjoy the opportunity to converse with artists about their creative processes while shopping for one of a kind items. This event is run in conjunction with PS 11’s annual FALL FESTIVAL – an indoor event that includes food, arts and crafts, bouncy castles, games and a petting zoo for New York City children. Last year this event drew record crowds and helped to fund arts programs for the students of PS 11.

From the site:
“A fall handmade street fair of the finest handmade arts and crafts the New York Metro are has to offer. From elegant jewelry to unique upcycled handbags, to cutting edge fashions, artwork, and more! All handmade within the New York Tri-state region.”

Sat, October 16, 10am – 5pm
21st street between 8th and 9th avenue, NYC

Event Info


It Gets Better Project

Inspired by the recent tragic spike in LGBT youth suicides, advice columnist Dan Savage and his partner Terry created the “It Gets Better Project,” a campaign intended to reach out to teenagers and send the message that life really gets better after high school, and to tough it out until then. The project is incredibly inspirational and moving, and anyone who wants to can be involved. The first video is a talking-heads piece featuring Dan and his partner, exposing very personal accounts of how difficult it was for them growing up as homosexual kids, but how, once they finally got past adolescence, life was better, even wonderful. The couple encourages people to send in videos of their own, giving their own personal accounts and advice. This collaborative, communal approach is wonderful, and, most importantly, will hopefully achieve what it set out to do. Savage believes that something like this is necessary in a YouTube-ruled society, where most of these kids don’t have flesh-and-blood role models to help them through these tough times, but they do have computers. If you’re as moved by this as we are, send in a video! Or if you have nothing to contribute, check out the YouTube channel frequently, as new videos are added all the time.

Link – It Gets Better YouTube Channel

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By Becca Roth, October 6th, 2010

On April 6, 2009, New York-based artist David Horvitz, known for his quirky DIY projects, posted a picture of himself with his head in a freezer on his Flickr account. Under the photo read:


That same day, a friend of Horvitz posted another photo using the same freezer. Two weeks later, was created, with the intention of “Experiencing a MEME in the Making.”

For those of you who don’t know, a meme is essentially a unit of culture (weird way of putting it, I know, but think along the lines of a video, an idea, or a catchphrase) that spreads, in this case via the Internet, and essentially goes viral. With, Horvitz and friends attempted to document this idea as it evolved into a meme.


And, oh, did it ever. By January 2010, there were over 100 photos with the caption “241543903” on Flickr alone. In today’s world, with Lady Gaga videos getting millions of views on YouTube within mere minutes, 100 photos may not seem like a lot. But this project, remember, is not just Internet-based. These 100+ people found out about the project, left their computers, physically stuck their heads into their freezers, took photos, and posted them online. When looked at from that perspective, 100 is quite a lot of people.

And that was just in January. Since then, the project has expanded from Flickr to other social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Tumblr. And if you do a Google image search of 241543903 right this second, over 5,000 photos show up, all of different people, all around the world, sticking their heads in various freezers.


My favorite part about the project, aside from its undeniable success at achieving what it set out to achieve, is the variety of photos that people took. I love that the project is very straight-forward (“take a picture with your head in the freezer”) and yet open to endless interpretations. Here are a few of my favorite 241543903 pictures (I’d love to see the customers’ reaction to the person who stuck his head in a freezer at the supermarket), but, as you know, you can do a Google search and find which ones you like best. was created a year a half ago, but it’s still very active. The blog is filled with video documentation of the project, video responses from participants, and updates from the creators. Also check out, a site that documents various memes around the globe, including the Heads in Freezers ( Who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire you to create your own meme, and maybe one day it’ll catch on and Radar will do a Pulse feature on it. One can only dream.

And don’t forget to stick your head in the freezer!


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  • Catching up with Color Me Katie
    Since we last saw her, Katie Sokoler AKA Color Me Katie has been busy. In case you need a refresher, Katie is an amazing, young photographer and street artist working out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Since our Season One episode on Katie (RADAR 011 – Color Me Katie), she has taken her work in cunning new directions, and has caught the… read more
  • PULSE – Boogie
    PHOTOGRAPHER BOOGIE Boogie is a Serbian born photographer who emigrated to the United States in 1998. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. With an effortless but honest “shoot first, ask later” approach and nimble timing, he captures the moments that transform a split second opportunity into a decisive photograph. Boogie has the grace of a documentarian and little heed… read more
  • RADAR NYC 11.08.10
    WATCH The Underbelly Project Here at RADAR we usually don’t go for videos or projects that have started to become heavily circulated throughout the web, but when we came in contact with The Underbelly Project, there was no way we were going to turn out heads. The NYC subway system is a haunting web of tracks and stations that criss-cross… read more
By Milton De La Cruz, October 1st, 2010


