Lance Weiler: Co-Creator of RADAR
Lance is the founder of the WorkBook Project and also a story architect of film, tv and games. He’s written and directed two feature films THE LAST BROADCAST and HEAD TRAUMA. He’s currently developing a number of transmedia projects.

Josh Cramer: Series Producer, Director, Post
Josh is a film-editor and founder of House of Trim, the post facility that oversees many WBPLabs projects. Josh has worked on RADAR from its inception; as an editor, producer and most recently, director. Recent commercial editorial work includes spots for Nike, Stoli, History, & David Yurman. Josh also edited Lance Weiler’s Head Trauma, the PBS doc La Lupe, edited/co-produced Tommy Pallotta’s American Prince, and recently won a Best Editing Webby Award for a New York Times video he also directed.

Jawad Metni: Series Editor
Jawad has worked in documentary film and television for over 15 years as a cinematographer, producer, editor and director. His credits include “The Plutonium Circus” (1995), “Hell House” (2001), “Downwind” (2001), “Trading with the Enemy” (2003), and “Rumble in Mumbai” (2004). His latest film, “Remnants of a War”, about the clearance of unexploded cluster munitions in Lebanon, has just been released on iTunes – (Find it here)

Reading: “Hiroshima in America” by Robert Lifton and Greg Mitchell
“I’m listening too much of: Kill Henry Sugar

Janine Saunders: Producer – RADAR, Blog, Music
Janine is a producer, media collaborator, and DJ living in NYC.  She has worked as a producer since a very early age, in music / radio, video and web.  She has worked closely with writer/ documentarian/ graphic novelist Douglas Rushkoff, and directed and edited Life Inc: The Movie, to support his latest book. Also with Rushkoff, she produced The Media Squat, a radio show on WFMU. She has worked with Frontline on the documentary and interactive website, Digital Nation. Janine is currently Segment Producer of RADAR and Producer of WBPLabs. She is excited to grow the WBPLabs brand and business, in creating a meaningful experience for all staff, contributors, and viewers.

Reading: Buckminster Fuller – Operating Spaceship Earth
Listening: Planet Mu’s catalogue or whatever Soul / Jazz record I just picked up off the street.

Tim Farrell: Production Manager
Tim hails from good ol’ Sleepy Hollow, NY, but  moved to Astoria 5 years ago, and swears he’ll never leave.  Whether it’s A.C.-ing, Gripping or P.M.-ing Tim is a true production guy at heart.  After working in both film and  television, he’s found a home with the RADAR Series, combining production and creative to make RADAR his dream gig!

Currently reading : Chuck Palahniuk – Survivor
Can’t STOP listening to : The Omnipotent Chirp Podcast

Chloe Stites: Curation Assistant, Social Media
Chloe grew up in the Florida Keys. An avid reader of everything print and digital, she favors lyrical writing and Murakami-esque sentences. She currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. 

Reading: Consider the Lobster by David Foster Wallace
On the Repeat: Neil Young

Hannah Bailey: Production and Blog
A writer/filmmaker currently finishing up an undergrad degree at Hunter College. Originally from Indiana, Hannah has lived on both the east and west coasts, and has recently decided to settle, at least temporarily, in New York City. She enjoys traveling, road trips, her dog Julie, midwestern summers, Springsteen shows, and old school video games. You can check out some of Hannah’s short film projects on her Vimeo.

Rereading: McSweeney’s
Listening: Bob Dylan.

Erik Hassert: Production, Grip, Second Camera, Ideas
Erik’s working days began on the Jersey Shore cooking in kitchens along the coast. It wasn’t until his undergrad study at Colgate University that his interest in digital media and video art was piqued. He dropped his knife, picked up a camera and moved to Brooklyn. Since then he has worked for several different production companies before finding his place at Radar and can still be caught behind a butcher’s block with a cleaver in hand from time to time.

Reading:  “Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World” by Mark Kurlansky
Listening: Au, “Sum”   

Daniela Croci: Production, Graphic Designer
Born and raised in Italy, Daniela is totally attracted to the life of street art. Her first docu/fiction is based on the world around graffiti. She also has established a urban T-shirt collection, and she works as graphic designers and illustrations freelancer. Besides shooting every hiphop concert in Italy and DPing on the hiphop doc “Versibus Alternis”, she has also collaborated with many film productions is Italy to make short-films and advertising spots. Her most recent film, “Everything Is As It Seems” is the first her experience as Director and It has been selected for the New York International Independent Film Festival on July 2010.
Reading: ‘Gomorra’ by Roberto Saviano
Listening: smoothbeats radio and WEFUNK Radio

JC Scruggs: Music Supervision
A former talent buyer, production manager, and concert promoter, JC has taken on many roles in The Biz. When not considering intellectual property, he can be found in green markets or channeling Ric Ocasek in Midtown karaoke bars.

Reading: Killing Yourself To Live By Chuck Klosterman
Heavy rotation: Serena Maneesh  and Pantha Du Prince

Ted Lattis: Music Supervision
Originally from Yorktown Heights, NY, Ted took the commuter train to NYC in 2002 and remained there (except for certain holidays and to do laundry). He currently lives in Brooklyn working for WBPLabs music supervision department and plays guitar in the indie chamber pop sextet, La Strada.

Reading: Pride and Prejudice
Listening to: Herb Alpert and Hospitality

Lindsey Rhoades: Music Supervision
Lindsey is an Ohio transplant living in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.  She divides her time between combing the internet for new tunes, pursuing random creative projects (like repurposing old books and sewing bird puppets), taking pictures with a toy camera, going on bike-riding adventures, and attending to the whims of her cat, Sno-Cone.  She is also working on a novel with graphic elements inspired by feral children.

Reading: Cry of the Sloth by Sam Savage
Music on Repeat: Delorean’s Subiza, Animal Tracks by Mountain Man, Gold Panda, Wild Nothing, and Toro Y Moi

Ayana Naidu: Music Supervision
Ayana, a music researcher, has been with the company since April 2010. After working in a corporate environment for 3 years, Ayana decided to pursue her passion and start her career in music. All the while, keeping up with her other great love, FOOD!

Reading: Toni Morrison’s – Tar Baby (Thank you book club!)
Still listening: Kid Cudi – Plain Pat & Emile Presents: A KiD named CuDi

Milton De La Cruz: Production, Writer
Milton De La Cruz is a soon to be graduate from Tisch at NYU. He spends most of his time traipsing across the streets of the city daydreaming and trying to take videos on his cameraphone. When he’s not dawdling around Manhattan he spends his time in museums and art exhibits trying to figure what’s new in the art world. On top of that, he loves to do gaff, grip, write, direct, and edit film projects. With a
penchant for fashion photography, he’s always trying to find a new muse to photograph. His favorite time of day is anytime past 10 PM because it makes for the best lighting in photos. His favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road. If he could be any animal he would be a bear-turtle hybrid.

Reading: American Gods by Neil Gaiman
Listening: Absolutely Free by Frank Zappa

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