This is the official trailer for Collapsus, a media phenomenon that will expand the limits of how different forms of communication work together to create a complete experience. The project is headed by Tommy Pallotta, producer of Waking Life and Scanner Darkly. Collapsus is set in the near future and details the effects of the imminent energy crisis on ten individuals who become the central figures in an energy conspiracy. Collapsus is the transmedia project related to the movie Energy Risk which focuses on the rough transition from fossil fuels to alternate resources and how it would affect worldwide energy infrastructures. Collapsus is being developed by SubmarineChannel, in collaboration with the Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. The combination of animation, narrative, documentary, and interactivity will plunge the audience into a highly developed world that is falling apart at the seams. The audience becomes a player within the story by making decisions that affect the global arena. The story is propelled through the interactions of different media forms, but that is what makes it all the more engaging, as there are layers and layers of intrigue and drama. For those who need some assistance with getting started with this correlative experience, Tommy Pallotta, the director of Collapsus, has made a video walkthrough for the project.

Collapsus –
Walkthrough – Link


Javelin– Intervales Theme (found VHS)

Javelin was featured in RADAR episode 27, Auto-Tune The News. Their use samples and original sounds to create music that fuses Bollywood singsong together with 80s arcade game sounds creates melodic fusions equivalent to a sunny day on the moon, a mix of the haunting and upbeat. Their focus on rhythm harkens back to the days of the B-Boys of old creating music that is as easy to listen to as it is to dance along with. In this video they feature footage from a VHS tape they found on the streets of their native Providence, RI. The little boy eating ice cream looks like a character ripped out of the Cosby show, fitting for the song Intervales Themes, which Javelin chose to accompany it. The slick beats and melodic tunes create a solid feel for the era when this VHS footage was probably taken. Javelin has managed to fake a genuine relic, which is no easy feat to master.

Link to Video- HERE


Stuff Hipsters Hate

Brenna Ehrlich and Andrea Bartz have been running the blog Stuff Hipsters Hate for a year now, and recently they have published a book that can serve as handy guide to turn the tide against the plaid shirts and silk scarves of the hipster zombie mob. In the book and blog, Ehrlich and Bartz highlight topics, links, and questions that the targeted subculture, even with a few PBRs in them, can’t handle. For those who live in big cities like New York and San Francisco, hipsters are all too familiar. Urban pavements are crawling with scrawny, mustachioed men on fixed gear bikes and young, beautiful women in granny clothes and glasses. What is this strange Halloween-like phenomenon? For those that haven’t been exposed to the hipster culture; congratulations, you have dodged a gaggle of unoriginal originality obsessed self-professed freaks of pop culture, but every day city dwellers struggle to figure out a way to repel the ubiquitous plague of hipsters. Look no more my fellow urbanites! Stuff Hipsters Hate is here to save you from partying with people that think they are too good to listen to anything produced after 1992.

Buy the Book:HERE


Open Video Conference

The web video is an accessible form of communication, but lately the fear of a tiered internet experience and of loosing the ability to explore an open web have made the comprehensive and free web video an endangered species. The Open Video Conference being held in New York City is dedicated to broadening the impact of the web video as a medium for communication and expression. OVC is being held by the Open Video Alliance, a group created by individuals and coalitions who seek to create an open web video experience through building inclusive tools, practices, and policies. The conference takes place over three days, and has tons of seminars and talks dedicated to the web video as a media form and essential transmedia tool. Sunday will be Hack Day, where conference attendees, HTML5 developers, and transmedia storytelling experts, will get to work on a series of activities that range from mapping out a transmedia strategy for content to building a custom HTML5 player for sites.

Our own Lance Weiler will be presenting along with Tommy Pallotta (Director of Collapsus, Producer of Waking Life and Scanner Darkly) at 4PM on October 1, 2010. Their talk about “Storytelling Without Bounds” will focus on joining of many media forms to create a complete experience. Be sure to check in early, and go to as many events as you can in order to gain a greater understanding of the web video and how it is evolving into something greater.

October 1st & 2nd
Fashion Institute of Technology
7th Ave at 27th St

Hack Day
October 3rd
NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program
721 Broadway
New York, NY 10003
Events – Link


The Advice of Strangers

Marc Horowitz doesn’t feel like any of the negative connotations associated with the word stranger should affect his new web series. Horowitz has been featured as part of RADAR episode 18, Google Maps Road Trip, a virtual, internet assisted road trip, where he shared his life and time with Peter Baldes, a man unknown to him at the beginning of their project. His unique brand of art and entertainment, which is closely related to culture jamming, is heavily influenced by social interactions and the reactions of other people. Children’s television has made stranger danger a staple of our vocabulary, and the word stranger has become synonymous with shadowy figures and hazardous situations. Now, Marc Horowitz is going to take the input from strangers and weirdos from the internet make life decisions based on their opinions. Follow him through his internet fueled journey, which is sure to be a life-changing experience for him and for the people that become active participants in his experiment.

Link – The Advice of Strangers
Link – Channel

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